6 Windows 10 Shortcuts that not many people know about

By | December 11, 2021
6 Windows 10 Shortcuts that not many people know about

6 Windows 10 Shortcuts that not many people know –
For students or students, you must be familiar with the name Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C Keep going Ctrl + v. The button that makes copy and paste assignments that have piled up from lecturers. Now this is also included in the criteria for shortcuts or keyboard key combinations that can be pressed together to perform certain functions on the laptop.

These Windows shortcuts are often faster than opening tabs or applications with the mouse that require several clicks. And the worst thing for the mager is having to move his comfortable hand towards the mouse to close or open something. It must be very troublesome.

So in today’s era you must know shortcuts so that you can simplify and speed up daily computer or laptop operations.

What shortcuts are there in Windows 10?

1. Close active tab

Windows Shortcuts: Alt + F4

This Windows shortcut is easy to remember, if you want to close the active or currently open tab, you don’t need to click the cross or close on the tab, you just need to press a keyboard combination. Alt + F4 together.

2. Refresh open tabs

Windows Shortcuts: Ctrl + F5 or Fn + F5

If your laptop or computer is already slow or the tabs are buffering, you can refresh it by pressing the shortcut key Ctrl + F5 or press fn + F5 together. That way the laptop becomes lighter.

3. Adding Virtual Desktop

Windows Shortcuts: Windows + Ctrl + D

For Windows shortcuts, this one is probably the least used by Windows users, how not, maybe because you are used to letting tabs stack on the desktop. It turns out that on a laptop we can add many virtual desktops, even the virtual desktop can reach more than 100 desktops.

So, for example, on the first desktop you have a lot of tabs or important applications that are still in use, we no longer need to close one by one or save one by one. Just by pressing Windows + Ctrl + D simultaneously, your second virtual desktop will appear.

The goal is this Windows Shortcut itself, if you want to take a short break to just watch a movie or stream, then it won’t interfere with your important productivity.

Furthermore, if you want to return to the desktop one or to the desktop you want, you just have to slide it by pressing the Keyboard shortcut Windows + Ctrl + right or left arrow.

If your desktop is no longer in use, all you have to do is press the shortcut key Windows + Ctrl + F4.

4. Minimize multiple tabs at once

Then you can practice by pressing Windows + M together to minimize multiple tabs at once. Or you can see the desktop when you open it is still in use.

5. Opening apps from taskbar

Windows Shortcuts: Windows + O

This fifth Windows Shortcut makes it easy for you to open several tabs on the taskbar at once. By pressing Windows + 0 up to you 1, then you don’t have to bother anymore to open the application using the existing mouse.

6. Split Screen

Windows Shortcuts: Windows + arrow (left, up, right, down)

The next Windows shortcut is useful to make it easier for users to be able to open several applications at once. This split screen feature can divide the screen display into 2 or even 4 neatly at once. Of course this can make it easier for you in terms of multitasking.

To be able to use the split screen, you can press Windows + arrow right and left and on also lower.

Maybe these 6 Windows shortcuts are what I’m still discussing, for other shortcut features I’ll discuss as soon as possible. Hope it is useful