Advantages and How to Become a J&T Agent that You Need to Know

By | December 8, 2021
Advantages and How to Become a J&T Agent that You Need to Know
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Before discussing how to become a J&T agent, you should first know what J&T really is.

Let’s see!

What is J&T?

J&T is an expedition company or package delivery service that can deliver goods within and between cities, even between provinces. One of the advantages of J&T among other freight forwarding services is that J&T utilizes IT in carrying out its services. In addition, J&T also has the advantage of being able to pick up goods from customers.

That way, if you want to send goods, customers no longer need to come to the J&T office. Customers can simply use the application or through the hotline to contact J&T to pick up packages that are ready to be sent. J&T also has partnerships with various major e-commerce sites in Indonesia, such as Shopee, Bukalapak, and so on.

The reason is, J&T is able to reach all regions in Indonesia and its agents are already available in big cities and even in sub-district cities. In fact, until now J&T offices have reached more than 3,000 branch offices with more than 20,000 employees. This figure is certainly very fantastic as an expedition company that can be considered new.

J&T focuses on being a safe, comfortable, and fast expedition. So, it’s not surprising that now many people choose J&T as an expedition that is trusted to deliver their packages. In addition, many are also interested in becoming his agent and finding out how to become a J&T agent.

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How to Become a J&T Agent

After knowing what J&T is, now is the time to discuss how to become a J&T agent. The reason is, now the expedition business is very promising and one of the expeditions that many customers choose, namely J&T. J&T is considered capable of sending goods quickly and reaching many areas in Indonesia.

If you are interested in becoming a J&T agent, then here’s how:

Contacting J&T Branches or Representatives of Each Province

So far, J&T has not explicitly invited the general public to become agents. J&T tends to prefer to open its own agency and not open opportunities to the public directly. However, the opening of a J&T agent will adjust to the needs of each branch and province.

For example, last year J&T opened up opportunities for the public who wanted to become J&T partners in East Java. Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a J&T agent, it is better to contact the J&T branch or representative of each province. That way, information about the latest agency and details will be obtained easily.

Qualify to Become a J&T Agent

The second way to become a J&T agent is to fulfill all the requirements to become a J&T agent. The main requirement is the status of an Indonesian citizen accompanied by proof of the original e-KTP. Also provide a TIN along with a family card as a prerequisite document. In addition, prepare a business establishment deed, as well as a business establishment license, if requested.

The next requirement is that you already have a place that can be used as an office, you can own it or rent it. The place should be easily accessible so that it is easy to find and familiar to customers. Usually the J&T will conduct a direct survey to check the location of the outlet.

Then, also prepare various other needs, such as a computer, printer, and also a 30kg digital scale. Finally, fulfill the HR requirements, which is to have approximately one or two employees. Make sure each employee is able to operate a computer and is proficient in technology because J&T agency is a digital-based business.

Following the Stages of Becoming a J&T Agent

When it is felt that you have met all the requirements, the second step is to follow the stages of becoming a J&T agent. How to become a J&T agent is very easy, that is, come to the J&T branch office and meet the manager related to agent registration. Follow all procedures set by J&T. Then, when they are declared to have passed the administration, they will receive a special training program.

Knowing How to Work as a J&T Agent

When you have received a notification about qualifying to become a J&T agent, now is the time to know how to work as a J&T agent. The way J&T agents work is more or less the same as other expeditions. The agent will receive the goods from the customer and J&T will send the goods according to the intended location.

The agent will get a commission from the perkilo load that has been sent by the sender. The total royalty or commission earned by the agent will be based on the agreement of J&T. So, the total royalties or commissions earned will be based on the overall package shipping costs calculated within one month.

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Benefits of Being a J&T Agent

How to become a J&T agent is not complicated as long as you meet all the specified requirements. However, these requirements will feel light because of the many advantages of being a J&T agent.

The following are the benefits of being a J&T agent that are worth knowing:

Trusted Company

The main advantage when becoming a J&T agent is of course getting high customer trust. Especially if J&T doesn’t always open the agency in general. So, if elected as an agent, of course the agent is an agent who has the best quality in serving customers.

There is Additional Income

Becoming an agent is one way to earn extra income. In fact, there are some people who make agents their main business. The reason is, being an agent will certainly get an attractive commission from the central company.

However, the income is of course influenced by how many items will be sent by the agent. This is because the commission will be earned according to the shipping cost of the whole package. So, try to continue to expand your network and use good marketing techniques to increase your income.

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Doesn’t Need Much Promotion

From time to time, the name J&T expedition is getting more and more famous. In fact, it is not uncommon for e-commerce to work with J&T as its expedition. This is an advantage for agents because J&T already has an established name among the Indonesian people.

J&T has also been reviewed in various media and tends to be well known by the public. What’s more, J&T’s penetration is growing rapidly from year to year, from big cities to remote villages in Indonesia. Therefore, when you become a J&T agent, you don’t need to do a lot of promotions because customers tend to already know it.

How to become a J&T agent is not complicated because you only need to contact the J&T branch or representative of each province. The reason is, J&T does not open its agency in general or explicitly. So, if you are interested in becoming a J&T agent, contact the relevant parties according to their respective provinces and prepare all the specified requirements.

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That’s the info about the benefits and how to become a J&T agent. Hopefully it can be useful.

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