7 Ways to Fix MacBook Cursor Jumping While Typing

By | January 20, 2022

Does the cursor on your MacBook or MacBook Pro jump every time you start typing? Maybe he’s moving around with a mind of his own? One minute you’re typing, then it starts highlighting text but it jumps in and messes with your work.

You may press Undo every time that cursor messes up your work. This is very painful because every time you sit down to work, you need to waste time trying to fix all the mistakes you just made.

No matter what is going on, you can fix cursor jumping on your Mac with the instructions below.

Step 1: Turn off Tap to Click

Do you have Tap to click turned on? This feature makes it easy to select elements without clicking, but the added sensitivity means you can move the cursor each time you rub the trackpad.

open Apple menu > System Preferences > Trackpad and uncheck the box for Tap to Click.

If that stops the cursor from jumping, you may be resting your finger or touching your wrist on the trackpad while typing. You can choose to keep Tap to Click turned off or adjust the way you type to keep it clean of touch surfaces.

Step 2: Keep Your Trackpad Clean and Dry

Arguably, Apple’s Magic Trackpad beats the Magic Mouse in almost every way. However, you should take extra care to keep the touch surface on your trackpad clean and dry.

Dirt, water, and even natural oils from your fingers can cause problems with the touch sensitivity of your trackpad. Use a slightly dampened lint-free cloth if necessary to keep the surface clean.

Or, put some paper on the trackpad and try to work through it. If the cursor stops jumping when you do this, look to get a trackpad cover to use with your MacBook Pro instead.

Step 3: Check For Problems With Your Power Adapter

If you’re using a wireless trackpad or mouse, make sure it’s fully charged or put in a new battery. Similarly, you should plug your MacBook Pro into power and give it time to charge.

There may be a problem with your power adapter. Disconnect from your MacBook Pro and see if your cursor still jumps as you type. If that fixes the problem, maybe your charger is not grounded.

You can usually tell that this is the case if your MacBook appears to hum, hum, or vibrate when plugged in. See about repairing your power adapter or replacing it with an authorized adapter instead.

Step 4: Remove All Jewelry in Your Hands

It’s possible that your jewelry if you’re wearing anything is causing problems with the touch surface on your trackpad. Remove any rings or bracelets you’re wearing and remove them from the trackpad on your Mac.

If you’d rather not remove your jewelry, try using a third-party mouse with your Mac. This lets you keep your bejeweled hand away from the MacBook’s trackpad, allowing you to see if it stops the cursor from jumping all over the place.

If you choose to use a mouse, you may want to turn off the trackpad completely:

  • open Apple menu > System Preferences > Accessibility.
  • Scroll down in the sidebar and select Pointer Control.
  • Check the box for Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad is present.

Step 5: Reduce Wireless Interference Around Your Mac

Various sources of wireless interference can cause problems with the accuracy of your MacBook’s trackpad. Maybe that’s the reason your cursor jumps around as you type.

Follow the steps below to reduce the various causes of wireless interference:

  • Disconnect and turn off Bluetooth devices near your Mac. If you’re using a wireless trackpad, stay connected and move it closer to your Mac.
  • Keep your Mac away from microwave ovens, power cords, fluorescent lights, cordless cameras, cordless phones, and other potential sources of wireless interference.
  • Unplug all accessories from your Mac, and make sure to use a shielded USB 3 cable for whatever is connected.

Step 6: Boot In Safe Mode to Test Third Party Apps

Safe mode runs various troubleshooting checks on your Mac to help fix the problem. When you boot your Mac in Safe mode, it also clears certain system caches and reduces the number of third-party apps that start on login.

To boot into Safe mode, shut down your Mac, then hold down Shift while turning it back on. From the login screen, your Mac will say “Safe Boot” in red text.

If Safe mode stops your cursor from jumping as you type, restart your MacBook again and systematically remove third party apps until you fix the problem.

Step 7: Contact Apple for Physical Repair

There may be a physical issue with your Mac causing the cursor to jump as you type. Sometimes it’s a problem with the trackpad itself, but it can also be a problem with the battery.

In most MacBooks, Apple mounts the battery directly under the trackpad. As the battery ages, it can swell and squeeze the trackpad. Check your MacBook for signs of a swollen battery, such as a bent case and poor battery life.

If you think your battery is swollen, don’t try to replace it yourself! Damaging it could start a fire or release toxic gases. Order your MacBook for professional repair with Apple or an authorized service provider.

Try Special Trackpad Troubleshooting Tips

We’ve covered specific tips for when your Mac’s mouse cursor jumps. However, we also review what to do if MacBook Trackpad Not Working? and Overcome it. Check out those tips if you’re still having trouble.

The guide includes suggestions such as updating to the latest version of macOS, adjusting your trackpad settings, and deleting corrupt system files.

Your productivity is sure to skyrocket once you figure out how to stop your MacBook Pro cursor from jumping all over the place as you type. But why stop with that? There are many other ways to increase productivity as well.

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