6 Sites To Stream Concert Videos For Free And Legally

By | March 9, 2022

Want to stream free music concerts from around the world? Here are some sites worth checking out!

Regardless of the genre of music, live concerts always beat pre-recorded songs.

If you want to get some live concert footage, that’s easy to do. There are many sites that allow you to legally stream full concert videos.

World Concert Hall aims to provide users with daily live broadcasts from concert halls around the planet. All recordings at the World Concert Hall are audio only; You cannot use this site to find streaming videos of live concerts.

The site is constantly updating the list of concerts on the homepage. New concerts are added to the list a few days before the event itself, allowing you to find time to incorporate it into your own schedule.

You can’t use this site to access old concerts, it’s just a tool to access live music in real-time. All concerts on this site are free to listen to.

In addition to concerts, make sure you check out the huge list of global concert halls and opera houses. This is a treasure trove for classical music lovers.

LiveList compiles recorded concert videos from around the world, allowing you to enjoy them from the comfort of your couch.

The genres on this site are very diverse; You can find everything from intimate Bluegrass shows to huge DJ sets. If you sign up for a free account, the site will learn about the types of shows you watch most often and adjust their recommendations.

LiveList also supports user-submitted concerts. You can make concerts available for free or, if you own the rights, charge a fee.

StageIt is similar to an online concert hall. Artists use this platform to perform monetized live shows for their followers. Since no concerts on StageIt are ever archived, that means the shows you’ve seen are once-in-a-lifetime shows that will never be replicated or looked back on.

Another killer feature in StageIt is the interactive aspect. Fans are actively encouraged to contact the artist during recording and ask questions. Rarely, if ever, will you see a similar format in a traditional live concert setting.

Not all performances on the Stage cost money. However, for doing so, you have to pay for it using “Notes”. They are a site-specific form of virtual currency that you have to buy in bulk.

MTV Live is a music network online streaming service. If you have a cable subscription plan that includes MTV, you can use your cable credentials and sign in to the MTV Live site for free. Non-cable subscribers can purchase 24-hour viewing tickets; no standalone monthly subscription plans.

Actually, the programming on MTV is a mix. The network has increasingly turned to low-quality reality TV content in recent years, but you can still find the occasional live concert if you keep your eyes open.

The Boiler Room started life as a wall-mounted webcam in an underground club in London.

Today, it is one of the best YouTube channels for music concerts that are broadcast outside of mainstream tastes. In total, the archive contains more than 7,500 performances by 7,000 artists, with more than 250 cities from around the world represented.

Some concerts are from clubs, others are top DJs mixing from their own homes. If you like dance music, there’s sure to be something interesting to listen to.

Check out our list of YouTube music channels to help you relax if you think dance music is too intense.

United We Stream grew out of Berlin’s club culture but has since grown to cover more cities as the service’s popularity skyrocketed during the 2020 lockdown.

In total, more than 85 cities are now covered, including Barcelona, ​​Manchester, Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, Sydney and Dubai.

The site provides live streaming of DJ sets and dance concerts, with some of the biggest names in the genre using the app to perform for their fans. You can access and watch streaming for free.

How About The Official YouTube Channel

In addition to their extensive concert-themed YouTube channels, many bands and artists also have independent, official channels. The channel often contains clips from old concerts, broadcasts live events in real time, and offers other exclusive content. Make sure you do a search to see if your favorite musician is on the platform.

You should also check out concert hall and opera theater websites; many have live streaming functionality, especially as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to show signs of not going away. Some notable examples include The Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall in New York, and the Wiener Staatsoper in Vienna.

And remember, with a little digging, you’ll even be able to find live music concerts on the leading social media apps, with Instagram and Facebook being the two most popular among artists.