Advantages & How to Easily Install Alderon Roofs

By | March 10, 2022
Advantages & How to Easily Install Alderon Roofs

How to Install the Alderon Roof – Do you know what an alderon roof is? This is one type (variant) of PVC roofing that is currently popular. This roof is made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).

Some of the Advantages of Alderon Roofs

This alderon roof has several advantages that other types of roof do not have.

These include the following:

Unique Formula

Alderon roof has a unique formula, namely the structure on its solid cavity walls. This makes this alderon roof has strong and sturdy characteristics.

The batten distance (between purlins) reaches 1200 mm. This is very beneficial for its users. What’s the reason? Because it will facilitate installation and also save the cost of purchasing purlin.

Has the ability to dampen the heat

The ability to withstand this heat arises because of the cavity in the roof of the alderon. And in that cavity of course there is air. Now that air becomes a damper for the heat that comes from the sun.

As we already know that air is one of the very good heat filters. With the air in the roof cavity, so that the hot air from above does not directly penetrate into the house, but is filtered first by the alderon roof.

Able to Prevent Leaks

Alderon is a type of roof that can prevent leaks. This can happen because the alderon roof is equipped with an Anti Leakage Coupling System.

Then what is Anti Leakage Coupling System?

So it is a kind of leak proof clutch system. With this system, roof leaks can be prevented.

So above are some of the advantages of the unique alderon roof. This distinctive advantage can be said not to be possessed by other types of roofs.

Previously, I mentioned above about how to install an alderon roof, it’s quite easy. So it doesn’t take a long time to install it. But for people who have never installed this alderon roof, then there is a possibility of making mistakes when installing it.

What is the example like?

Among them, such as the location of the installation that is not right (wrong). If this happens, it will be able to make the roof leak when it rains. To anticipate this, you can use nok or what is often called wuwungan.

So in order not to make mistakes when installing an alderon roof, in the following, the author will describe several ways to install an alderon roof properly and correctly.

Hopefully this description can help you a little in installing the alderon roof independently.

Just watch it to the end, let’s go!

Alderon Roof Installation Preparation

Before starting the process of installing an alderon roof, you should prepare a variety of needs that will be used.

Such as :

1. Preparing the Components to be Used

Before starting to carry out the process of installing an alderon type roof, it is necessary to prepare and pay attention to the various components that will be used. Is it already available and ready to use or not.

Among the components include the alderon roofing sheet itself. Which is added with other complementary materials such as Wuwungan or Nok Alderon and also Alderon Weather Seal screws. These various materials can be found easily in various building shops.

2. Preparing Equipment

In addition to the components that will be used, how to install an alderon roof must also pay attention to the various equipment that will be used. Among the equipment that needs to be prepared when you want to do the installation of an alderon roof.

Are drills, screwdrivers, tape measure and various other handyman tools. Although various kinds of tools have been prepared, for the process of cutting alderon sheets it is better to use a cutting machine which is often called a grinder. This is so that the cut results obtained are also more even and in accordance with the wishes.

Alderon Roof Installation Procedure

If you are still confused about how to install the right alderon roof. So the solution is to follow these instructions:

1. Make sure the position of the roof to be installed is correct

When starting the process of installing an alderon roof, you should first make sure if the sign that is given the name is ‘This Side Up’ was facing up. Only then can it be continued with the next process. Where this process requires the help of a screw called Weather Seal.

This screw is specially designed for alderon roof which is equipped with protective rubber.

The way to use these screws is to make a hole with a diameter of 33 mm larger than the diameter of the screw itself. This is necessary for the expansion chamber caused by the difference in day and night temperatures.

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2. Installing the Alderon Roof with the Right Slope

Advantages & How to Easily Install Alderon Roofs
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The next way when you want to install an alderon roof is to pay attention to how much slope the roof has. This is done so that rainwater can flow down properly and does not pool on the roof. Where a good slope range of at least 10 degrees.

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3. Close the Connection System

In addition to the slope, which must also be considered when installing an alderon roof is the connection system. Where the connection system must be ensured first if the top has been properly closed.

The connection referred to in this case is a leak-proof connection on the roof (nok or wuwungan). See the photo illustration below.

Advantages & How to Easily Install Alderon Roofs

Advantages & How to Easily Install Alderon Roofs

4. Spacing When Installing the Alderon Roof

The distance used as a way of installing the alderon roof includes the connection distance, the batten distance and also the overhang distance. For the length of the connection distance, it is recommended to have a size of 200 mm for a sloping roof. While 150 mm for the size of the sloping roof. The recommended batten size distance is a maximum of 1200 mm. While the recommended overhang distance is 100 mm.

5. Installing Nails or Screws so that the Roof Doesn’t Move Easily

The last step that can be done when you want to install an alderon roof is to install nails or screws. This nail must be used. The goal is that the roof is not easily detached or shifted.

The nails used can be in the form of nails that have a support at the end.

That’s the above description of how to install an alderon roof that you can try yourself at home. But if you have difficulty installing it, then you should use the services of a handyman who is an expert in installing the roof.

Hopefully it can be useful.