Best Chrome Extensions To Customize/Maximize Google Search

By | April 24, 2022

Google is well known for its no-frills approach to displaying search results. At various times, he has tried to introduce additional features (Discussion buttons and Instant Preview, anyone?), but in the end they always fall by the wayside.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t change the look and functionality of Google search results. You just need to head to the Chrome Web Store and download some extensions.

So, here are the best Chrome extensions to customize your search results.

Google Search Filter

Most people have a choice of sites which is their go-to domain for certain types of content. Similarly, you may have some sites that you mentally blacklist (such as newspapers or certain domains with low-quality content).

Google Search Filters are a way to ensure that your favorite sites are always visible in your results list. It also simultaneously hides results from sites you don’t like. The site of your choice will be highlighted in green.

In the configuration file, add a + before the domain to highlight it, add a # to take no action, and type the domain “as is” to remove it.

Discussion Button for Google Search

Until a few years ago, Google used to offer a Discussion tab at the top of its results list (alongside Images, Videos, News, etc.). This is used to filter your results so they only show hits from forums, message boards, blog post comments, and other similar content. Then, in typical Google fashion, it mysteriously disappeared.

The Discussion button for the Google Search extension returns that tab. It doesn’t work the same way as native tabs; Google has completely removed the feature from its backend. Instead, the extension uses filter options and Boolean operators to find search matches from discussion-based sites.

Google Results Previewer

Remember when you used to be able to preview a site directly from a list of search results by simply hovering your mouse over an entry? The Google Results Previewer returns that functionality. If you’re a tab hoarder, it’s a must-have extension.

To make the preview appear, hover your mouse over the info in the list of results. Note that to make the preview disappear, you must manually click elsewhere on the screen. Presumably, this is to ensure the preview doesn’t constantly open and close based on small mouse movements, but we wish there was an option to disable it.

Notes: You may need to delete your cookies to make it work.


See, we love Pinterest. It’s a great way to find inspiration for DIY projects, interior design, food, and more.

But due to the popularity of the site, it now dominates the list of Google Image Search results in certain topics. At times, that can be annoying, especially considering you can’t do much with the images you find unless you have a Pinterest account.

Unpinterested! removes all Pinterest pages from your search results both image searches and regular searches. Filters can be turned on and off with a simple toggle, so if there’s a time when you want to see Pinterest results, it’s easy to do.

Night Mode for Google Search

Dark mode and night mode are becoming more and more popular among users. They help reduce eye strain, especially if you use your machine in small hours.

If you use dark mode on your operating system and apps, it can be disconcerting when apps that don’t offer night mode suddenly give you a light screen. Google Search is one of the biggest culprits.

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Night Mode for Google Search fixed the problem. There’s a switch to quickly switch between light and dark displays, and a variety of settings you can adjust to suit your experience.

WhenX for Google Search

Sometimes, it’s important to know the last time you visited a web page. That makes it easy to identify sites that you find valuable if you wish to visit again in the future.

WhenX for Google Search provides an elegant solution to this problem. It just adds the tag with your last visit on the right side of the info in search results. The label contains the time and date. And most importantly, WhenX for Google Search works with the sites you visited before installing the extension.

All extension browsing history data is stored locally; nothing is sent to the WhenX server.

Infinity Scroll for Google

Are you tired of clicking through endless results pages to find answers to your researched questions? Scroll Infinite for Google could be the answer.

When you get to the bottom of the first page of results, the extension will automatically load the next page below, all without any input from you.

Google Search Date Range Shortcut

When you are researching something, you may want to find something from a certain period. Content like old articles and new stories comes to your mind.

Natively, Google provides date filters, but you have to click on Tools to open them, and the list of preset ranges is very limited.

If you install the Google Search Date Range Shortcut extension, two things happen. First, the Tools menu will always be open and visible. Second, you can add additional date ranges to the dropdown menu and customize the existing ones.

Jump to Full Size for Google Images

If you do a lot of Google Image searches, you will be familiar with how Google opens a preview of the image instead of the original source when you click on a thumbnail.

The Straight to Full Size Extension for Google Images kills that intermediate step. If you click on an image result, Chrome will automatically load the image URL.


We end with myGoogle. This is a fun extension that adds a little personality to your search results; it has no practical benefit.

The extension only lets you replace Google’s name with a word or phrase of your own choice. The words you choose will follow Google’s famous blue, red, yellow, and green branding.

The Chrome extensions we’ve covered will help you make Google work exactly the way you want it to. J

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