7 Tips on How to Type Faster on Your Android Phone

By | April 26, 2022

Typing on a touchscreen device is by no means as comfortable as typing on a physical keyboard. Tapping on the glass slab gives you little feedback apart from vibration, and the tiny buttons make it easy to make typos.

While there is no perfect solution to this problem, you can learn some shortcuts and tips to help you type faster on your Android smartphone. Since most people spend a fair amount of time typing on their phones, learning how to write text faster on Android can save a lot of time.

Download Alternative Keyboard

The keyboard that came with your Android phone isn’t always the best choice, especially if you want to type faster. Some default keyboards (like Samsung) may make you more prone to making mistakes that the autocorrect feature can’t always catch.

Luckily, there are plenty of other great Android keyboards to try. Here are some decent alternatives that can help you learn to type faster:

  • Gboard: Gboard is one of the most famous Android keyboards, because it was created by Google. It not only allows for seamless glide typing, voice typing, gesture control and multilingual typing, but also supports emoji prediction.
  • SwiftKey: SwiftKey has been around for a long time, and offers very accurate text prediction and swipe typing. It also offers emoji suggestions and helps you with multi-language auto-correction in over 300 languages.
  • Flexy: Fleksy prides itself on providing powerful text prediction and more natural gesture typing. It’s no surprise that longtime users of Fleksy cracked Guinness World Record for fastest mobile typing.

Personally, I prefer SwiftKey. I find that its auto-correction catches more of my mistakes, and its AI-powered text prediction helps you choose the words and phrases you want to type. If you are looking for more keyboard options, check out some free and open source Android keyboards.

Take Advantage of Typing Swipe

What if you could type without lifting a finger? When you take advantage of swiping typing, you can do it. It’s easy to form words and sentences by simply dragging your finger across the keyboard.

Gboard comes with this feature by default. To switch or customize it, go to Settings > System > Languages ​​& input > Virtual keyboard > Gboard > Glide typing and adjust the options as needed. Most alternative keyboards support this feature, so you’ll find a similar option in their settings.

A line will follow your finger as you type, allowing you to see the path you’ve created. Just lift your finger when you want to create a space between words. It takes some getting used to, but once you get used to it, you’ll find yourself typing faster.

Use Google Voice Typing

If you want to avoid mobile typing altogether, you can enter text quickly by speaking into your phone. Android comes with Google Voice Typing pre-installed this accurate voice-to-text feature is useful as long as you can speak clearly into the microphone.

To access it on Gboard, tap the microphone icon on your keyboard. Other keyboards may have similar keys. Otherwise, you can manually switch the keyboard to Google Voice Typing by tapping the icon Keyboard which appears at the bottom right as you type.

Add Text Shortcut

You can’t learn how to type faster on your phone without using shortcuts. This allows you to create abbreviations for specific words that are easily expanded to full strings. When you type an abbreviation, such as “OMW,” the keyboard will recognize this, and you’ll see an expansion of “On the way” in the Gboard text suggestion bar.

To create your own shortcut dictionary on Gboard, tap the arrow at the top left of Gboard to show additional options and press the icon Gear to open it. Then go to Dictionary > Personal Dictionary and select your language. From here, tap the icon Plus in the upper right corner.

Type the word you want to shorten above, then enter the abbreviation you like in the box Shortcuts. You will now see this shortcut in your dictionary, allowing you to quickly type long words and phrases. Repeat this as many times as you want for additional phrases.

In SwiftKey, you’ll find this option in Rich input > Clipboard > Add a new clip.

Master Prediction Text

Most keyboards are equipped with a text prediction feature. Keyboards like SwiftKey and Gboard use AI to learn your typing patterns and the words you use most often.

As you type a sentence, the keyboard predicts what you will type next. These options usually appear in the bar above your keys. Tapping on one of them will insert that word or phrase directly into your message. You can also take advantage of this to enter long remaining words after you’ve typed the first few letters.

Change Your Keyboard Layout

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to phone keyboards. Trying to use a large Android phone with one hand is a challenge, especially when it comes to typing.

You can change the layout settings in SwiftKey to accommodate this. To do so, start by tapping the icon double arrow at the top left of the keyboard to open the shortcut bar, if you don’t already see it. Next, tap the button three dots on the right side to show all the options.

In the list, select Resize to adjust the size of the keyboard to your liking. Or, select the mode One-handed to shrink the keyboard and slide it to the left or right of your screen. Thumbs is another great option that places a gap in the center of your keyboard, making it easier for you to type with your thumb.

Gboard has the same one-handed option, so you’ll want to take advantage of that if you stick with the Google keyboard. To access this, go to Gboard settings as described above. Then go to Preferences, tap One-handed mode, and select Right-handed mode or Left-handed mode. You can also use keyboard height to choose from several different sizes.

Practice Typing Games on Android

No matter what Android keyboard tip you use, your own typing speed might be a drag. Here are some great Android games that you can play to practice typing and have fun at the same time:

  • ZType: ZType is a fun action game that helps you improve your typing skills. Every letter you type shoots plasma bullets at enemy ships, so you have to type really fast!
  • Typing Master: Typing Master features words engraved on bricks falling from above in Tetris style. Your goal is to type the words quickly and accurately before the bricks hit the ground.

How to Write Text Faster on Android Today

Hopefully, you’ll take advantage of these tips to learn how to type faster on your mobile device. Whether you’re using Gboard, SwiftKey, or any other third-party keyboard app, typing on Android becomes a lot faster once you master this trick.