6 Steps & How to Install the Correct Bathroom Ceramics

By | April 27, 2022

How to install bathroom tiles – Installing bathroom tiles may be quite difficult for people who do not have a basic in building science. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself at all. The key is a strong desire to learn how to install the ceramic independently. At least learn the basics.

Why is it recommended to learn the basics of how to install it?

Because usually these basic sciences can be learned self-taught. So that ordinary people who do not have a background in building science, will be able to install ceramics in their own homes.

6 Steps & How to Install the Correct Bathroom Ceramics
Illustration. Photo by : Gusz Project (Youtube).

The basics that need to be learned include; What are the stages in installing the bathroom tiles. How to measure, and what tools to measure the floor and tiles.

Then you need to learn some of the other steps. Now, after you have finished studying it, and you feel that you are ready to install the ceramics yourself, you just need to practice all of these methods.

Maybe you will ask: “Then, what are the stages and how to install the bathroom tiles?”

Let’s just go over the stages and all the ways in detail. Read carefully each of the following explanations.


1. Prepare Tools and Materials

Of course, the first step that must be done is to prepare the tools and materials to install ceramics. At this preparatory stage, ceramic installers are required to choose ceramics with the best quality and of course according to their wishes.

6 Steps and How to Install Bathroom Ceramics
Illustration of tools and ceramic materials.

Well, it is necessary to prepare ceramics in more quantities than needed. This is done in case something unwanted happens, such as broken ceramics during the cutting process. In addition, other materials must also be prepared, such as special ceramic cement, ceramic grout and also an applicator board.

2. Measure the Bathroom Floor Area

After preparing all the tools and materials for installing ceramic tiles, the second way to install ceramic tiles is to measure the bathroom floor area. In this second step, it is required to measure the bathroom floor using a measuring instrument or meter.

6 Steps and How to Install Bathroom Ceramics
6 Steps and How to Install Bathroom Ceramics
Illustration. Photo by : Properti.kompas.com

Begin measuring the bathroom floor by pulling the tape measure from one wall toward the wall directly opposite. Give a sign that can be seen clearly and make sure the marks will meet at a point in the middle of the room. Next, stick the thread following the line from the measurements that have been made.

Why should thread? The reason is, thread is one of the important tools in ceramic installation. The presence of this tool is used for reference lines when the installation process begins. After all the threads have been installed, you will see the bathroom is divided into four areas.

3. Try Installing Ceramics Without Cement

Do not rush to install the ceramic, because it must be tried first without using cement. Install the tiles from the center first, then use the tile spacers to provide space between the tiles.

See an example illustration below.

6 Steps and How to Install Bathroom Ceramics
Illustration. Photo by : Bangunrenov.com

The above steps need to be done. The goal is that you can know there is a possibility that there are parts of the floor that cannot be fully tiled.

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4. Soak Ceramics

This fourth stage is the most important stage in the process of installing bathroom tiles.

6 Steps and How to Install Bathroom Ceramics
Illustration. Photo by : Jagobangun.com

Before being installed, all you have to do is soak the ceramic in the water for a while. This is done so that the ceramic pores can absorb water, so it can make the ceramic flexible.

5. Install Ceramics Carefully

Well, after carrying out several series of processes above, then you can install ceramics with cement, aka permanent installation.

6 Steps and How to Install Bathroom Ceramics
Illustration. Photo by : Bibisnis.com

Start with one of the other areas first and make sure the water and cement are well mixed. Apply cement to the floor with an even height, then carefully attach the tiles.

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6. Apply Ceramic Grout

The last step that needs to be done is to allow the ceramic that has been installed to dry completely. After that, then you can apply the ceramic grout and don’t forget to mix the ceramic grout with water first. This ceramic grout functions as a filler between or between ceramics.

6 Steps and How to Install Bathroom Ceramics

How to install bathroom tiles above is an easy series to do. Do it step by step properly and correctly, never skip a step, because it can have a bad impact on ceramics.

Hopefully the above information can be useful for all of you.