Best Flowchart Templates for Microsoft Office

By | April 20, 2022

Creating a flowchart may be a very easy task for some people. And if you have some spare time, you can make functional flowcharts that are pretty as well. But do you really have the extra time to create a flowchart from a blank canvas?

This template for Microsoft Office lets you quickly create flowcharts in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Whether for business or personal purposes, you’ll be off to a great start with this handy, easy-to-edit option.

We also have tutorials on making Flowcharts in Microsoft Office including:

Why Use Flowcharts

If you need to document or explain a process or procedure, there’s no better way than visually. Instead of explaining the steps in a document, flowcharts provide a clear overview that is easy to follow. It can be used in most any business industry, as well as your personal life. In addition, it can help in communication between groups.

“The purpose of a flowchart is to communicate how a process works or should work without confusing technical jargon.”

Best Flowcharts for Microsoft Word

Basic process flowcharts are used most often and are usually what people think of when you say “flowchart.” This template from gives you a complete process flow that you only edit to suit your needs. It is suitable for most all kinds of process flow.

If you want a flowchart that shows the process, but also divides the steps into categories, then you’ll need a swimlane (or swim path) flowchart. As you can see in the screenshot below, the categories appear between parallel lines (lines).

This type of flowchart template, also from, is generally used for business processes that involve more than one department.

Even though this template is labeled as a sales flow chart, you can see from the workflow that you can use the template for most any process. It has a neat portrait appearance with traditional business colors. This free flowchart template is available in A4 size and font in one download.

Best Flowcharts for Microsoft Excel

Simple Flowchart

If you prefer to use Excel to create your flowcharts, then check out this template titled Sample Flowchart Templates on the website. (Note: There’s no preview informasi to the template, so just scroll down the page until you see the title it says.) Like Word templates, you’ll see a basic flow that’s easy to edit.

This basic free flow chart template has a clean look and is A4 and letter sized templates. When you move shapes, the connectors snap into place making them easy to rearrange. However, the text in the shape must be moved separately.

Another option for simple flowcharts is this next template from Edraw. It offers basic flowchart shapes and easy-to-edit connectors for more all types of process diagrams.

These cross-functional flowchart templates, also from Edraw, are sometimes called deployment flowcharts. You can use this to show the steps in your process as well as interactions between groups, teams, or departments.

Best Flowcharts for Microsoft PowerPoint

Maybe you want to create flowcharts in PowerPoint for presentations or out of simple preference.

This free flowchart PowerPoint template from includes three different formats, each on its own slide. Although they are called “data flow” templates, you can use them for process flows as well.

Format 1

The first flowchart format is the one that is useful for the decision-making process. Put your question in the red circle.

Format 2

The second format is ideal for situations where multiple parts must be obtained or completed before the process can begin. You can also flip it over to start with the red circle and expand from there.

Format 3

The third PowerPoint flowchart format is especially helpful when you want to show a simple process without a decision-based premise.

Another template for PowerPoint with two options is this process diagram. The only difference between the two slides is that one is in color while the other is gray. You can also check the third slide for the clipart used, making it easy to copy and paste into other slides if needed.

Editing a Flowchart Template

Because each template is used in a Microsoft Office application, you can make changes to all of them using the same actions.

  • You can change the color by selecting the shape, right-clicking it to open a popup, and then choosing your color from the options Fill.
  • You can edit the text by clicking and then inside the shape.
  • You can delete an object by selecting it and clicking the button Delete.
  • You can add similar objects by selecting them and using the copy/paste actions.
  • You can add a new object by clicking Insert > Shapes and then make your choice.
  • You can move an object by selecting it and when the four-sided arrow appears, drag it to a new place.

Easy Flowcharts to Create With Templates

Microsoft Visio is an excellent tool for creating diagrams because that’s what it’s all about. However, if you only have the basics of Microsoft Office with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, then this free flowchart template is for you. There’s no reason to create a flowchart from scratch, especially if you need it fast.

Choose your app, download one of these great templates, and start creating that flowchart!