7 Apps You Can Use to Increase Volume on Your iPhone

By | March 21, 2022

Is the sound coming from your iPhone too low? Use this volume booster app to make your iPhone louder.

If you like a certain song, you may find that it can never be loud enough. Or, if you listen to recordings of poor quality, the maximum volume offered by your iPhone may not be enough to hear everything.

Luckily, volume and sound booster apps come to the rescue!

If you are looking to increase the volume and sound on your iOS device, then you have come to the right place. This app is your best choice to turn up the volume as much as possible for whatever you are listening to.

Bass & Volume BOOSTER

The Bass & Volume BOOSTER is well designed and does what it says on the tin. It lets you use Noise Reduction to then increase the volume coming out of your speakers using a level you slide up and down to match the amount of volume you want.

Tab Profile lets you change Model your hearing. For example, Normal, Car, Inside, etc. On tab Settings, you can activate Noise Suppression, change the amplification level of the silent sound, and adjust High Frequency, Low Frequency, and balance.

Max Volume Booster

Max Volume Booster, by Chau Nguyen, has a simpler UI than the other apps featured on this list, as well as a more jazzy color scheme. You import video or audio files by tapping the icon plus at the top, and when imported, you can affect the audio volume. When you’re done, you can compare the Original with Result.

This app allows you to export the results or save them to your device, making it a useful tool for influencing the volume of local video and audio files you have. While this app doesn’t allow you to affect the audio as much as the other apps around it, it’s a great volume booster if you want a simple option.

Volume Boost

Volume Boost is clear and simple designed, works as an app Noise Suppression and Super Boost an easy-to-use interface that can help you get the most out of your audio. Although the app recommends that you use headphones to achieve the best sound quality improvement, it does work well with speakers. However, if you use AirPods with better sound quality, it will definitely give you the best audio quality available.

Via page Profile on the top left of the app you can select Mode, as Normal, Car, Outside, or Inside. Through Settings, you can adjust the high and low frequencies or change the amplification level of the silent sound.

Volume Booster

Volume Booster, by Kartum Infotech, works in much the same way as Max Volume Booster, with the application structure that you import files from Music, Files, Google Drive, Dropbox, and so on, and then adjust the audio on the files. You can compare files via tab Originals and Results.

This application allows more options for importing, as well as changing the audio files that you have imported. You can change the level Equalizer, Bass, and Depth and Rotation audio via tab 3D FX. Volume Booster is an essential tool for you if you want to change the audio at a higher level in your files.

Hear Boost

Hear Boost lets you record audio and boost volume, with the premium version also allowing you to influence Equalizer and Spaces (as Inside, Outside, and Car). It’s designed for musicians, podcasters, and anyone who creates content that involves audio.

Just tap the button Start Listening in the center of the screen, then tap Records to record the audio you want to enhance. You can change the volume while recording, then change the level Equalizer and space post-recording.

Bass Booster Volume Booster EQ

Bass Booster Volume Booster EQ is a very powerful volume booster app that has a built-in music player. You can import songs from Google Drive, Dropbox, and other storage services, with an impressive feature that lets you do Wi-Fi transfer from PC to application. This last feature is especially useful if you have free and copyright-free music that you want to improve.

You can even stream popular radio stations through the app and then affect the audio. With B tab tabass Booster, Equalizer, and Volume Booster which allows you to swipe up or down the desired level, you’ll get the most out of your audio in no time. The equalizer has 10 bands, which is impressive considering the other apps featured on this list usually only feature a 6-band equalizer.


Boom is a music player app with the ability to increase volume and equalize. Just connect to your Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal account, and you can use this music player inside Boom. When playing a track, you can influence Bass and Intensity use the slider, change the level Pre-Amp, adapt 3D Speaker Controls, and customize EQ using the built-in eight band equalizer.

There are tons of options available for changing audio via Boom, and what’s pretty cool is the use of tabs Trending so you can see what other people are listening to the most. Boom is probably the most comprehensive volume boost app featured on this list, and it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular and highly rated in the app store.

Download: Boom (Free, subscription available)

Boost Volume on Your iPhone

Increasing the volume and sound on your iPhone is easy with this app. There are a variety of options here, and most perform the same task. Try to see which one you are most comfortable with to ensure that you start getting the most out of your audio today.