90% Successfully Overcome Dead Cellphone Can’t Turn On on Xiaomi Android Smartphone

By | March 4, 2022
HP Xiaomi Dead Can’t turn on – How how to solve a totally dead xiaomi phone can’t turn on? Indeed, the problem of an Android cellphone that cannot live is a very disturbing problem for Android smartphone users. The causes of totally dead android phones that are too diverse make this problem not easy to fix.

Actually, the problem of an Android phone that suddenly turns itself off is almost experienced by all Android phone users, for example on Samsung Android phones, Oppo smartphones, Vivo, Xiaomi phones, Asus Zenfone, Lenovo and also on cheap Android phones like Advan. Besides, the problem hp that won’t turn on This also happens to Android phones with planted batteries or removeble battery phones.

But we don’t need to worry because at our meeting this time we Smartphone Solution will try to give some tips to overcome the android phone that suddenly died completely. In this discussion, we will use a xiaomi android device, but we don’t need to worry because the steps we use to fix a totally dead android phone are general steps. So how to fix a xiaomi cellphone that doesn’t turn on below, of course, more or less can be applied to other types of android phones.

6 Ways to Turn on a Totally Dead Xiaomi Cellphone

How to Overcome a Totally Dead Xiaomi Cellphone Can't Turn On

Before we start the discussion about the xiaomi cellphone that hangs and won’t turn on, it would be better if we gave some information about the cause of the dead android phone below. This is intended so that we are not wrong in handling, because different causes will also have different ways of fixing it.

It’s impossible if the cellphone is completely dead, we can’t charge it, we can handle it using a way to deal with a totally dead Android phone due to water ingress or a completely dead cellphone due to a fall. Therefore, let’s take a look at the causes of the Xiaomi Android HP Totally Dead below.

Causes Xiaomi HP Often Turns Off It’s Hard to Live

  • Empty Battery
  • Rusty Battery Connector
  • Broken Software
  • No signal
  • Xiaomi HP Totally Dead Due to Water Entry
  • Hangs Due to Too Many Apps

Below are some android tips collection to solve the problem of a cellphone that suddenly turns off and can’t turn on again.

1. Xiaomi’s cellphone is totally dead because it doesn’t charge

Often we think that the way to solve the problem of an Android cellphone that is completely dead because it can’t be charged is to simply replace a new cellphone battery. Even though it is necessary for us to know that the problem of an Android cellphone that cannot be charged is not only limited to replacing a new Android cellphone battery.

The following are things we must make sure first when we experience problems xiaomi cellphone can’t be fully charged these, including:

3 Mandatory Things You Need to Make Sure When Your Xiaomi Phone Doesn’t Come In


How to check a damaged xiaomi cellphone charger:

  • Make sure whether there are broken cables or plugs that are shaking if we experience the error charging the Xiaomi cellphone.

Charger Connector

If the condition of the cellphone charger is in good condition, then the next thing we should make sure next when the Xiaomi cellphone is charged but can’t be 100% full is to make sure the charger connector.


If the cause of the Xiaomi cellphone cannot turn on, it is because we have just upgraded or downgraded the Xiaomi version which resulted in the cellphone not being able to charge when it was charged, then there is nothing wrong if we just return it to the previous version. It is possible that the current version is not compatible with the xiaomi device we have.

2. Xiaomi cellphone can’t be charged while on

Indeed, basically using an android smartphone while charging is something that is not recommended. But if xiaomi phone can’t turn on when the charging process will certainly be something that will certainly interfere with our daily activities, therefore try how to deal with an android phone that can’t be charged in living conditions below.

Solution for Xiaomi HP Turns Off When In Cas

  • If the xiaomi cellphone is not charging when the cellphone is active, then try to charge the battery using a desktop charger for 30 to 40 minutes first
  • After that, if we press the power button on the Xiaomi cellphone, it can come back to normal, then the possible cause of the Xiaomi cellphone being charged comes from the charging bug.

3. How to Overcome Xiaomi’s Totally Dead Android Phone Due to Flashing Failed

As we said in the first step, often the last step to turn on an android phone that suddenly died completely cannot turn on because it ran out of battery power is to replace the battery. But what if the problem with the cellphone suddenly turns off completely and cannot be charged, it occurs on a non-removable battery or a planted battery?

