8 Sites To Create Awesome Avatars From Your Profile Picture

By | March 21, 2022

To be unique online, you will need a good avatar. Given the need to protect your privacy online, you should never use a photo of your real self. So whether it’s for Steam or the forums, here are some of the easiest ways to create a cool avatar.

For those who don’t know, an avatar is the same as a profile picture. But instead of an actual photo, you create a small square image of the person that best represents you. There are different types of avatars you can try, from cartoons to banners.

You don’t have to be an artist to make all of this. The internet has free sites for creating cool avatars that you can customize, download, and use.

Web design principles and standards change over time. Today’s avatar should look like hers on the web. Since emojis look acceptable these days, this site helps you to create emoji-like avatars.

Choose hair or headgear, accessories, clothing, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, and skin tone. Mess with them to create an avatar that looks just like you (or one you want to show people online). Once done, download it to your hard drive.

Avataars Generator is completely free, but be warned, these are not high resolution images. What you download will be less than 300×300 pixels, which is enough for most avatars.

Face.co: Customize Everything In Profile Avatar

Avataars Generator is beautiful and easy, but the things you can customize are very few. Face.co is all about giving you choices in every aspect of how you create your profile avatar online.

You can choose the shape of your face, mouth, nose, ears, eyes, eyebrows and hair. Color variants are available for the iris, hair and skin. And you can change clothes too, and add a cool wallpaper.

You will find many variants of this site online, such as Avatar Maker. The only reason we chose Face.co is that it offers a secure connection over HTTPS.

8BitIcon: Retro Avatar With 8-Bit Pixel Art

Retro 8-bit pixel art is back in a big way. Nostalgic memories from old games and animations are a great way to express your taste. You can even make 8-bit accessories, so why not create an avatar?

8BitIcon is very similar to Face.co, only with pixel art. Choose a background, face, clothes, mouth, hair and eyes. And your gender too. Once done, download the image to your drive or set it directly as your avatar on Facebook or VK.com.

There’s not a lot of choice in 8BitIcon, but it’s pretty good. If you find it too restrictive, you can use Eightbit.me for a Twitter avatar.

Cartoon Network has created a way to create an avatar of one of the most popular toons: Powerpuff Girls. So go ahead and “Powerpuff Yourself.”

First select the skin color, eyes, mouth, hair, beard (optional) in the Self section. Then go to Gear to select your outfit, glasses, object in your hand, and a friend like a dog or an object like a soccer ball. When you’re done, Powerpuff Yourself will try to create a cool background for your avatar.

The following is a questionnaire to determine your personality. Answer a short quiz and the app will create a suitable background. You can download or share these as static backgrounds, animated backgrounds, or blank backgrounds. Cool, right?

South Park Avatar

Did you know that South Park was one of the first viral videos ever? It’s no surprise that the series and its creators embraced the internet. All episodes are available online for free, and they have even created an avatar maker.

You start with a blank figure wearing underwear. Almost everything is customizable in this one. Funnily enough, since this is the official avatar maker, you get a lot of South Park’s official animations. From slogans as memes to “Danish for Denmark” T-shirts, you can do what you want.

You can download your avatar as a high-resolution image, and use it wherever you want. Feel free to create more than one, and keep them all part of your account too.

Would you be surprised if this site is different from the others? Well, not really. You start with a naked avatar, pick bit by bit from a variety of looks, styles, and extras, and then you’re done.

Unfortunately, you only get access to all the options when you register with the site, hence my slightly annoyed face. 
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