7 Ways to Arrange Interesting Motorcycle Wash Promotional Words

By | January 9, 2022

Motor Wash Promotion Words – Washing a vehicle is actually easy to do, but this activity will actually take up time for busy people. So that motorcycle washing services are needed by the community.

Generally, people will choose motorbike washing services when they see the promotions offered.

There are many methods that can be used to promote motorcycle washing, starting from offline and online. Businesses can promote their motorbike washing services using brochures and upload them to social media.

In order to be able to make convincing words for consumers, business people should study them first through the discussion below.

Let’s see to the end!

Why Are Promotional Words So Important?

Growing consumer interest is not enough just to use photos or videos, because readers need convincing promotional words. This simple information will generally influence the final decision of the consumer.

For this reason, when businesses want to offer services online or offline, promotional words that are inviting are needed.

The language in the use of promotional words must of course be adjusted to the target audience.

Not all promotional sentences have to be persuasive, because sometimes consumers actually remember the facilities that will be obtained when choosing these services. Including motorcycle washing service providers, a written short promotion must be able to show the advantages of the services offered.

In conclusion, promotional words are very important in order to attract many consumers to use the services offered.

Simple words listed in brochures or other marketing media are also easier for readers to remember. Thus, through this promotion, it is hoped that it will be able to bring in many customers which will increase the profits of the business being managed.

Tips for Making Interesting Motorcycle Wash Promotional Words

During the design of promotional words for washing motorbikes, business people should list the points that need to be conveyed to readers. So that the information written in the media is really right on target and makes many people choose the service.

To make it easier to make promotional words for motorbike washing services, the following tips need to be understood:

1. Write down the Advantages of Motorcycle Washing Services Offered

It is a natural thing for consumers to observe the benefits of services first before deciding to subscribe. So, business people must be good at explaining in simple terms the advantages of the services offered.

These points of excellence will really attract the attention of consumers when used as promotional words for washing motorbikes and published in brochures.

Business people can write down the advantages of motorbike washing services offered in terms of the process and results. Use simple sentences but written information is needed for consumers.

As a reference, here are examples of motor wash promotional words that highlight the advantages of the services offered:

“Want to wash your motorbike but are lazy to wait in long queues?”

“Snow Wash is equipped with complete equipment and reliable technicians who are ready to provide the best service for you. The process is fast, the motorbike is clean and well-maintained. Book via WhatsApp now or visit directly on Jl. Panjaitan Number 10”

2. Show When The Price Is Cheaper

The issue of price is often a point that consumers pay attention to, because this will be a differentiator from other motorcycle washing services. To attract consumers, business people can show lower prices but still compete.

As for the words of a motorcycle wash promotion that can be published as in the following example:

“Want to wash your motorbike but are afraid it’s too expensive?”

“Snow Wash is here to make it easy for you to keep your motorbike clean. Only Rp. 10,000, the motorbike is clean and shiny without the need to drain your pocket. Immediately wash your favorite motorbike only at Snow Wash, visit Jl. Panjaitan Number 10”

3. Make Words Shorter

When writing promotional words for washing motorbikes in brochures, you should avoid sentences that are too long. Because, people of course just want to know the gist of the written sentence without bothering to read the whole thing.

So, business people only need to write down important points that they want to convey to the public, as in the following example:

“Snow Wash Motorcycle”

Open Monday-Sunday (closed on National Holidays)

Price IDR 12,000.

Visit Jalan Panjaitan No.10, Tel. 081xxxxxx

4. Use a Customer-friendly Ordering Method

Currently there are many services that offer convenience in ordering online. In the motorcycle wash business, service owners can also provide convenience for consumers by providing a practical ordering method.

For example, a motorbike washing order service that is done by telephone or contacting via WhatsApp. For that, suitable promotional words are as follows:

“First in Surabaya, Premium Motorcycle Wash 24 hours. Busy working hours make it difficult for you to wash your own motorbike?”

“Snow Wash has a practical waterless motorbike washing system. We use eco-friendly chemicals and special environmentally friendly washing techniques. Fast work, can be done at home. Order a motorbike wash package now, call us at 081xxxxxx”

5. Write down the benefits that consumers will receive

When making promotional words for washing motorbikes, business people can also write down the benefits that consumers will get. This point will be taken into consideration for the reader to choose the motorcycle washing service.

As for the benefits that can be written in the promotion, for example, the appearance of a cleaner motorbike like new. For more details, business people can develop promotional words from the following examples:

“Want a clean motorbike like buying a new one? Yes!”

“Only at Snow Wash helps to clean motorbikes until they are shiny. Work is fast, motorbikes are cleaner, and don’t need to be exhausting. Any vacation will make you more confident. Immediately visit our address on Jl. Panjaitan Number 10.

Snow Wash, you can book anytime only via WhatsApp 081xxxxxx”

6. Add Discount

Someone who decides to use a motorbike wash service could be due to tariff problems. To convince consumers, businesses can also implement a discount system. Thus, people who already know about these motorbike washing services will most likely take advantage of this momentum.

The examples of promotional words that contain discounts for motorcycle washing services are as follows:

“10% discount for those of you who want to wash your favorite motorbike at Snow Wash. Let’s use the time as effectively as possible without the need to queue to wash motorbikes on holidays. Trust the cleanliness of your motorbike only to Snow Wash who provides the best service. Visit directly to our address on Jalan Panjaitan No.10 (Discount only valid every Sunday)”

7. Create a Special Promo

In addition to applying discounted prices, businesses can also take advantage of special promos that make consumers return to using these services. For example, a new year promo, an independence day promo, or a free motorbike wash promo after using the service for a certain period.

As for its application in sentences for brochures, it can be seen based on the following example:

“Independence Day Promo!”

“Come on, wash your motorbike immediately at Snow Wash Surabaya and get a special promo on independence day. For every 5x wash, get 1x free (valid during August). Immediately visit our address at Jalan Panjaitan No.10 or call 081xxxxxx for more info carry on”

Thus the discussion regarding the making of motorcycle wash promotion words that can be used as a guide.

The important point in making promotions is to write sentences that are easy for readers to understand and not boring. Thus, promotional words can be made shorter, clearer, and able to make consumers choose the motorbike washing services offered.

Hope it is useful.