7 Best Selling Online Sales Ways That People Rarely Know

By | April 14, 2022

How to sell online best-selling – Selling online is mostly done by business people today. Besides being easy and practical, almost all products can be sold online. But not everyone who sells online is selling well.

Doing business online is not just about joining e-commerce or other online platforms such as Gojek or Grab. There are many other things that must be known so that products can be sold online. Don’t worry, you don’t need a professor’s degree to do this. Come on, find out from the discussion in this article.

Causes of Products Failed to Sold Online

Sometimes online product sellers rush to throw their products without proper research and planning. As a result, the product failed and did not sell well. Even though it’s easy, still

The first thing that causes a product to fail is the price. Selling too cheap or too expensive a product can be disastrous for the product itself. Especially if the products sold are already circulating in the market. Of course, consumers will be hesitant to buy the same product at a price that is much more expensive or too cheap.

Second, the product has decreased demand. For example, fashion products whose models are outdated. Of course the fans will be rare. Or it could be children’s toy products that are no longer popular. The komo toys were certainly popular in the 90’s, if they were sold today, some might buy them but they couldn’t record many sales.

Third, bad service. Bad service includes the attitude of the seller, the response of the seller, and also the readiness of the seller to handle every purchase and delivery problem. Buyers will not care what the seller is facing, they just want the best service. So, the slightest error in service can be fatal for product sales.

How to Sell Online Best Selling Rarely People Know

Many people think that selling online is enough by selling it on social media, WA groups or joining e-commerce. It turns out that there is a more effective way to boost sales, you know.

7 Ways to Sell Online that are Rarely Known
Illustration. Photo by : Jualanlaris.net

Here’s how to sell best-selling online that can be stolen:

1. Sell Products That Have a Market

The market is synonymous with demand. For this reason, the products sold must have high demand in the market. Namely products that are really needed by the market. How to find out the needs of a market? Of course by doing research. Fear not, this research can be done even by beginners.

First, determine who to sell to. Market by age, income level, and location of residence. After knowing this, of course it will be easier to find the product they need. Research can also be found through search engines. Just type in the product you want to sell, then see how it ranks in search engines. The products at the top are the most in demand.

2. Bringing Products and Buyers

In the online world, products and buyers meet through e-commerce platforms or social media. These two media must be owned by the seller. Have social media that functions as a product promotion tool by uploading quality content related to the product and all its branding.

In e-commerce products can be boosted sales. Direct people to buy products through e-commerce platforms because this can create trust in consumers’ minds. Make no mistake, e-commerce is more trusted by people than social media like Facebook or Instagram when it comes to purchasing products.

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3. Post Ads

Don’t ignore the power of advertising. Large e-commerce or marketplaces have sales optimization options, namely advertising. Learn how each platform executes these ad options for its sellers.

In addition to advertising in the marketplace, ads that can be used are Adz. Of course, for this choice, the online store website must have relevant, quality, and SEO friendly content. Online stores that have good ratings on search engines will be flooded with visitors by activating Google Ads.

4. Change Promotion Language

The words used in the promotional content determine whether the audience is interested or not. Using the right words is also very important to increase sales. Selling online can be more in demand by replacing words that start to sound normal to the audience.

An example is replacing words in the following way:

Cheap Affordable

Special Special

Buy Own

Products Solutions

Discounts Special Offers

The words above greatly affect the subconscious of the audience. Like it or not, the audience are individuals who tend to be selfish and will immediately be captivated by something more satisfying. They will leave the mundane and look for something better.

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4. Highlight Product Advantages

Audience or consumers must be immediately informed about the advantages of the product. Do not use long and convoluted copy but be short and to the point. For example, if the product being sold is a health drink product, then immediately show the efficacy of the drink. It could be with words like this: Bandrek Fit for Health, Jaherbal Suitable for a Fit Body, etc.

5. Use Upselling Techniques

This upselling technique is very effective for increasing sales and is one of the best-selling online selling methods. Upselling technique is a strategy to increase sales by offering something more to customers.

Set up features in online stores when customers have seen or selected goods. For example the button “you might want this” on the catalog or cart. For example, at an online store that sells backpacks, offer customers a multi-functional backpack which is more expensive but has more benefits.

6. Cross-Selling Technique

Although it sounds similar to upselling techniques, cross-selling is offering other products that are still related to the product purchased. The products offered will add benefits or convenience to the products purchased at the beginning.

For example, an online shoe product store offers socks, shoe deodorizer, shoe disinfectant, or even shoe cleaner tissue. An offer like this will be more attractive if it is packaged with a catchy promo. For example, buying brand A shoes, you can buy a shoe cleaner kit product at a more economical price.

7. Improve Content Quality on Social Media

Almost all online shops have social media because this is the coolest place to upload content. Because social media is an interactive place, the uploaded content must also be interactive. The quality of content and images must be good so that buyers are interested and believe in the product.

Instagram is the most attractive showcase for uploading product content. So, make sure the product photos are sharper and cleaner. In addition, make product photos with good angles and compositions. Believe it or not, the audience is easily attracted and believes in products whose photos are clean, sharp, and attractive.

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How to sell online in demand, of course, is not limited to the 7 methods above. Sellers still have to manage their products and stores properly. Products that are strong and needed by the market are products that will always sell well. In order to be in demand, then try to practice the methods above.

Hopefully this short article can be useful for all of you.


Author by : Bang izal.