7 Virtual Monitor Apps to Make the Most of Your Ultrawide Monitor

By | March 20, 2022

The advent of ultrawide and 4K monitors is giving computer users more screen real estate than ever before. But with so much room for activities, organizing your screen becomes difficult. How do you keep your work documents in one single area, or ensure that Spotify opens in the same place every morning?

Several monitor manufacturers have taken this into account. You can use monitors and desktop dividers to control every area of ​​your screen, with additional snap-to grids, numbered areas, and more.

Here comes the best and premium premium virtual screen splitter and virtual management monitor!


MaxTo is a great screen splitter and window management app. As the tagline suggests, it’s the “The window manager you didn’t know you were missing.”

You can use MaxTo to divide your monitor into regions using the app bar. You can re-adjust the sliders without any problems, allowing you to quickly control the dividers. Once the area is in place, you can pan your window around the area, holding down the Shift key while dragging to snap your window into an area.

There is also an option to save the layout of a different screen region. You can load different screen layouts depending on your workflow, without having to drag your slider. Other useful MaxTo features are Recipes. You can program your MaxTo Recipes to open multiple programs in an entire area of ​​your window by pressing a single shortcut.

MaxTo is a premium monitor management application. The lifetime subscription costs $29 at the time of writing. However, there is a free trial available if you want to test MaxTo before committing.

Download: MaxTo for Windows (Free Trial)


GridMove is a free monitor and window management tool. It comes with several window management features, such as different interaction methods, pre-built snap-to-grid templates, and customizable hotkeys.

You can also create personalized snap-to grids for your desktop and monitor requirements. The custom option is perfect for ultrawide monitors with a larger screen proportion than the default option. There are also GridMove forum thread which is extensive with other user-specific grids. Overall, GridMove is a handy free window management app.

Download: GridMove for Windows (Free)

Desktop Divider

The Desktop Divider divides your monitor into several “bordering non-intersecting zones,” which the Desktop Divider refers to as tiles. Desktop Divider tiles are customizable. You can create tiles of various sizes to enhance your monitor layout.

There are also some handy shortcuts to help you manage your widescreen monitor. For example, you can set the number of tiles you want, and then move between tiles.

Download: Desktop Divider for Windows (Free)


Divvy lets you “divide” your screen real estate into user-friendly areas. You can use the integrated screen grid to create areas to suit your work style, then assign keyboard shortcuts to quickly move application windows between them.

Alternatively, whenever you move a window, a Divvy box appears, and you can resize your window to a specific size.

Divvy is a premium tool, which costs $14 for Windows and macOS. There’s also a free trial, so you can test Divvy before you buy.

Download: Divvy for Windows | macOS (Both Free Trials)


AquaSnap brings snap-to functionality from modern operating systems to older versions of Windows. You can use AquaSnap to quickly split windows into equal sizes, snap to specified window grids, and more. Another useful feature of AquaSnap is that it snaps multiple windows at the same time, allowing you to move them around at the same time.

Although AquaSnap was designed with older versions of Windows in mind, its extensive snapping and ability to move multiple windows together makes it a useful app for ultrawide monitor users.

Download: AquaSnap for Windows (Free)

Virtual Display Manager

Virtual Display Manager (VDM) is a powerful monitor management tool with support for ultrawide and multi-monitor setups.

VDM can split each monitor into up to 16 individual virtual screens, allowing fine-grained control over your monitor. You can scale each virtual display, adjusting the virtual display on top of each monitor. There are several pre-set virtual display configurations, but you can easily set and save personal configurations.

Also, the Virtual Display Manager configuration panel makes it easy to change your configuration, changing your settings on the fly.

VDM is a premium tool, which costs $35 for a single PC license. There is also a free trial available for testing before you buy.

Download: Virtual Display Manager for Windows (Free Trial)

Fancy Zones

The winner of the best window manager tool undoubtedly goes to Microsoft Fancy Zones. Fancy Zones is an extension of the Windows 10 snap tool. It brings the functionality of some of the other apps on this list into Windows 10 specific apps.

Fancy Zones divides your monitor layout into several easy-to-use monitor layouts. The default layouts include rows, columns, grids, and a handy priority grid. Each box adds additional snap-to lines to your monitor, allowing you to easily push your apps around the screen. If the standard Fancy Zones grid isn’t to your liking, you can create a custom grid layout with multiple zones.

To use Fancy Zones, you must install the PowerToys utility, then enable Fancy Zones through the utility manager.

Download: PowerToys for Windows (Free)

The Fancy Zones app is part of the revitalized Microsoft PowerToys project. PowerToys is a set of freeware system utility applications that Microsoft developed for Windows 95 and Windows XP, and now for Windows 10. Many of the original PowerToys are now integrated into the Windows operating system, such as Command Prompt Here (opens a Command Prompt window in your current folder) and Send to X (send selected file to location from context menu).

You can install the PowerToys utility, then check back periodically for new utilities.

Other tools already available include PowerRename (extensively integrates file naming options) and Windows Shortcut Guide (holding the Windows key for about 1 second produces a short keyboard shortcut guide). The PowerToys team also developed an animated GIF screen recording tool and a tool that lets you maximize any window onto a new desktop.

If you have an ultrawide or 4K monitor, or even a multi-monitor configuration, managing your screen is important. Maximizing your screen means extra productivity and a better PC experience.