7 Best Video Converter Apps For Mac OS

By | April 16, 2022

For a long time, video was something that most people only watched on TV or computers. You certainly don’t need to move video files from one device to another, unless you’re some kind of video professional.

But these days, we live in a more video-centric world. Because of this, you may occasionally or even frequently need to convert videos from one format to another. Luckily, if you’re on a Mac, there are plenty of video converters to choose from.


You won’t find many people saying QuickTime is the full featured video converter available, because it isn’t. That said, the app has earned a place on this list for two reasons. First, this app is already installed on your Mac. And second, despite its appearance as a well-mannered video player, QuickTime is the video equivalent of a Swiss Army knife.

QuickTime can make minor edits to videos (such as trimming the length), as well as convert videos between several different formats. We’ve even shown you how to use QuickTime to record your screen before. In short, it’s a powerful tool hidden behind a simple exterior.

However, it doesn’t support as many formats as the other converters on this list. You can save in MP4 or HEVC format; there he is. If you’re not sure where to start, you can try QuickTime before installing anything else.


Perhaps the best-known app for the job, HandBrake has had a few issues in the past. For several years, application development slowed to a crawl and the project appeared to be abandoned. In the early 2010s, construction resumed in earnest; in 2017 the app finally reached version 1.0. That’s good news, because it’s one of the most powerful converters you’ll find.

HandBrake offers so much functionality that it might overwhelm you. Luckily, it also offers a ton of presets so you don’t have to dive that deep. Combine this with the ability to squeeze 4K video down to a very small file size without much or loss of quality, and it’s hard to beat. Did we mention that it’s free?

Any Video Converter

If the HandBrake options interest you, but you find the complexity daunting, Any Video Converter is worth a visit. This app is easier to use upfront, but still packed with features and functionality. Thus, if you are a beginner in the video world, Any Video Converter is one of the best places to start.

The app supports many different formats, allowing you to convert videos for easy playback on your iPhone, iPad, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Android device.


If you’re willing to pay a little more for an app that’s even easier to use and feels like an app designed for macOS, Permute is a great choice. Its interface is among the sleekest and most polished you’ll find in this category. Also allow feature support for the addition of newer macOS features, such as dark mode.

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Permute leverages your Mac’s hardware to make conversions faster for file formats like MP4 and HEVC. If you convert videos you record with iPhone, it can save time. Permissions cost $15, but you can take the free trial for a spin to make sure you like the app enough first.

Download: Permute ($14.99, free trial available)


With so many other capable video converters available either for free or for a low price, there’s not much reason to pay $50 for Apple’s Compressor app. That said, if you frequently edit videos with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X or Apple Motion software, the price tag for the Compressor might be worth the time it saves.

Final Cut Pro X has several conversion options, and you can always use another converter like HandBrake. That said, since Compressor is an Apple product, you won’t find any other conversion software that integrates with Final Cut Pro either.

If you do a lot of editing in that app, Compressor is worth it. For everyone else, consider another of these options.


If you’ve seen video conversions, you’ve probably heard of the ffmpeg command line tool. They are free and very powerful, but also far from user-friendly. To combat this, ffmpegX takes command line tools combining their strengths with the relative ease of use of a graphical user interface.

Just because ffmpegX has a GUI, that doesn’t mean it’s too simple. There are lots of different settings and configuration options, meaning it’s still not a beginner-oriented tool.

If you’ve tried some of the other options and don’t think they’re configurable enough, give ffmpegX a try. You may find exactly what you are looking for. It’s old and getting outdated, but it still works.


There are cases where you may need to convert a video file, but you cannot install any software on your computer. You may have several different reasons for this. A strict IT department at your company is the most likely reason, but you may also run out of hard drive space or just be reluctant to install a converter when you only need to convert one file. If so, you might want to give CloudConvert a try.

As the name implies, CloudConvert does not convert videos on your computer. Instead, you upload files and the service converts them in the cloud. You can convert any type of file (not just video) but it has a few downsides. First you need to upload the file to convert, then download it, which consumes time and bandwidth. Another problem is that to convert files larger than 1GB in size, you need to register for a subscription.

However, in a pinch, it can help you out if you can’t access other apps for the job.

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