7 Best Price Comparison Apps: How to Find Deals and Save Money

By | March 25, 2022

Here are the best price comparison apps to help you get the best prices across multiple online stores.

Comparison shopping is an important habit to develop if you want to save money on your purchases. Being able to quickly compare prices, either from the couch or in the store, can help you save quite a bit of money. You’ll always know where to find the best prices for your favorite products and the items you need most.

Using a browser extension or website for this task is fine, but if you’re a price comparison junkie, you’ll want a good app to get the same kind of information. Here are some of the best price comparison apps for Android and iOS.


Comparing items with ShopSavvy is easy. Tap the Scan button at the bottom of the screen, place the barcode in the box on the screen, and you’ll be presented with online and local retailers selling the item. You can also use the search tool to search for a specific product if you don’t have a barcode.

ShopSavvy doesn’t stop there. It also lets you set up notifications for specific categories, items, or searches so that you get notified when live or online sales appear.

Overall, it’s an excellent app that lets you shop for deals, browse related products, save your favorite items, and share sales with friends.

QR Reader

QR Reader is one of the fastest and easiest ways to compare prices on your mobile device. Just open the app, scan the barcode using the camera, and voila! You will be provided with several different links for Amazon, Google, eBay, and other purchasing options.

A search option is also available if you don’t have a barcode or QR code accessible.

This app filters perfectly through the internet to provide you with relevant sales and product information. You can browse videos, tweets, nutrition facts and more directly with a scan of a barcode or QR code. Take this app shopping and compare your prices in real-time right on the grocery shelf.

Download: QR Reader for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)


BuyVia is a great app for comparing prices from major retailers. Use a barcode or QR code scanner if you have a code handy; otherwise, enter the term into the search box. Then compare prices from various sellers.

You can shop for deals right from within the app for popular stores like Macy’s, Walmart, Amazon, Nordstrom and many others. If you give the app access to your location, you can also check out great deals in your area. It lets you browse by store or category.

The app also provides you with coupons offered from online or local stores, as well as the BuyVia website. Remember to check the settings so you can add your zip code and local area coverage.


With Mycartsavings, you can quickly search for products to compare prices using a barcode scanner, voice recognition, or search box. Then scroll to see prices offered by stores like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Mycartsavings also gives you a price tracker to receive alerts via email. You can do this with specific products or stores. In addition, you can view notifications for daily offers, special promotions, and coupons for popular online retailers.

If you decide to make a purchase, you will be directed directly to the store.


Flipp is an excellent price comparison app to see all the current weekly deals. The app basically functions as a virtual flyer display: it uses your location and suggests the best savings in your area. You can search by store to review your favorite brochure, or you can search by item to compare prices across multiple brochures.

According to the app’s creators, North American users typically save an average of $45/week when they add Flipp to their weekly shopping habit.

In addition to traditional price comparisons, the app also lets you create shopping lists and watchlists, share offers with your contacts, and store all your loyalty cards in one convenient location.

This app is not only useful for price comparison, but also a complete shopping companion. Nonetheless, despite mostly positive reviews, occasional bugs occur frequently in the app due to continuous weekly updates.


reebee is a flyer app with thousands of weekly users who adore it. This app works by comparing your favorite stores and informing you about the hottest deals and best coupons.

You can also use the app as a great price comparison tool. You can browse individual leaflets or search for items to see a comparison of their current prices across multiple store locations. You can even use the app to compare prices while in-store and display flyers using the app for live grocery store price matches where available.

The app is also Siri compatible which allows you to view and edit price-compared shopping lists using your voice!

Amazon Shopping

If you’re already a fan of online shopping with Amazon, you’re probably aware of the great features of their price comparison app.

In the search bar, tap the camera in the right corner. This will prompt the Amazon camera app to open. Here you can take a photo of a product, select a photo of a product from your camera roll, or scan the barcode automatically to easily find the best options available on Amazon.

While this only allows you to quickly search through Amazon prices, you can usually compare products in real-time from physical retailers to see if an item is cheaper on Amazon or not when you are at a physical retailer.

Download: Amazon Shopping for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Comparison Shop

With so many retail options available today, it can be difficult to find the best price. Luckily, comparing prices couldn’t be easier than with this app. You can even stay home, shop from the couch, and get the best prices from popular stores you love.

This app is a great place to shop, but even more savings online are within reach. If online shopping is your preferred method of buying, take a look at our complete online shopping guide.