6 Ways to Overcome the Xiaomi Touchscreen Fault Apart from Using a Match

By | December 28, 2021

Mi Redmi touch screen not working – How how to solve a faulty touchscreen on a xiaomi cellphone ? Not a few xiaomi cellphone users, whether it’s xiaomi redmi or redmi note who have experienced problems where xiaomi mobile touch screen moves by itself but don’t touch it. Where the problem with the touch screen of the Xiaomi cellphone is that this error is often known as ghost touch / ghost typing. But we don’t need to worry because this time here we will try to provide 6 solutions when the touch screen or LCD of the Xiaomi android smartphone that we have is having problems moving wildly.

Indeed, there are many factors that make the touchscreen of the Xiaomi cellphone not respond to touch. However, of the 6 ways to deal with touchscreen errors on this xiaomi cellphone, the cause of ghost touch is often due to the leakage of electric current from the charger. Then how? 6 ways to fix a xiaomi cellphone touch screen that moves wildly the ? Given that the touch screen is a very important smartphone hardware device, we need to immediately deal with the touch screen error problem.

Therefore, on this occasion, we Smartphone Solution will try to provide a little information about how to make the touch screen of a xiaomi cellphone that is not working normal again. And here we will provide 6 causes that often occur along with the best solution to fix it yourself before taking it to the nearest xiaomi cellphone service center. Although the tips that we will share this time are simple steps in overcoming the xiaomi cellphone touch screen that jumps on its own. For more details, let’s just take a look at the full review of how to fix an error xiaomi cellphone touchscreen below this.

6 Ways to Overcome the Xiaomi Touchscreen Fault Apart from Using a Match

6 ways to fix the touchscreen of the Xiaomi cellphone is wrong

Indeed, to overcome the touch screen of the Xiaomi cellphone which is irregular when touched, for example when we are going to type the letter “A” but what appears instead “D” is often a match lighter is a tool that can be used, as is the case on several sites on this google search. But before discussing how to fix a touchscreen error with matches, we will first provide the easiest steps that we can do on all types and brands of existing Android phones.

To shorten the time, let’s take a look at the reviews below about 6 ways to fix Touch screen cellphone that can’t be touched the. Among others are :

Steps to repair an android phone touch screen that doesn’t work (mistakes)

1. Make sure the condition of the charger

  • As we mentioned above that the main cause of the touch screen error problem on Android phones is due to excessive electric current. Therefore, the charger has a very important role here, so it is hoped that we do not use a charger that is not the original factory default. With the hope that the touch screen problem that doesn’t work will not happen to us.

2. Ensure Screen Protector Condition

  • Tempered glass is currently a very popular tool for protecting the touch screen / touchscreen for Android phones. But did you know, it turns out that a dirty or damaged screen protector can be the source of the cause of the Android smartphone touchscreen error moving on its own. Therefore, to ensure that when the touchscreen of our Xiaomi cellphone has problems moving on its own or slips when touched, we should first remove the existing tempered glass.

3. Xiaomi cellphone conditions that are too hot

  • It is undeniable that the condition of a smartphone that is too hot can cause various problems, for example, the touch screen of a xiaomi cellphone that suddenly doesn’t work. So if we feel the condition of the smartphone is too hot and an error appears on the touch screen, it would be better if we stop first and wait until the temperature returns to normal.

4. Touchscreen Calibration

  • Touch screen calibration on an Android phone has a function to restore a touch screen that doesn’t work, such as misses, skips or doesn’t respond when touched so that it can return to normal. Therefore, to make sure the xiaomi cellphone touchscreen is in error in normal conditions or not, we need to calibrate the touchscreen. We can use special applications such as MultiTouch Tester or Touchscreen Calibration while doing the process.

5. How to Fix Touchscreen With Match

The following is a way to fix an error xiaomi cellphone touch screen using matches that are often done by smartphone users and several available sources. But in our opinion, this method is not a guarantee to overcome the touch screen error. From several available sources, sometimes there are those who have succeeded in using this method but some have failed. So before trying to fix the touchscreen with a lighter below, it would be better if we consider it first.

Steps how to fix touchscreen with lighter, including:

  • First of all, prepare a lighter from a gas lighter. The lighter is shaped like a small tube and there is a wire. If we flick the lighter it will come out a kind of spark. For more details, see the image below:
    how to fix touchscreen with lighter
  • After that, download the Touchscreen tester application on the Playstore or you can also use the hardware test on the Miui 8
  • Then we wipe it on the part of the touch screen that has the error
  • Then flick the lighter and then face the end of the cable that lights up on the touch screen that doesn’t work
    how to fix the touchscreen with a lighter how to fix the touchscreen with a lighter
  • The next step is to do it until there is a reaction that the touch screen can be used again
  • Repeat in other parts that we think have an error on the touch screen of the android cellphone that we have

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6. Visit the Nearest Service Center

  • If the steps above have not resolved the error problem on the touch screen of the xiaomi cellphone that we have or we are hesitant to do all of the above, then it would be better if we contacted the nearest service center. This is because the touch screen error is sometimes also influenced by hardware damage to the device itself. For that we leave it to the more expert in the field to get further treatment.

Thus our meeting this time, which just reviewed the 6 touch screen solutions for the xiaomi cellphone that moves on its own. Hopefully our meeting this time can be useful for all of us, thank you so much..

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