7 Cool Idea Generators To Help Your Brainstorm

By | December 17, 2021

What do you do when you want to come up with a new idea? Whether it’s for a short story, artwork, informative article, or even a business startup, it’s not always easy. Instead of racking your brains and fighting for that perfect concept or thought, get a little help from the web.

These awesome idea generating websites can help you generate ideas for any purpose. Make them useful, bookmark them, and visit them whenever you need to spark ideas.

Plot and Story Ideas

Whether you are a current writer or want to be a writer, there are times when you get stuck for ideas. You may feel like it’s all over or can’t seem to connect the dots on your own. These sites for creative writers can help stimulate ideas for stories, characters, locations, and more.

When you land on the Plot Generator website, you’ll see a variety of options, from short stories and film scripts to genre-specific descriptions. If you already have a story, but need help moving it along, click a genre. You can choose from categories such as fantasy, romance, crime, or horror.

The great thing about custom genre generators is that you can receive a number of ideas to help you. Maybe you need a character name, an interesting weapon, or an enemy species. Just click the button Suggest next to the item for a random answer. Or click the button at the top to autofill the entire form for ideas.

If you prefer a list of ideas, click Story Ideas at the top. Then specify the number you want to receive and the type of ending you want. Press the button Write me a list of story ideas and you are on your way.

For completely random plot ideas, Author’s Plot Idea Generator is a handy site. Just click the button on the main page to generate the plot. The idea will be displayed right below it and you can click again and again if needed.

As a bonus, the site offers more generators on the left side. You can get ideas for plot twists, character names, locations and first lines. If you don’t need whole story ideas and just snippets, this is a great resource.

Creative Concept

When you are looking for general concepts to advance your creativity, practical tools are just a click away. For names, locations, descriptions and article ideas, this website is ideal for artists, writers, writers, songwriters and poets.

Don’t be fooled by the name; Fantasy Name Generator offers more than just names for the fantasy genre. For names of people, places, and objects along with ideas for pop culture, concept art, and business slogans, this site is one to turn to. When you move your mouse over the category selections above, you will immediately see many subcategories to choose from.

You can get ideas for everything from strangers and hobbits to story locations and business names. You can also take a look at the description generator. Fantasy Name Generator has battlefields, back stories, poems, prayers and everything else you could want. You will not leave this site without an idea.

Portent Content Idea Generator is a great tool for article writers and bloggers looking for ideas. Enter the word or phrase into the subject box and press your Enter key. You’ll then see a title that hopefully comes up with an idea for you. If you don’t like the displayed options, click the refresh button for something new.

For example, if you enter the word iPhone, you may see titles like How Twitter Can Teach You About iPhone. Or you can enter the word Projects and see the heading How Projects Can Get You Out of Troubles. Keep in mind that the ideas generated are random, so some may seem silly or implausible. But the ideas you see here may be just what you need.

Maybe you want to simplify your idea generation process. Sometimes looking at one or more random words or pictures is enough, and that’s exactly what the Idea Generator site does. Use the buttons at the top to generate a random word or image. You can also use the button to refresh the options or delete the page and start over.

Let’s say you generate a list of words or pictures and only like a couple. Just double click the one you don’t want to replace. Idea Generator provides an easy way to spark your creativity with the click of a button.

Business Ideas and Services

Employers and freelancers often know what type of business or service they want to offer right away. But there are others who are looking for opportunities outside their comfort zone or as a second source of income. If you are in the market for a new business idea, this is the site for you.

The Business Idea Generator from KopywritingKourse offers four different types of business ideas. You can look at general business, consulting, physical stores, or sharing economy concepts. Just click the button for the type you want and see random ideas. Here are some examples:

  • General Business – SEO business for banks or software business for restaurants.
  • Consultation – The dollar amount to do research or teach how to use the drone within a certain period of time.
  • Brick and Mortar Store – Start an RV shop, gym, or used car place.
  • Sharing Economy – Become a babysitter at UrbanSitter or a personal shopper for Favour.

The KopywritingKourse idea generator provides great business advice and people might just jump right in your direction.

For new business ideas along with information on business plans, start-up funds, and franchising, see the Business News Daily generator. This site provides a variety of business type ideas with articles that guide you through those interests.

Maybe starting an Etsy store or selling on Amazon is what you want to do. Or maybe you prefer to browse concepts by categories like sports, fashion, or art. You can view slideshows and in-depth articles that give you the basics to get started when the perfect idea pops up.

Get Ideas On The Go

For those times when you can’t sit down with a website looking for ideas, get them to go! This mobile app is useful for idea generation from anywhere. On your lunch break, sitting in the park, lying on the beach, or taking public transit, get ideas with a beat.

Great Startup Business Ideas (Android | Free)
The Brainstormer (iOS | $1.99)

Every website is here to help stimulate ideas. Maybe you need a unique concept art, an unusual character name, or a winning idea to start a business. When thoughts don’t come to you, don’t despair or get worse just head to the web. Even art driven by artificial intelligence can be a source of inspiration and ideas.