7 Attractive Live Wallpapers For Your Windows Desktop

By | May 5, 2022

Using a live desktop wallpaper is a great alternative to bland photos you never change. They can help you relax, improve your mood, or even get you excited before a big event.

Unfortunately, Windows no longer offers native animated wallpapers; they haven’t been included since Windows Vista. That doesn’t mean you can’t have it, you just need to use a third party tool. Which tool you need depends on the version of Windows you have.

A Little Warning

Before we continue, important to ensure that you understand exactly what is meant by live wallpaper (live wallpaper).

Sure, they can provide some great eye candy, but it’s expensive. Battery life will suffer, and if you have an older machine, you will almost certainly find that your computer’s speed will decrease as well.

In fact, most live wallpapers will consume between six and nine percent of your processing power, with the average hovering around 7 percent. If you have one of the latest Intel chips, that shouldn’t be a problem, but if you’re on a 2009 netbook, you might have a hard time.

That said, most third-party software comes with a pause button, so the problem can be mitigated; but if you use pause too often there’s really no point in having a live desktop, you’d better stick with Interesting screensaver.

The flag of a country is perhaps the most famous image on the world stage. From the Union Jack and Stars and Stripes to Japan’s Nisshiki and Auriverde in Brazil, the most famous flags are instantly recognizable.

Flags 3D Desktop Wallpaper lets you choose from 192 different flags, each of which is given a “gust of wind” effect. The software also includes the United Nations flag, Olympic flag, European flag, Red Cross flag, and Jolly Roger Pirate flag, so you’re not limited to just countries.

You can choose from ten different background colors, or you can add your own photos.

The list of features is diverse and varied. For example, you can:

  • Easily monitor system data, including CPU power, battery level, Internet connectivity, etc.,
  • add personal widgets, such as email accounts, RSS feeds, note-taking tools, and local weather forecasts,
  • control your computer’s media, and
  • launch the application.

There is a large community around the software. Check page Reddit and repository deviantArt to find some of the latest skins.

Nothing says peace and relaxation like a tropical aquarium (there’s a reason almost all dentists have an aquarium).

The beauty of the Blue Ocean Aquarium wallpaper is the variety of colors you see on the screen; bright, fun and full of life. It features over 25 species of real tropical fish, including Yellow Tang, Rock fish, Seahorse, Butterfly fish, Fire-Queen Angel, and Sea Crab, as well as corals and anemones.

It also has a lot of settings so you can run it exactly the way you want. That includes a one-click option to hide and unhide desktop icons, a pause button, and a customizable timer.

For Creative People: Create Your Own Slideshow

While this isn’t strictly a “live” desktop, Windows does offer a great way to keep your desktop looking fresh with the slideshow feature. The premise is simple – just add your favorite photos into a folder, then use that folder as the basis for your desktop images.

To activate the Slideshow feature go to Start > Settings > Personalization > Background and select Slideshow from the dropdown menu. You’ll be asked to select the folder you want to use (pro tip: you can choose the OneDrive folder), as well as how often you want the pictures to be changed.

For Computer Geek (2): Fences

If you are the type of user who always have a messy desktop, this could be the answer to your prayers. Fences is similar to a virtual desk, letting you fence off different types of apps, shortcuts, and files so you can easily find them. For example, you can put all your design tools into one Fences, or all files related to a project you’re working on into another.

The Fences area itself is gray-shaded and scrollable, so you can place an unlimited number of objects in each area. Lastly, it will allow you to create rules – you can just add a target folder and the files within that folder will be automatically displayed on your desktop.

Do you dream of flying into space at the speed of light? Even if Windows doesn’t have the necessary power to send you there, you can at least recreate it with these awesome backgrounds. You can choose from six different wormhole colors, each of which offers users a slightly different graphical presentation.

Warning: this background is bright – if you want a softer computer experience, you have to give them a wide berth.

With Dreamscene Video you can soar away with the clouds or lie on green meadows, all thanks to the incredible video desktop series.

This pack contains over 20 videos, covering everything from beautiful sunsets and asteroids to fish shoals and waterfalls.

Best part: You can add your own videos!

Have you found some cool live desktops that weren’t on our list? Maybe you tried some of the above and liked it? Which one is your favourite?