Best App To Hide Your Private Photos

By | March 15, 2022

Sometimes you need to hide an entire album of pictures from your gallery. Doing this is easy and we suggest a quick way or two to do it. Just follow the steps in one of the two solutions we’ve outlined here and your private albums will be hidden from your gallery.

Best solution: LockMyPix

There are plenty of apps out there that claim to hide your photos from raving prying eyes, but LockMyPix stands out for the level of simplicity and security it offers, even in the free version. It locks your files in a vault protected by military grade AES encryption standard, accessed via PIN, pattern or fingerprint.

It has an intuitive UI that allows you to encrypt your photos/videos right from the app itself, a simple tap-and-vault. This app can be hidden from the app drawer, naturally.

The paid Pro variant offers more options for the true paranoid. For example, you get the option to set up fake login credentials in the Pro variant, if someone finds the vault and asks for login you can give them access to the ‘bait’ vault. The paid version also offers SD card compatibility and the ability to disguise the app as something else. Of course, it also makes the whole experience ad-free.

Alternative solution: Astro File Manager

If you prefer to use a file manager instead of a gallery lock app, then you just need to follow these easy steps. First, download the Astro File Manager below.

  • Once you are in the app, go to Primary then tap Image.
  • Now tap and hold on the folder you want to hide.
  • Once highlighted, press the menu button (three dots at the top right of your screen).
  • From here, open Rename.
  • Now, rename the .nomedia folder and make sure to include a period in front of the text. Hit Rename and you’re all set.

If you want to see hidden folders in Astro again, you need to go to the menu and press Display Settings.

  • From here, hit the Advanced tab.
  • You just have to check the box after Show hidden files and go back to the app and you will see your folders.
  • If you want to show it, just rename it but don’t include the period in front.

Do you have any other solution to hide your album? Let us know in the comments.

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