7 Great Apps That Will Change Your Android Phone Wallpaper

By | March 17, 2022

Tired of the same wallpaper? This app has the best options out there to give you attractive and fun backgrounds on your phone.

There are many ways to customize and personalize Android, and by far the easiest is to change the wallpaper. There are hundreds of wallpaper apps on the Play Store, submitting content from all over the internet, offering custom designs, or quickly generating unique styles. Most of them will even change your wallpaper automatically, giving your phone a fresh new look every day.

This is our best pick.

Muzei Live Wallpaper

The perfect wallpaper should look good, but shouldn’t be so complex that it obscures your apps and widgets. Muzei brings you the best of both worlds.

Muzei sets a famous painting as your wallpaper, then applies a blur and dimming effect to turn it into a more abstract – and less flashy, background. Double tapping your home screen will reveal the artwork in all its glory. New images are automatically downloaded every day.

Classic art not to your taste? Don’t worry, Muzei supports third-party extensions that integrate with the best image sources on the internet. He works with everything from Flickr and Reddit, to National Geographic and NASA’s Image of the Day. Muzei can even connect with music apps like Spotify to set album art as your wallpaper, updating every new song you listen to.

500 Firepapers

500px is one of the leading communities for photographers on the internet. 500 Firepaper lets you use awesome website images as wallpaper.

This app works as a live wallpaper that keeps on refreshing your background. Automatically updates images on a schedule, from every 30 seconds to every hour. You gain control over which category the image is drawn in, and can scale it down with blurring and dimming effects among many other advanced features.

The app is also fully integrated with Muzei and is probably the easiest way to get a beautiful background stream.


Google’s own wallpaper app may be less frills, but it’s full of high-quality photography. Images are divided into categories like Earth, Cityscapes, Textures etc, and are taken from various sources including Google Earth and 500px. Or you can use your own photos.

If you’re running Android 7.0 or later, the app lets you set separate wallpapers for your home screen and lock screen. You can also set it to download and install a new wallpaper every day.


If abstract wallpapers are your thing, Tapet offers a seemingly limitless number. It’s cleverly built around gesture control: swipe up creates a whole new background; a swipe to the left gives you a new pattern of the same color; swipe right gives you a new color with the same pattern.

It’s actually oddly addictive trying to find the perfect combination of your designs and colors. To get around this, you can have Tapet change the wallpaper on a schedule anywhere from every minute to every week. On supported devices, you can also set separate wallpapers for your home screen and lock screen.


Unlike many wallpaper apps that get their content from the same source, Backdrops is packed with original designs. There are material design-inspired wallpapers, abstract artwork, cityscapes, photos, and more – all divided into exploreable categories. You also get themed collections, wallpapers of the day, and you can upload and share your own backgrounds.

With Muzei integration, it’s easy to switch between your favorite designs every day. You can even take beta tests and see the app’s new features for the first time.

Minimalist Wallpapers

Minimalist Wallpapers works in a similar way to Backgrounds. It doesn’t have a handcrafted design, but is a curated collection of Creative Commons art. What makes it worth a look are some of the categories you won’t find anywhere else. It belongs to the Movies & TV category which is a Sci-Fi addict’s dream.

1 Background Color: Simplicity

Lastly, how about not going for a fancy wallpaper in favor of a flat-colored background? Sounds tedious, but it actually works. It’s cool and unpretentious, and if you have a cluttered home screen, full of icons and widgets, that’s probably what you need.

Simplicity gives you hundreds of color options. Many of these fit into the palette of well-known brands like Coca Cola or Starbucks, and most are pastel, so they fit well with Android’s material design ethos.

If it’s a little too simple for you, there’s a companion app called Colored Background: Harmony, which gives you the option for a flat five-color background.

Your Wallpaper

These seven apps will help you start your quest to find the perfect Android wallpaper. But now it’s up to you. What do you use for your phone wallpaper? And to change your Android wallpaper see our article how to change android home screen wallpaper.