9 Most Favorite Girls Room Wall Decorations

By | February 24, 2022
Girls room wall decoration – Do you have a daughter? If you have, then of course you know that girls have their own characteristics. A special trait that distinguishes him from boys. Then, what’s the difference?

The difference is that boys usually tend to like things that are games. Like putting together legos or playing toy cars. While girls prefer something that is artistic and contains aesthetic value.

This doesn’t mean girls don’t like toys.

They also of course also like toys such as barbies or kitchen sets. So what makes the difference is; Girls are usually more patient than boys.

So if you have a toy like a barbie or a kitchen set, usually a girl will arrange and arrange the toys neatly. In stark contrast to the boys who were playing. Usually after playing, the toys all fall apart on the floor. You don’t have to generalize everything like that, but most of them are, hehe

Well, to support the painstaking nature and aesthetic value of the girl, then you give her some kind of appreciation. You can support your beloved princess with various accessories that can support her spirit.

From clothes to wall hangings for your daughter’s room.

Here I give examples of some decorations that many girls like.

Among them:

1. Wooden Partition Shelf on the Wall

9 Most Favorite Girls Room Wall Decorations

This wall decoration is more functional, because it can be used to store some of the girls’ favorite dolls or toys, without compromising their aesthetic value. Therefore, if you want to choose a more functional wall decoration, choosing this wooden wall partition is highly recommended.

2. Hanging Wall Hanging from Origami Paper

9 Most Favorite Girls Room Wall Decorations

This girl’s room wall decoration can be made yourself using origami paper. It’s also very easy to make, you just need to use some colorful origami paper, some mattress threads, glue, and scissors. Shape the paper into the shape of a heart, flower or other shape according to taste. Arrange the finished pieces of paper on the mattress thread and attach it to the bedroom wall.

3. Hanging Wall Hanging from Photos

9 Most Favorite Girls Room Wall Decorations

Framing memories in a photo is often done by girls. Therefore, these memorable photos can be used as wall decorations on the side to store memories in a more unique form. Hang some photos and decorate with pretty tassels.

4. 3-Dimensional Frozen Images

9 Most Favorite Girls Room Wall Decorations

Girls really like the Frozen animated characters. Therefore, giving a girl’s room wall decoration with this character will make her happy. Don’t forget to choose a 3-dimensional model to make the decoration more unique and attractive in the room.

5. Initials of Ornamental Flowers

9 Most Favorite Girls Room Wall Decorations

Making the initials of a girl’s name on the wall is one of the most recommended decorations for the walls of a girl’s room. Especially if the initials are composed of ornamental flowers, it is guaranteed that girls will like it and feel at home in the room.

9 Most Favorite Girls Room Wall Decorations

It never hurts to occasionally make your own creations to make a girl’s room wall decoration from flannel. The reason is, flannel is very easy to form for various decorations. Create a shape that suits your child’s taste, for example a cute owl.

7. Ombre Heart Shaped Origami Paper

9 Most Favorite Girls Room Wall Decorations

Arranging a heart shape on white paper media from colorful origami paper can make the bedroom wall look more attractive. Make ombre, which is an arrangement of contrasting colors from origami paper, into a heart shape or other shape according to the child’s taste.

9 Most Favorite Girls Room Wall Decorations

Ropes are sometimes made to tie things together. This time, you can go for recreation to make wall decorations or if you want to buy ready-made ones, there are already many available in the market. This model decoration is often found in Indian, Moroccan, and some Latin American countries.

9. Rainbow Painting on the Wall

9 Most Favorite Girls Room Wall Decorations

You can make wall decorations by making a painting on the wall with a rainbow painting. The soft colors of the rainbow decorated with clouds will make the room look cooler. Besides improving the quality of sleep, it can also beautify the room in a girl’s room. Make a painting of acrylic paint on the wall with that theme.

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Girls room wall decorations are often seen in girls’ rooms to make the room look more beautiful. Especially for girls who like the feminine element in every decoration in their room. So that the room will provide comfort.

Hopefully this short article is useful for you.