7 Selling Ideas from Dumpling Skin that are Easy to Make and Sell

By | December 5, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t always have a bad impact because some people actually become creative. Many of them have managed to find opportunities in the midst of a slowing economy. One idea that can be tried to be developed is to be creative in the culinary field with the basic ingredients of dumpling skin.

Well, the idea of ​​selling from dumpling skin is quite a lot, you know.

Let’s read the review to the end!

These dumpling skins can be made yourself or bought ready-made. The most commonly found from this dumpling skin is to make boiled or fried dumplings with various fillings.

In addition to making dumplings or wontons, this dumpling skin can be processed into other snacks, both savory and sweet.

Business Opportunity to Sell Food from Dumpling Skin

Dumpling skin is made from wheat flour, water and eggs. After being kneaded, it will be rolled to form a sheet and cut to size.

There are many foods that can be produced from a piece of dumpling skin. Starting from chips, wontons, and other creations that have economic value.

Indonesian people tend to like snacking. Therefore, it takes many variants of snacks to meet this need.

The dumpling skin can be turned into various kinds of snacks to suit Indonesian tastes. Various kinds of chips can be produced from dumpling skin, as well as other foods.

Fans of food from dumpling skin come from various ages and professions. Children to parents on average like and can accept preparations from dumpling skin. The idea of ​​selling dumpling skin can be of various types, ranging from contemporary food to traditional food.

People who run a business selling food made from dumpling skin will have no trouble marketing it. Channels that can be used include e-commerce, social media, online shop, Whatsapp.

You can also take offline selling methods, for example leaving your product at a minimarket. So, you could say the business opportunity is quite promising if managed properly.

7 Selling Ideas from Dumpling Skin that are Easy to Make and Sell

As a business that never subsides and withstands economic onslaught, don’t hesitate to try out the idea of ​​selling dumpling skins. In addition to being easy to find or make, this food can be made into various preparations that have high economic value.

The following are a selection of ideas that can be picked up if you want to try out the food business from dumpling skins:

1. Peanuts Hide

Usually, these snacks are popular on holidays. It is very easy to make and can be sold for a hefty price. The only ingredients needed are dumpling skin and roasted peanuts.

Place the peanuts in the center of the dumpling skin then roll it up. Fry, then mix again with sweet or spicy sauce then fry again.

This hide-and-seek peanut has a unique taste.

An example is the choice of sweet taste, in addition to the legit of the caramel sauce that sticks, there is a savory explosion of peanuts hiding in the skin of the dumpling. Then there is also a crunchy taste when the skin of the dumpling that wraps the beans is bitten. Let’s try to make it and then market it immediately.

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2. Samosas

A typical food from India and the Middle East, in fact Samosa is also in demand by the Indonesian people.

The dumpling skin will be stuffed with a filling of onions, chicken or beef, and vegetables, then folded into a triangle shape. So easy, almost anyone can make. This snack is suitable for an afternoon snack or when breaking the fast.

For business, this Samosa can be sold frozen or ready to fry. The easiest way of marketing is, of course, online through e-commerce, social media, or in a way that is currently popular, namely open PO.

Entrusting this frozen food to the mini market can also be a powerful way to market samosas from dumpling skin.

3. Dimsum

This one snack is synonymous with oriental cuisine. The dumpling skin is stuffed with various ingredients, ranging from vegetables, chicken, meat, shrimp, squid, or cheese, then steamed.

Enjoy with a delicious sweet and spicy sauce. Dimsum is very popular with Indonesians and has a high economic value.

With the increase in the frozen food business, dimsum from dumpling skin can be a business choice. It’s not difficult to make and the ingredients are easy to find.

The capital required to make this dimsum is also relatively small. Market online via social media or e-commerce. To increase sales, the reseller system can also be tried.

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4. Dumpling Skin Spicy Chips

You could say this is an easy way to process dumpling skin. Simply fried then after cooked mix with chili sauce. Pack in sealed plastic packaging to maintain crispness then market it. The idea of ​​selling this dumpling skin is very potential.

This is a good idea to manage because almost all Indonesians like chips.

They can enjoy it at any time. For example, on the sidelines of studying or working, while watching television, while playing cell phones, or for snacks on the way. Chips have become an inseparable part of Indonesian people. Come on, try this idea.

5. Dry Pastel

This one snack also often appears on holidays. That’s why selling dry pastels from dumpling skin is very promising.

No need to wait for the holidays to come because people basically like dry pastels. The taste is savory, the shape is small so it is easy to enjoy, and it is also crunchy, which is liked by most people.

If you decide to sell these dry pastels, maximize promotion and marketing through social media. Don’t forget about channels such as e-commerce and online shops because they are very effective in boosting sales.

Because the type is dry food, you can collaborate with resellers to help increase sales.

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6. Banana Bolen

Another unique and interesting selling idea of ​​spring roll skin is banana cake. The way to make it is very easy, namely by wrapping bananas, cheese, and chocolate in a dumpling skin.

Then how to process it can be steamed, baked, and fried. Therefore, it is more suitable to be sold in frozen form.

Pack it in a plastic container containing 10 or 12, then market it on social media or e-commerce and through the point-of-sale system at minimarkets. This food is suitable to be enjoyed in the afternoon to accompany drinking tea or coffee.

Intensify promotions on social media to increase sales.

7. Melted Cheese Filled Dumplings

Mozzarella cheese wrapped in dumpling skin can be a delicious afternoon snack. This food can be marketed in frozen form too, you know.

There are also opportunities to become suppliers to cafes or restaurants. Because the dumplings filled with melted cheese are very suitable to be eaten with coffee or tea. Marketing through e-commerce and resellers is still being done, yes.

Those are the top 7 selling ideas from dumpling skin. Creativity in processing this dumpling skin determines the success of the business. Expand your network by leveraging social media and uploading attractive product photos. Don’t be afraid to try because business opportunities in this field are wide open.

Hope it is useful.