6 Great Apple AirPods Features You Might Miss

By | March 7, 2022

If you own AirPods, you should know about this neat feature hidden beneath the surface.

Ever since Apple released the AirPods, they’ve been a hit thanks to their ease of use and crystal clear sound. However, because it’s so easy to get started, you might miss a lot of the AirPods’ features.

Learning how to use these features can help you get the most out of your AirPods, while still enjoying their simplicity. To learn more about AirPods features that you may have missed, read on.

Listen Live/Live Listen

Using Live Listen is a useful feature, especially in crowded areas. With Live Listen, your AirPods can become your personal microphone. This lets you listen in on a conversation or hear someone speak from across the room.

To use Live Listen, go to Settings, then tap Control Center. Once there, scroll down and find the entry Hearing. Tap the icon Add/Add, then you are ready to use the function.

Turn on your AirPods and connect them to your phone, if you haven’t already. Then Control Center (swipe down from the top right on an iPhone with Face ID, or swipe up from the bottom on an iPhone with the Home button). Tap the icon Hearing, then Live Listen.

Now you can leave one bud anywhere and hear conversations through the other like an easy-to-carry, portable microphone. Just don’t be rude and listen to conversations you shouldn’t have.

Announce Message

With AirPods, as well as some other Apple headphones, you can ask Siri to read you messages you receive. Siri will first play a sound and announce the sender’s name before reading your message. He will then ask if you want to send a reply back.

If the message is too long, Siri will only announce the sender’s name. You can still ask him to read the entire message to you, if you prefer. Reply simply by telling Siri that you want to respond.

To activate this feature, go to Settings > Notifications > Announce Messages with Siri. Note that you can only use this feature with AirPods or other Apple headphones (like Powerbeats); You won’t see the option if you don’t connect compatible headphones. Siri will only read messages aloud when your phone is locked.

This feature will come in handy when you are driving or busy and cannot use your hands. With AirPods connected to your Apple device, you can still hear and reply to your messages.

Share Audio With Others

With regular headphones, it’s clear how to share buds with friends. With AirPods, however, this can get a little tricky. Apple has introduced a feature that lets you share audio with whoever you want. This feature allows others to listen to what you hear, be it music, podcasts, videos, or the like.

To enable this feature, first connect the AirPods to your device. Open Control Center and tap the AirPlay icon (a circle with a triangle at the bottom), which will be displayed in the widget Now Playing for your current audio source. Then you can tap Share Audio.

Hold your friend’s AirPods close to your phone and connect with the resulting prompt. Now, both of you can enjoy the same audio.

Headphone/Headphone Accommodations

Headphone Accommodation is a great feature that Apple added with iOS 14. It allows you to manipulate multiple frequencies and make soft sounds play louder. This is useful if you suffer from hearing loss, or are picky about audio quality and something goes wrong. This feature works with some Apple headphones, as discussed above.

To activate this feature, go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Headphone Accommodations. Turn on the slider at the top, then you can adjust the audio settings to change the frequency of the sound.

You can apply it to Phone, Media, or both. There are other options to choose from here, so play with them and see what sounds best to you.

Choose the Microphone Your AirPods Use

This feature applies to all AirPods. Both buds have built-in microphones, allowing you to make calls with ease. By default, both microphones are on if you use both AirPods. If you only have one, it will be used instead.

If you want to select an AirPod microphone to always use, go to Settings > Bluetooth and tap the icon i next to your Airpods. Next, press Microphone, and set it to your preference. If you choose Left or Right here, it will be the default AirPod microphone, even if the bud is in the case.

Use AirPods With Apple Watch

Apple Watch is great when you can’t or don’t want to use your phone, like when you’re running. If you often only use your Apple Watch without your iPhone, pairing your Apple Watch with AirPods can come in handy.

Connecting AirPods to your Apple Watch is easy, as they are paired automatically when you connect AirPods to your iPhone. To start using it, swipe up from the bottom of your Apple Watch and tap the . icon AirPlay, followed by your AirPods.

If this doesn’t work, tap Connect a Device at the bottom of the page, then hold down the button Setup on your AirPods case to put them into pairing mode.

Optimize Your AirPods Experience

Your AirPods become so much more awesome when you understand all their features. If you don’t know it already, give it a try and see what you’re missing.

And if your AirPods ever refuse to connect, you should know how to troubleshoot in that situation.