7 Best Free Antivirus Apps For Android

By | May 3, 2022

Looking for some free security apps to protect your Android phone? Here is our pick of the best free antivirus apps.

A smartphone is a very personal device that contains a lot of your personal data. So, of course, it is necessary to take steps to make this device safe and secure.

Antivirus apps are your first line of defense against hacks and virus attacks. However, these apps are usually paid or light versions of the paid versions. And, sadly, free apps don’t always work as promised.

So, here are some selected antivirus apps that are free to use and quite effective.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender Antivirus Free is a fast, lightweight and powerful antivirus app that protects your phone using cloud scanning technology without slowing down your device.

Automatically scans any new apps you download and catches a high percentage of malware. This app keeps running in the background and helps to run scans without interfering with normal mobile functions.

The in-app malware scanner checks all your installed apps and fixes all risks automatically. The best part about Bitdefender Antivirus Free is that it is completely secure and asks permission at every step to save you from any mishap.

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

Sophos is one of the leading malware protection apps that keep your phone safe from virus threats. The app consistently achieves an impressive percentage of protection in AV Test compared to other best Android security tools.

Sophos delivers its full features for free with no ads, and without affecting your device’s performance and battery.

It offers malware protection, web filtering, and referensi checker, and automatically blocks malicious content. In addition, this application provides high protection for your passwords, provides security suggestions, and performs security checks for QR codes.

Sophos requests permission to monitor incoming data and detect and stop threats. Another useful feature of this app is Wi-Fi security which bypasses new Wi-Fi connections on your phone and runs a security check in the background.

Mobile Antivirus

The Antivirus Mobile app provides professional quality deep scans. It has a simple interface and a lightweight yet powerful antivirus engine that keeps your phone safe. It also offers to clean your phone memory and also has a powerful junk cleaner.

One of the most common types of viruses is the Trojan Horse, especially for those who install applications from outside the Play Store. It can affect Android devices and is difficult to remove. Antivirus Mobile detects and removes these types of viruses with its powerful cleaning system.

It also offers real-time protection by providing a secure firewall to detect the latest threats and remove malware, adware, and viruses.

Anti Virus

Antivirus application promises comprehensive protection against malware, Trojans and other viruses. Quick in detecting risks, viruses, spyware and unprotected applications that can cause potential harm by stealing your personal information.

This app has real-time protection function which helps protect your Android phone at all times. It notifies you if you have installed a malicious app and offers to remove and block the app. This antivirus app protects your privacy by locking your apps via PIN, pattern and fingerprint lock.

Antivirus apps also work as device cleaner apps that free up memory and optimize your phone, although not all of these features can really help.

Apart from that, this app also monitors the device temperature and notifies you if the device gets too hot.

Traced Mobile Security

Traced Mobile Security provides you with malware detection, anti-phishing protection, and an app privacy scanner. This app requires no tracking for scanning and is ad-free. Moreover, it keeps your personal and business data safe.

This app provides full phone security by detecting malicious apps, unsecured Wi-Fi networks, phishing links, vulnerable software and any issues with your device configuration.

Traced has a feature to detect stalker ware, spyware, and other applications that might compromise your security without your knowledge.

Security Antivirus

Security Antivirus helps you stay safe and protects your privacy by warning about suspicion and cleaning viruses, spyware and Trojans. It analyzes mobile security, Wi-Fi security and browser security to detect any invasion.

This app has additional features to protect your personal data, including bank account information and photos, keeping your device safe and secure. It provides local antivirus security and cloud security support.

This app has additional device cleaning features and will delete junk files, residual files, unused apps and cache.

Smart Security

Smart Security is another useful antivirus app for Android devices that provides mobile protection as well as cleans your phone. Defender scans and detects various viruses on your Android device, and constantly monitors your phone’s vulnerabilities and potential threats even when the app is closed.

This app offers a mobile booster feature which cleans junk files, cache and other unwanted stuff on your phone. Its CPU Cooler helps remove any apps, tasks or processes that might be hogging the phone.

Protect Your Android Phone With This Free Antivirus App

Even though smartphones have recently become quite secure, there is still a risk of being exposed to malware and spyware. Many applications and web pages are equipped with harmful content that can harm your device and affect its performance.

The above-mentioned antivirus apps reduce this risk and increase the speed of your device. And by continuously monitoring your phone, this app reduces the chances of a security breach and/or malware infection.

However, no matter how good an antivirus application is, it is always good to stay away from all unknown websites and applications and never open a referensi unless you are sure that it is really safe and secure. These precautions will save your device from all kinds of threats.