7 Best Android Apps To Check Your Phone’s Specs

By | December 27, 2021

Wondering what hardware you have inside your Android device? This app gives you full details about your phone’s specifications.

Android OEMs launch new devices throughout the year. As such, there are so many options that it can confuse the end user. Different Android phones, even with the same retail brand, can have different specifications, and more than just internal memory and storage.

If you want to check certain features on your Android phone, you can use this app to do so. You can use it to check memory, battery, processor, screen display properties and much more.

Here is our roundup of the best Android apps to check your phone’s hardware specs.


Inware is a sleek Android app that can help you check various hardware properties of your phone. It’s just a little over 2MB, and with it, you can check some properties on your device without having to search for the retail box that came with your Android phone.

Inware includes a sleek UI, but most importantly, lets you check your phone’s specs closely. You can view different software properties, including current Android version, pre-installed Android version, security patch level, Google Play system updates, etc.

It shows different hardware features, including display features (resolution, size, aspect ratio, refresh rate, PPI, and HDR support), fingerprint and face authentication support, SoC (core, cluster, frequency, GPU, and usage), memory, internal storage, battery, connectivity, camera, and more.


CPU-Z is a mobile version of the popular desktop application that helps you check the hardware specifications of your Windows PC. Like the PC version, CPU-Z mobile gives you a detailed view of various hardware features.

With CPU-Z, you can quickly check the SoC properties of your Android phone, including CPU cores and real-time clock speed. It also offers you a view of common properties like RAM, internal storage (total and available), display, Android version, and battery capacity. Other specifications like sensors, battery temperature, root access and system uptime are also provided in a very accessible way.

If you’ve ever used CPU-Z on Windows, you’ll feel right at home with this app.

Download: CPU-Z (Free, premium version available)

Device Info HW

Device Info HW takes it a step further to give you all the intricacies of your hardware. These are basic features, including memory, storage, SoC properties, battery, software features, and more. Additionally, Device Info HW goes a step further to display things like RAM type, battery discharge speed, thermals, partitions, and codecs.

It mainly dives deeper into the camera hardware detailing aperture, focal length, zoom, vendor, field of view, and other small details that might interest a photography enthusiast.

DevCheck Hardware and System Info

This app manages the most important properties in the dashboard. You can check the internal storage, memory, battery, and CPU properties by simply glancing at the dashboard. Swipe left, and you’ll take a deeper look at the various features, including hardware, system, network, camera, and sensors.

It also includes a detailed view of the various sensors available.

Device Info

Device Info includes a dashboard and several menus on top that highlight the various features of your Android phone. You can check everything from your phone’s camera, memory, screen, network, battery and other important hardware properties. Device Info might be your go-to app with UI design and animation in mind.

Geekbench 5

Geekbench 5 is best known for performing hardware benchmark tests. Being the go-to app for benchmarking, Geekbench 5 also provides additional information about your phone’s hardware properties.

So, of course, you can use Geekbench 5 to check the specs, as well as see how fast your phone is. Not much to see, but you can get more information after benchmarking.

System Information

System Information has a dashboard that displays real-time usage statistics of your Android phone’s RAM, CPU, storage and battery. It organizes information into menus with related details tucked inside with just a tap.

Check Your Android Phone’s Specs Without Hassle

Android has a variety of applications for just about anything. If you want to dive deeper into your phone’s hardware properties, there’s no need to tick the box, which unfortunately, rarely includes the ins and outs of your device.

This app helps you to thoroughly check almost everything about your device.