8 Free Tools to fix Broken Windows 10 Shortcuts

By | March 26, 2022

Broken Windows 10 shortcuts cause havoc, but you can find and remove them using one of these free tools.

When you delete or move files to a different location, the application shortcuts may get corrupted. Even though these shortcuts are small, they can pile up and take up a lot of your disk space. To fix this, you can use a broken shortcut repair tool.

Here is a list of free broken shortcut path breaker for Windows 10.


ShortcutsMan auto-scans and creates a list of all shortcuts on your PC. It highlights the broken shortcut in red and lets you repair or delete it. It comes with a clean and intuitive interface that lets you see a lot of valuable details.

For example, you can view shortcut file paths, existing command line arguments, shortcut keys to open files, comments, file modification date, and more.

You can mark all disconnected shortcuts by selecting the relevant option in the tab Edit. Alternatively, you can manually mark certain disconnected shortcuts on the interface. You can then fix the shortcut by clicking the button Resolve Selected Shortcuts. Alternatively, you can choose to delete the disconnected shortcut using the button Delete Selected Shortcuts.

Free Shortcut Remover

Free Shortcut Remover is a lightweight program that helps you to remove invalid shortcuts. Press the button Scan Shortcuts to start. You can simultaneously select invalid shortcuts and delete them by clicking the button Select Invalid. Alternatively, you can mark each specific shortcut that you want to remove.

This program has functions Filter which helps you find specific shortcuts by typing their name or file path. Free Shortcut Remover also helps you sort all your shortcuts in a list. You can display invalid, valid, or all shortcuts on your PC. This program displays the name of the shortcut, the location of the shortcut, and the target application of the shortcut.

The tool has a button Properties which lets you view the details for each specific shortcut. Developed as an easy-to-use program, it has a clean interface and can find and remove broken shortcuts with just a few clicks.

Download: Free Shortcut Remover for Windows 10 (Free)

Broken Shortcut Fixer

Broken Shortcut Fixer is another lightweight program that is easy to use and has a good response time. The program interface is represented by a regular window with simple menu items. To start using it, select target drive using the drop-down menu at the bottom left. From here, press the button Scan Shortcuts.

The program automatically scans and repairs invalid shortcuts. If the shortcut cannot be fixed, Broken Shortcut Fixer will display it in the interface. You can delete this shortcut using the button Delete Broken Shortcuts. If you need to find out more about a broken shortcut, you can simply double-click it.

In addition, the program has a checkbox where you can choose to Ignore remote shortcuts. It has a simple set of options that are easy to use even if you have little or no experience in software applications.

Download: Broken Shortcut Fixer for Windows 10 (Free)

Bad Shortcut Killer

Unlike other shortcut fixers, you don’t need to select a specific target folder when using Bad Shortcut Killer. choose Find Bad Shortcuts, and the program will scan your entire PC. After the scan is complete, you can select Check All, then button Delete Selected Shortcuts.

Alternatively, you can mark specific shortcuts that you want to get rid of. Bad Shortcut Killer displays a simple main window showing only the file paths for all the broken shortcuts.

Download: Bad Shortcut Killer for Windows 10 (Free)

Shortcut Fixer

Shortcut Fixer is an intuitive program that is very easy to use. To use it, press the button Analyze to search for disconnected shortcuts. From here, select all the broken shortcuts and click the button Fix. Program interface displays shortcut name, application Broken Target, and apps Found Target.

If the program finds a shortcut that cannot be repaired, you will be given the option to delete the shortcut.

Puran Utilities Fix Shortcut

Puran Utilities has a wide variety of tools, and one of them is dedicated to fixing broken shortcuts. To get started, select target drive in the top panel of the program interface. From here, press the button Scan.

The program shows you the name of the broken shortcut, its path, and the new path of the target application. Mark each shortcut manually or press Select All to mark all disconnected shortcuts. From here, you can choose from Fix Manually, Fix Shortcuts, or button Delete Shortcuts. You can stop any process at any time by pressing the button Stop.

Download: Puran Utilities Fix Shortcut for Windows 10 (Free)

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities Shortcut Fixer automatically scans for disconnected shortcuts when you open a program. The interface displays all the shortcuts on your PC and other connected external devices. It shows you the target folder, description, and status of the shortcut. If some shortcuts are missing on the interface, you can select the button Quick Scan or Advanced Scan.

You can mark all disconnected shortcuts and press the button Fix Shortcuts or Delete. When you choose to delete a shortcut, you will have the option to either move the shortcut to the Recycle Bin or delete it permanently.

You will also have the option to back up the selected shortcut. If you accidentally delete a shortcut permanently, you can use the button Restore. To view details of a specific shortcut, highlight it and select the button Properties.

Ace Utilities

Ace Utilities Shortcut Fixer provides you with an intuitive interface that displays the shortcut name, its location, and the location of the target application. Click button Scan to start searching for disconnected shortcuts.

Use button Options to select the drive you want to scan. You can mark all items by selecting the relevant option in the tab Edit. The program automatically repairs broken shortcuts and lets you delete invalid ones.

Manage Broken Shortcuts Easily

Having too many broken shortcuts on your Windows 10 PC can be messy. It’s a good idea to repair or remove broken shortcuts once in a while. You can do all of this easily with any of the programs we recommend in this article.