A Collection of Unique JavaScript Most Wanted by Blogger Users

By | April 6, 2022

BTalking about blogs is not only about content and SEO, but a unique blog display with attractive decorations also needs to be considered as a reference in managing blog pages. Content is the main thing, SEO is also a must, but no less important is to make the blog look unique and attractive. Widgets and decorations on a blog are a trick to make your blog visitors feel at home.

There are many paths to ROME, so if we talk about decorating a blog page, there are many tricks you can apply. But it must also be remembered that the decorations that you apply do not interfere with the appearance of the blog content that you create. One trick of the many decorations on blog pages is to use JavaScript code to create light animation effects and not burden the visitor’s browser performance. If by chance you are looking for references about decoration (decoration) on the blog page then you are lucky to have arrived at this article.

In this article, I will share some blogwalking scripts, tweaking and modifications so that the script can function properly on various devices today. This collection of scripts is arguably the most sought after and hard to find scripts.

Why is it the most sought after?

This collection of scripts has a unique and attractive display of animation effects that will make your blog look dynamic and attractive. Besides being unique, this collection of scripts is an old school script so that it will not burden the performance of the visitor’s browser for both mobile devices and PC devices.

Why is it hard to get?

This collection of scripts is an old school script, so it’s hard to find scripts that can still function in modern browsers (without code modification) because karbitan blogger users who share these scripts in their article content have never been updated again, even most karbitan blogs it is suspended but still exists on the google search engine.

I’m surprised that only the results of copy-pasting Karbitan’s blog articles can enter the Google search engine database, while the original content creators are not indexed by Google. It’s a strange bin miraculous mbah google. Okay, ready, for those who are hunting for unique and interesting scripts, please read the information.