Benefits of Raw Food or Raw Food for the Health of Our Bodies

By | April 14, 2020

Benefits of Raw Food or Raw Food for the Health of Our Bodies


Raw food, also known as living food, is food in its most original form. Alias ​​does not experience the cooking or heating process first. Generally raw food consists of vegetables, fruits, and raw nuts. In raw vegetables there is an enzyme, a substance that the body needs to digest food.

When cooked at a temperature above 45 degrees Celsius the nutrients in vegetables will still be left. However, enzymes that are supposed to be important for digestion of the body actually die. Meanwhile foods that do not contain enzymes, when entered into the body will be recognized as foreign matter.

If the enzymes die, the body will half process them (food). The body will make more enzymes produced. But if it’s raw food, the enzymes aren’t dead so the body doesn’t need to produce enzymes anymore. This lightens the work.

Here are the benefits of consuming raw foods:

Raw vegetables and fruits still contain high fiber. Fiber helps reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
Helps to cleanse the intestines, member of the ‘electricity’ (because it still contains enzymes) so that the body feels fit. Electricity is needed by humans to move and that can only be obtained from living food.

Prevent obesity. Raw vegetables and fruit are rich in nutrients but low in calories. It is also more easily digested by the body so it is also faster to excrete toxins through feces.
Raw food consisting of vegetables and fruit meets three healthy food elements. First, it has high nutrients such as vitamins, minerals. Second, it is high in fiber so that it can sweep away all the impurities in the body. Third, knowing yourself does not leave traces in the body. The three elements will be very beneficial for maintaining a healthy body.

Helps to streamline the body. According to dietitian Dr. Phaidon L. Toruan, raw food is very helpful slimming because there is one effect that is very effective in helping the process of burning fat. When we eat fruits and vegetables (raw), the fiber in these foods has the effect of blocking fat so that the fat that enters the body is not too much.