7 Best Android and iPhone Apps to Improve Your Maths

By | December 20, 2021

Looking for a little extra math lessons? These Android and iPhone apps will really make learning math fun.

Mathematics can be a difficult subject. If you struggle with math and want to improve your skills with it then you are not alone. Fortunately, there are iPhone and Android apps available that can help you improve your math skills and help you gain a better understanding of the subject.

Here are the best apps to improve your math.


Photomath has a stunning and simple UI and gives you solutions to math problems, while also offering step-by-step guides to solving the problems yourself. It can be used to help if you are struggling with a certain equation or as a tool to help you improve your math.

While it doesn’t allow dictation, it offers a built-in database of math textbooks with solutions to all featured problems. Just type in the title, author, or ISBN of the particular textbook you’re viewing and Photomath will bring up a solution for it, filtered by page number to simplify things.

Download: Photomath for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Mental Math Brain Boost Games

Mental Math Brain Boost Games is a fun and sleek looking app that improves your mental math skills by turning it into a game. This gives you complete control over the types of questions you get: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, or Distribution, with more available in the Premium version. You can also set the level of difficulty for each type of question, so that you will continue to progress and develop as you continue to use the app.

Part Statistics provides useful data, such as the total exercise you’ve done, as well as your average score, which can help paint a picture of your improvement as you use the app over several weeks or months. You can set Reminders through the app to ensure you maintain consistency, and the app allows multiple users if your family or friends want to give it a try but you don’t want your stats to be confounded by their results.

Download: Mental Math Brain Boost Games | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)


MathLearner is designed for kids and students, with the aim of helping you learn or test math across a wide range of math subjects. There are levels that increase in difficulty to help you improve skills rather than maintain your level of competence, and through Settings You can choose between difficulty levels Beginner, Average, and Expert.

This application also has a tab Statistics which gives you a brief summary of Accuracy and Average Time You complete the test, followed by Breakdown which gives the total number of questions you answered as well as which you got right or wrong.

Although MathLearner is simpler than the other math apps featured on this list, it’s perfect for helping you learn and test yourself step-by-step in math, especially your mental math skills.

Download: MathLearner | iOS (Free)


While Impulse is not math specific, it caters to math skills and abilities that indirectly enhance your competence with math. When you first load the app, it will ask you the area you want to upgrade. You can choose memory, mental math, and problem solving, all of which are areas where math helps.

Impulse has several tabs to help you train your brain in different ways: Workouts, Games, Puzzles, and IQ tests. You can even track your performance across all of these via individual tabs. Each exercise has 10 difficulty levels to choose from, giving you the purpose of the app as you navigate tasks of varying difficulty.

Impulse is a very popular app that trains your brain in many subjects, so it’s worth using to help improve your math.

Download: Impulse for | iOS (Free, subscription available)


Sumaze! is a problem solving app that turns math into a game. It’s aimed at mathematicians with a higher skill level than the other apps featured here, so give it a try if the other apps aren’t challenging enough for you.

Sumaze!! has customized games with arithmetic, numbers, logarithms, inequalities and modules, and more. There are tons of levels for each mini-game, so there’s a lot for you to do in this app. Unfortunately, there are no statistics or performance details, so you’ll have to manually track your math progress. You also have to pass the level Arithmetic before being able to unlock other areas, so it’s not user controllable.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a very popular service that helps you learn more about a wide range of subjects, with a very solid math section. Its goal is to provide a world-class education to anyone, anywhere. When starting the application, select the subject you want to study, and you will be assigned a course based on that choice. Remember that you can always go back and add more subjects later.

Each course offers its material in written or video format and gives you Mastery Points when you finish the material. You can also take tests based on course material to check your knowledge and see how much knowledge you have gained from what you have learned.

There’s also the Khan Academy Kids app, aimed at kids ages 2 to 8, which is the perfect app for younger family members to start getting some lessons in addition to some of the homeschool math curriculum.


Mathway is a very popular app that acts as a private math tutor in the palm of your hand. Covering all math subjects, such as algebra, trigonometry, calculus and statistics, it provides answers to all your math questions. While it’s important to realize that having an answer solved for you doesn’t teach you much, sometimes all you need to do is look at the answer to an equation or problem to realize how you’re going to solve it next time. .

The app is easy to use and responsive and makes it easy to get answers to your questions. You can take a picture of the equation, speak it into the microphone, or simply type it to get an answer almost instantly. It has a built-in dictionary to help remind you of math terms, and by upgrading your account to Premium, it will provide you with step-by-step help with equations to help you improve. While Microsoft Edge’s math solver provides assistance when you’re on your desktop, Mathway does it when you’re on the move and only have your phone available.

Download: Mathway for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Improve Your Math

This app will help you improve your math and offer statistics so you can see your progress. Regardless of your initial math skills, these iPhone and Android apps should be able to help you improve, as well as make the learning experience a lot of fun.