7 Must-Have iPhone Apps For All Dog Owners

By | March 23, 2022

If you have a dog, download this iOS app for help finding a walker, ordering food or toys, and more.

Becoming a dog owner is rewarding, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. You will need to provide food, training, exercise and veterinary care. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of iPhone apps that can help you order dog food, order a dog walker, access pet first aid advice, and more.

Whether you’ve recently adopted a puppy or you’re a veteran pet owner, this app will help you have fun with your companion dog.


Wag is a handy app that lets you rent a walker right from your phone. You can choose to schedule an outing or request a walker right away. The app offers a 20 minute brisk walk, a 30 minute standard walk, or a 60 minute deluxe walk. Drop-in visits and overnight treatments are also available.

The ASAP walk option makes this app a great choice for short notice needs, such as when you suddenly have to work late or wake up sick and can’t walk the dog. There is also GPS tracking so you can see where they are walking and know exactly when your pet is being returned home.

The walker also takes photos of your pet, provides a summary of the trip, and notes whether your dog feels relieved when walking.


Rover is another app that lets you find and book local pet sitters and dog walkers. This one does require earlier notice than the Wag!, but it’s a great option if you’re looking for a repeat walker or pet sitter. With Rover, you can search through your local pet sitter and schedule an introduction meeting to get to know walkers and make sure they’re the right fit for your dog.

Pet grooming professionals set their own prices and list of services. You can browse by distance, rating, availability and services offered. Payments, bookings and communication with your walker or caregiver can all be managed within the app.

Pet First Aid

Download Pet First Aid to get ready in case your furry friend gets sick or injured. This app was created by the American Red Cross, a respected name in human and pet first aid.

The Pet First Aid app has several useful features separated into four menus; Learn, Prepare, Emergency, and Quizzes.

Menu Learn offers resources for learning first aid for a long list of potential animal health problems. These include wound care, choking, CPR, and poisoning. The app provides first aid steps to use in case of any veterinary issues or emergencies, along with an FAQ section.

Menu ready gives you tips on preparedness for travel, natural disasters, surgery, and what to do if your dog gets lost.

Menu Emergency gives you access to emergency kits to access veterinary care, plus emergency first aid instructions for temporary use. You can add your preferred veterinary office or animal hospital number to the app to use the options Call Vet in the application. There are also Vet Hospital Locator to help you find the nearest veterinary hospital. Menu Early Warning Signs help you check your dog’s symptoms and find out what health problems they may be exhibiting.

Lastly, menu Quizzes lets you take quizzes on what you’ve learned to test your first aid knowledge. To use a skill like this.


The Chewy app allows dog owners to quickly find and order a wide variety of dog grooming items. Offers treats, toys, food, training supplies, dog clothes, and pet prescriptions (veterinary authorization required).

Chewy is known for great customer service, so the Chewy app is a great place to order your pet staples or try new ones. If your dog doesn’t like the product, Chewy will refund your money and let you donate the item to your local dog shelter, instead of sending it back.

Bring Fido

Bring Fido helps dog owners find nearby pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, activities and businesses. This app is especially useful for people who are traveling with their dogs and need to find places to eat, sleep and have fun with their dogs in different cities.

Pet owners can rate each business on a scale of one to five dog bones, making it easy to find highly rated, dog-friendly activities or lunch spots.


Every dog ​​owner understands how difficult it is to try to get a photo of their pet in a good pose. If you’re having trouble getting your dog to look directly into your phone’s camera, this is the perfect app for you.

DogCam makes different sounds to attract your dog’s attention and thereby help you take better photos of your dog. The free version offers whistles, barks, and squeaky sounds to get your pet’s attention. There’s also a video option if you want to take a fun dog video to share with friends or TikTok followers.

Download: DogCam (Free, in-app purchases available)

Traactive Dog Walk

Do you know how many miles per day you walk your dog? It’s easy to overestimate the distance you actually travel with your dog. Tracking the distance and duration of a walk can help you assess whether your dog is getting the appropriate amount of exercise for his age, breed, and energy level.

Traactive Dog Walk is a simple app that uses your phone’s GPS to record your walking distance and route. It also tracks walking duration and offers the option to take photos directly in the app as you walk. You can also note where your dog decides to defecate on his own.

This app can also be useful for dog walkers who want to share walk details with clients. And to increase your daily walking activity.

Providing Optimal Dog Care

This app will save you time and help you make some fun memories with your four-legged friend. Download today to get ready for last-minute walks, fast refills of dog food, fun photos and help your dog in a pinch.