Plus, if the flashing step on the Android cellphone still makes the Android cellphone unable to turn on again. For that, if we use a xiaomi android phone, try the tutorial below:

How to Use “One Click Unbrick” Software

  • Install the software on a PC that has the Java program installed
  • Download the software above
  • Connect HP using USB to PC or computer
  • Open the previously downloaded software
  • Click “Unsoft Brick” on the software that has been installed, wait a moment until an error message appears then select “Resolution Center”
  • Click the menu on the heimdall folder, “Extract Current Folder”
  • Copy the file named ”One Click Unbrick” and “One Click Loader” which has been downloaded in the heimdall folder
  • Right click on “One Click Loader”, select “Run as Administrator” section
  • Click on the “Unsoft Brick” menu, the error message will reappear then leave it alone
  • Then restart your PC
  • Remove the USB cable, SIM card, battery and micro SD from your phone device
  • Reinstall the battery into the HP
  • Then enter the download mode section by pressing the Power + Home + Volume Down button
  • If it has been successful, do flashing.

However, it would be better before we use the software above, try to use the easier steps first in the article below:

>> How to turn on a dead Xiaomi cellphone that can’t be charged <<

4. Solutions and Causes of Xiaomi Bootloop Cellphones Or Often Turns Off Alone

Of course there are many reference sources such as mastekno.com which provides information on how to solve a bootloop android phone. And on xiaomi android phone, problem xiaomi phones often turn off by themselves We can overcome this by entering MI Recovery Mode.

To wipe data or reset the bootloop xiaomi cellphone through MI Recovery Mode, we can do it quite easily, in the following way:

  • First of all, turn off the Xiaomi device that we have
  • Then enter MI Recovery mode by pressing and holding the Volume up + Power button simultaneously until the recovery menu appears on the xiaomi cellphone screen
  • Select English language, in recovery mode. Also in recovery mode, use the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to navigate (up and down), and use the Power button to select the desired menu.
  • Select Wipe & Reset.
  • After that the display will appear
    MI Recovery Mode
  • Do one by one the commands above
  • Select Back to return to the main menu page after each process is complete, after that select Reboot >> Reboot to System One (latest) to turn on the Xiaomi cellphone normally. See how the results, if it still doesn’t work, do it with the same method but with another command.

5. Easy Steps to Overcome HP Batteries Planted Suddenly Dies Alone

Actually, not many Android smartphone users are aware that using too many applications running in the background can be the source of the cause of the Android phone often restarting itself. This is because applications that are running or open in the background can eat up excessive amounts of RAM.

It doesn’t stop there, the performance of the Android phone processor will be slower because the processor performance process is hampered. So don’t be surprised if the xiaomi cellphone often becomes slow or slow before the xiaomi device turns off by itself.

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6. Android Phone Can’t Turn On Due to Battery Percentage Error

Maybe a problem like this is very rarely encountered, but it is possible if we think that a damaged Android cellphone cannot turn on even though it is only because we are not aware of the error battery percentage. To make it easier to understand, let’s look at the illustration below:

An example of an inaccurate Android cellphone battery percentage

I’m having a totally dead xiaomi cellphone problem which in the dead condition I try to connect the smartphone to charging (charging). After the android phone has been charged for a few hours, what happens is that the battery condition is still 0% continuously.

That way I assume that the xiaomi cellphone I have is completely dead when the real problem is in an invalid android cellphone battery percentage reading.

Therefore, if the problem occurs as we demonstrated above, we need to solve the error android battery indicator. How to fix android battery indicator error We can do this by calibrating the Android battery via CWM with the following steps:

How to Calibrate an Android HP Battery Through Recovery Mode

  • The first step that we need to do is to turn off the android phone that we will calibrate the battery with that error
  • After that press the volume up button and the power button simultaneously for a few seconds to enter recovery mode. But we need to know that how to enter recovery mode on every smartphone has a different way.
  • If we have entered recovery mode, select the “Advanced Section” menu then click the “Clear battery statistics” option.
  • The last step, turn on the android phone and use it until the battery runs out and then charge the android cellphone battery to 100%

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That’s our meeting this time, which just reviewed several ways to turn on the dead xiaomi cellphone that can’t turn on. Hopefully with the steps above we can get some inspiration to solve the problem of the totally dead xiaomi cellphone, that’s all and thank you..