6 Pedometer Apps To Make Walking A Habit And Turn Counting Steps Into Reward

By | March 8, 2022

Make walking a more enjoyable exercise with the help of this app and take the first step towards better health.

It’s time to move. This pedometer app encourages you to take a daily walk to lose weight, nourish your heart, or even turn your steps into a reward.

Daily walking is one of the most popular forms of exercise, especially with the trend of 10,000 steps daily for a healthy heart. Some people also find it tempting to compete with friends in these daily steps. No matter how you view walking as a form of exercise, this free app will make it a more enjoyable activity.

Walk To Lose Weight (Android, iOS): For Beginners Walk More Gradually

If you’re trying to develop a habit of regular walking, especially with the goal of losing weight, you need to get the Walking for Weight Loss (WWL) app. This will train beginners to gradually build up their strength and walking speed so that you begin to conquer longer distances to lose weight and increase your heart rate.

You can start as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced walker depending on how long you plan to walk each day. For each session, WWL will give you a warm-up before starting, and divide the journey into slow and fast walking sessions. For example, if you walk for 20 minutes, you can start with 16 minutes at a regular pace and four minutes at a brisk walk.

Along the way, WWL provides you with guided audio instructions. It also connects with your preferred music player app, so you can listen to music normally but audio instructions will sound when needed.

Every GPS map, time and walking steps are automatically recorded in the app. WWL also asks you to write down how you feel after your walk, which is a small but neat feature for tracking your walking journey. It is easy to use, completely free, and popular with everyone who downloads it.

Download: Walk to Lose Weight for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Stridekick Activity Challenges: Community Challenges and Personal Challenges for Steps

Stridekick is a community of people who enjoy walking as a regular fitness activity. You can use it to challenge each other or advance together as a group, depending on the type of motivation that drives you forward. It’s a simple sign-up process, allowing you to join community challenges or create your own.

The free version gives you three challenge modes, which are Stridekick’s own benchmark for continuously improving your game. You can create personal challenges for up to 10 people, lasting up to a month. This is a great way to compete with your friends to see who has taken the most steps.

Community challenges are a cool way to join a virtual walking group. You’ll find that Stridekick users are competitive but in a healthy way, and support newcomers to reach their goals together. There are also special interest challenges for added fun, such as Star Wars themed challenges where you join a team for your favorite character, and increase your moves to beat other characters.

The Stridekick mobile app connects to most popular fitness apps and ecosystems, such as Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin, Withings, and Misfit. So you don’t need to use an app to track steps, you can using one of the best fitness trackers and synchronize the data.
Download: Stridekick Activity Challenges for Android | iOS (Free)

StepUp Pedometer Step Tracker (Android, iOS): Ad-Free App to Track Steps and Compete with Friends

Not everyone needs challenges and community groups. If all you want is a simple app to track your daily steps and compete with friends, get StepUp. This is a lightweight app to connect with friends and see all your steps in one place.

StepUp syncs data with Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit, and most popular fitness trackers. If you want to use the in-app step counter, this also works from the phone itself. What makes StepUp special is that the app is completely ad-free, and doesn’t track your location either, making it a rarity in this market.

Download: StepUp Pedometer Step Tracker for Android | iOS (Free)

Hero Trainer (Android, iOS): Get Free Video Game Rewards for Steps

Does the gamer lifestyle keep you glued to your chair? Hero Trainer incentivizes you to earn those daily steps by cashing them in for in-game rewards, with no strings attached. There are no hidden costs, it’s all about balancing your gaming time with your health.

Download and register apps, then sync with Google Fit, Apple Health, or Fitbit to track your steps. For every 1000 steps, you get one Aura. Aura is like a coin, which you exchange for in-game gifts. Hero Trainer has facilities for a variety of mobile, PC, and console games, from Call of Duty to Super Smash Bros.

You can gain more aura by participating in challenges, such as a higher daily step count or daily step streak. Gaming is all about community, so Hero Trainer lets you build and join guilds to play with friends. There’s also an active Discord server to chat with other players about balancing health and gameplay.

Charity Miles (Android, iOS): Walk to Raise Money for Charity

While some apps offer rewards for the steps, you can also use the same exercises for a good cause. Charity Miles turn your steps into money raised for charitable organizations.

This is a simple pedometer app. First, choose from the various charities you want to donate to, such as Feeding America, Autism Speaks, etc. Then start walking (or running or cycling)! Again, you can connect with Google Fit or Apple Health to sync your moves. Every mile you travel helps you raise money for charity.

Walk the Distance (Android, iOS): Take a Virtual Walk and Set a Distance Destination

Most walking or running apps let you set a goal about the number of steps per day, or to beat your personal best time. Walk The Distance (WTD) sets even higher goals. How about walking the Appalachian Trail, or the Pacific Crest Trail, or Arches National Park? You can almost complete these famous walks through the app.

Here’s how it works. WTD will sync with Google Fit or Apple Health which tracks your daily steps. You choose the path you want to complete, and the app will tell you how much you managed to walk through today. And it will “unlock” that many virtual trails for you to see.

So based on how much you walk, you’ll walk through the app and see a view of the trail. These are beautiful little writings and photos that give you a window into a distant world. You can also see other hikers on the trail as well as upcoming achievements.

WTD’s social section lets you add friends for virtual walks together. You can both get on the treadmill but still hike through the Appalachian Trail. Only the first part of each track is free, after that you have to pay to unlock. But if you like free bits, you’ll find the rest worth it.

Download: Walk the Distance for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Beyond Cardio

You don’t have to choose an app from the list above. Pedometer apps vary because people have different interests. You may want to start with Walking for Weight Loss, but move on to Walk The Distance when the treadmill gets boring, and finally start walking for Charity Miles. Mix, it’s up to you.

But you should also realize that while walking is an excellent form of daily exercise, it’s just cardio. You are not getting the strength training, aerobics, or other exercises your body needs to achieve optimal fitness. When you are in shape, make sure your body gets a well-rounded condition.