6 Ways to Watch YouTube Videos Without Going to YouTube

By | December 27, 2021

Do you sometimes get bored with YouTube? We don’t mean to be bored by the sea of ​​YouTube content. We’re talking about the YouTube interface, with its suggestions, comments, and clutter. The interface is too messy. But did you know that watching YouTube videos on other websites is possible without going to YouTube?

You can use alternative YouTube links, sites, and apps to view content without ever heading to YouTube.com. Here’s how to watch YouTube videos without YouTube.

Toogles is a fast and minimalistic alternative interface to YouTube. The main page offers trending videos in various categories, but you can also search for specific videos, which load almost instantly. You can use this site to watch any YouTube video that is not geo-blocked in your area.

Display interface is also fast. No comments, no recommended videos, and no other mess. This means that nothing will be pulling valuable bandwidth from the core task of playing your videos as soon as possible.

The description and metadata of the video are displayed in the left pane. If you want to see related videos, you can click the tab in the upper left corner when you are ready to view them. Toogles even has Chrome extension for a faster way of searching.

If you use a slow internet connection and often run out of patience while waiting for YouTube to load, Toogles is a must.

ViewPure is another way to watch YouTube videos without YouTube itself. Like Toggles, it removes all the junk that can make the YouTube viewing experience so annoying no comments, suggestions, or other distractions. The site also removes ads from videos, making them ideal for use in classrooms or at home with children.

Some of the other cool features in ViewPure include custom URLs (which are better for sharing and memorizing than random YouTube URLs) and bookmarklets. The bookmarklet can be used to open any video in ViewPure while you are viewing it on the main YouTube site. There is also a button to switch between white and black backgrounds while watching content.

One of the most often overlooked ways to watch YouTube is to skip the browser entirely. Instead, you can use a dedicated video player app that will stream the video directly from the URL. VLC is probably the best known player, but there are many other video players for Android, iOS, and desktop that provide the same functionality.

Using VLC to watch YouTube is easy. Make sure you are using the full version of the video player rather than the stripped down version of the Microsoft Store.

To play a video, go to Media > Open Network Stream and paste in the full YouTube URL for the specific video you want to watch. When you are ready, press the button Play and give the stream a few seconds to load and buffer.

DF Tube stands for Distraction-Free Tube is a Chrome browser extension that lets you enhance the original YouTube site instead of offering alternative YouTube URLs.

This tool allows you to hide YouTube feed, hide “Related Videos” that appear at the end of the video you are currently watching, hide sidebar, hide playlists, hide comments, hide subscribe bar, hide live chat, hide trending tabs and disable play automatic. You can even use it to disable playlists.

We think the last feature is very important. One of the most annoying aspects of using YouTube is when you find a video you want to watch only to find it buried deep in the middle of a junk playlist of 100s of videos.

Kodi is another way you can watch YouTube videos without YouTube and outside of your browser. For those who don’t know, Kodi is a free media player that has free movie addons, addons for IPTV, addons for live news, and yes, you guessed it, addons for YouTube.

The best Kodi addons for YouTube are called Plugins for YouTube. This is not an official YouTube/Google app. You will, however, be able to find and download it from the official Kodi repos, which means that the Kodi developers have looked at it and think the addon is stable enough and reliable enough for widespread use.

This addon offers many of the same features you’ll find on the main YouTube URL, including ways to add videos to your Watch Later list, add videos to personal playlists, support for Likes and Dislikes, and a Subscribe button.

Despite the name’s connotations, NSFWYouTube is actually a tool that lets you watch any YouTube video regardless of age without logging into your account (or even having an account).

This has several benefits. For example, if you use a public computer, you might not feel comfortable logging into your account just to watch age-restricted videos. It might also provide a workaround if YouTube has been blocked on your local network by your school or company.

To use NSFWYouTube, you don’t even need to visit the site.

Just find a YouTube video that you can’t watch without logging in and type nsfw before youtube in the address (i.e., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vhsng7rlC4s will be https://www.nsfwyoutube.com/watch?v=Vhsng7rlC4s).

Or, grab a bookmarklet and click it whenever you find a video that’s blocked on a major site.

On the downside, because of the way the site works, if a video uploader has blocked their video from being embedded on a site outside of YouTube, this tool won’t let you watch.

Learn More About Using YouTube

Using alternative YouTube URLs is only a small part of getting the most out of your YouTube experience. You can find alternative YouTube apps for Android and iOS, as well as cracked apps that remove ads and other annoyances.