8 Really Useful Chrome Extensions For Students

By | April 24, 2022

If you mainly use Chrome to research academic papers, projects or assignments, why not use a handy browser extension to manage that homework for you?

This in-browser learning tool lets you plan assignments, help you research, and aid in your studies. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about opening separate apps.

Homework requires its own routines and habits. Use the right tools to make a plan and stick to it. This Chrome extension helps you organize every class and assignment.

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A quick list can help you stay on track. This cool tool lets you add and mark items as you go.

Homework Tracker

Sometimes simple is sensational. Maybe you just have a list of basic tasks or projects that you want to keep track of. Homework Tracker is ideal for this. Click the toolbar buttons to add or view your items and see the number of unfinished tasks with icon badges.

Enter your class, assignment, and due date (if applicable) and click Add. Then, when you finish your work, press the button Done. You can sort by due date, so the closest item is right at the top. Homework Tracker is basic yet effective.

My Homework Reminder

My Homework Reminder is a great to-do list extension for Chrome. Click the toolbar button, add a task and due date, and press Save.

You can sort by task or due date, check the boxes for your completed items, and easily review your completed tasks. If you need to delete an item, just click the trash can and just walk away. Just like Homework Tracker, My Homework Reminder is simple but gets the job done.

Toolbars for Research

Instead of random Googling, try a toolbar made for education. This option gives you the results you need quickly.

Homework Simplified

Homework Simplified is a cool toolbar that can help you research what you need. The nice thing about it is that in addition to the search box, you can choose from buttons for Math, Science, English, and History. Each offers a tool for the topic.

For example, the Math button lets you choose from a calculator and sample problems while the Science tool includes a unit converter and a periodic table.

Along with subject tools, you have a Tutor button with resources like Sylvan Learning and Tutor.com plus a button with popular sites like Britannica and CollegeBoard.


Similar but different, the StudyHQ toolbar lets you search and gives you a subject button, but the tool is a flashcard. So if you click the History, Language, Math, or Science buttons, you can immediately access useful flashcards on the StudyHQ site. Plus, you can create your own flashcards.

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Check the practice test button with resources for the SAT and AP tests or use the translator button for resources in other languages. If flashcards help you study, combine those tools with the search options and you have StudyHQ.

Button for Search

When you need to do a quick search, basic buttons can be the answer. This Chrome extension lets you search with a click.

Google Scholar Button

Google offers many search tools and some are specialized for patents, images, and of course, education. The Google Scholar button lets you easily search for topics. Click a button in your toolbar, pop in your search term, and then get your results.

You will receive a number of results in a search window and can select a title to go directly to the page. Or to see all the results, click the button at the bottom of the popup window and a new tab will open for you.

Course Hero Search Button

Course Hero is similar to Google Scholar in that you click a button to search for a topic and then head to the site for results. What is slightly different is that you need to create an account to get resources. But, you can make one for free in just a few minutes.

Helper to Focus

Don’t be distracted by social media while you do your homework. Use one of these amazing tools to help you focus and finish.

ReCall Study Time

Set up your study session, bookmark the pages you want to monitor, and get to work with ReCall Study Time. You can choose from two hours for a quick homework session or 24 hours for all overnight stays. Then, select the social media sites to block such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you feel yourself weakening and head towards one of the monitored sights, you will instead be greeted with a nasty gram like the one above. If you’re having trouble staying away from social media to get your homework done, check out ReCall Study Time.

Focus Mode

Focus Mode is another site-blocking tool to use while you do your homework. The extension monitors seven sites by default including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can choose which ones to block and add special blocked sites if there are additional temptations that aren’t on that list.

When you start your study or research session, simply press the button in the toolbar and click Activate. Then, when you try to access one of the monitored pages, you’ll receive a Return to Work message instead. When you’re done, click Disable and check your tampering attempts if you’re curious.

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