Apps to Monitor and Improve Your MacBook’s Battery Life

By | February 21, 2022

What happens if your MacBook battery dies when you need it the most. While Mac laptops do offer solid battery life compared to many competitors, even the best batteries decline with age. The battery is consumable, but you can improve its overall durability through regular monitoring and cleaning.

We will introduce you some battery management tools. This will help you get the most out of your Mac’s battery.

Battery Health 2
Battery Health 2 is the most popular battery monitoring tool for macOS, and Battery Health 2 is its successor. The tool offers a neat interface that lists all the vital batteries.

This app displays Charge Flow, current Max, macOS Health Status, Cycle, Age, Power Usage and Amperage. The Battery Remaining feature is great, especially since Apple decided to remove a similar native feature in the past.

Power History is a premium feature that helps you gain useful insights. It displays dynamic power consumption graphs and beam notifications when battery consumption exceeds a certain limit.

Download: Battery Health 2 (Free, premium version available)

Coconut Battery
Coconut Battery is another proponent of the basics-focused macOS battery monitoring tool. Despite the simple approach, the app is accurate and useful.

Coconut Battery displays a percentage bar showing your current full charge capacity followed by a percentage bar for the battery’s designed capacity. This app also lets you record battery status at different time intervals and keep logs accordingly. Lastly, the tool also lets you check the battery status of your iOS device if it’s connected to your Mac via USB or Wi-Fi.

Download: Coconut Battery (Free, premium version available)

iStat Menus
iStat Menus are especially useful if you want to add advanced statistics like Fan Speed, Memory Consumption, and Network Indicators. Apart from this, iStat Menu also offers insightful battery monitoring tools that help you keep up with battery progress. This tool displays Battery Health, Cycles, and Condition.

iStat Menus displays the Time Remaining on your current bill, along with a list of resource hogging apps. Hovering the mouse over each of these options will take you to advanced statistics to help infer the condition of the battery better. Make sure you’ve included our tips for better MacBook battery life to use as well.

Download: iStat Menus Free Trial | iStat Menus ($10)

Chargeberry Battery Monitor
Chargeberry is a comprehensive battery monitor for Mac. Unlike other apps, Chargeberry emphasizes maintaining your MacBook battery. After using it for a few days, the user interface grew on me. Chargeberry offers essential battery monitoring features such as Capacity, Factory Capacity, Cycles Used, Temperature and Lifespan.

What’s new, Chargeberry offers live energy consumption graphs. It separates your Mac’s battery usage into different categories like Internet Browsing, Music, Movies, and Standby. This tool lets you toggle features like Time Remaining, and you can also set debit notifications at a custom percentage.

Chargeberry takes it a step further and will remind you to charge your battery once it reaches 40 percent, a practice that is thought to extend overall battery life. Finally, the Application history section displays your Mac’s power consumption across days, weeks, and months. This app also features Top Energy Consuming Apps.

Download: Chargeberry Battery Monitor (Free)

FruitJuice Battery App
Like Chargeberry, the FruitJuice app focuses on monitoring and maintaining battery life. It runs a maintenance cycle the first time you turn it on. This mode keeps the discharge within the optimal range of 100 to 20 percent. The app also features a comprehensive Power History feature that plots your battery stats up to a maximum of 365 days.

What I like most about the FruitJuice app is that it’s fully automated. The app walks you through each step and offers guidance on when you should plug in your laptop or run it on battery. Maintenance Cycles run periodically and with each new cycle, the application decides if there is a need to change the drain cycle range.

Download: FruitJuice Demo | FruitJuice Battery App ($10)

Endurance is a more active battery management tool that aims to help Mac users improve their battery life. This puts your Mac into low power mode as soon as the battery level drops below a certain percentage. This tool saves power by Dimming screen, Monitoring Expensive Apps, Monitoring Flash Plugins, Slowing Processor and Hiding Background Apps.

You can select the trigger level at which you want the Endurance mode to kick in. I have observed a big improvement in battery life after using this mode. In essence, this app lets you easily decide between performance and battery life. These are the apps that Apple should have preloaded on macOS.

Download: Endurance (Free trial, $20)

Bonus: Built-in Power Info

Apple has been thoughtful enough to include a battery cycle tool in macOS. This tool is not as comprehensive as the one above; However, it offers basic functionality. To access the built-in battery information tool, follow these steps:

  • Hold down the Option key and click on the Apple Menu.
  • Select System Information.
  • Under the Hardware section, select the Power tab.

The Battery Information title displays Cycle Count, Condition, Charge Remaining, and Battery Voltage. Ideally, a MacBook Air battery should last a thousand charge cycles. Earlier models had a lower maximum number of cycles. See the Apple Support battery cycle page for details on all MacBook models.

Don’t Rule out a MacBook Battery Replacement
While you can use an outdated battery for some time, you will most likely have to replace your laptop battery. An old battery can cause your Mac to randomly shut down. Unfortunately, modern MacBooks don’t make it easy to replace the battery yourself.

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