6 Best Tools to Print/Print to PDF

By | December 17, 2021

Whether you’re looking to print product manuals or magazines or reduce printer costs, the PDF format has a lot to offer.

PDF printer tools allow you to save any file you can print as a PDF. Since this tool disguises itself as a regular printer, you can use it to create PDF files in any application.

Let’s take a look at some of the best PDF printer apps for Windows 10.

Microsoft Print to PDF

Windows 10 has native “print to PDF” functionality built into the operating system. When you want to print a file from an application that supports printing, select Microsoft Print to PDF from the list of installed printers, and click Print. Browse to the location, type your file name, and click Save.

The print dialog box that you see may look different depending on the application you are using. Apps you install from the Windows Store will display a larger window and have a modern visual appearance. You can customize the print job with the options in the dialog.

Main feature:

  • No need to install third party software/driver to print files.
  • Extract one or more pages from a PDF without using any third party utility. In the print dialog box, select Page Range under the page drop-down box, and enter the number of the page you want to extract.
  • Encrypt the document with a password and limit the ability of others to print, edit, or copy this file. choose More settings while printing to view the encryption options.


clawPDF is a free and open-source PDF printer based on the popular PDFCreator code. It supports Windows 7 to 10 and Windows Server 2008 to 2019.

After installing the application, you can set the printing profile. A profile is a set of configurations used when creating a PDF file.

Each profile lets you manage specific settings and access profile presets. To print your file, select clawPDF from the list of installed printers, and click Print.

From the dialog, select your profile, add document metadata (for example, subject, keywords, and author name), and click Save.

Main feature:

  • Support for multiple output formats, including PDF, PDF/A, PDF/X, JPEG, TIF, and text formats.
  • Allows you to customize settings per profile of file naming templates, compression settings for color and grayscale images, encryption options, and add signatures with digital certificates.
  • Perform repetitive actions like add a cover, background, attach other files, open an email client, upload by FTP, and more.
  • Merge multiple pages into one PDF document.

CutePDF Writer

CutePDF Writer is a simple and easy to use PDF printer for Windows. Out of the box, supports Windows Vista up to 10 and Windows Server 2008 through 2019.

Installation requires additional postscript to PDF driver (PS2PDF converter) to create PDF files.

To print your file, select CutePDF Writer from the list of printers and click Print. Live app shows you the dialogue Save as with options integrated into File Explorer itself. Type your file name, add document properties and click Save.

Professional cutePDF added several features such as adding comments, creating interactive form fields, creating booklets, stylish text stamps, and many more for a price.

Main feature:

  • Encrypt your PDF with 128-bit AES security. You can even limit the ability of other users to prevent printing, editing, or extracting content.
  • Support for basic program access. You can generate registry keys to customize the appearance and filename templates. The paid version lets you set template timestamps and email PDFs.
  • Edit PDF files with the free online version CutePDF Editor directly from the browser.

PDF24 Creator

PDF24 Creator is a free and versatile tool that offers easy-to-use solutions to everyday PDF problems.

With this app, you can create PDFs from any printable document, extract pages, merge and split files, create self-signed documents and more.

In any application that supports printing, select PDF24 from the list of printers, and click Print.

From PDF24 Assistant, choose PDF quality, and click Save as PDF. The assistant is integrated with many tools. For example, you can email your file, save the file in various image or text formats, and open the creator to edit your PDF.

Main feature:

  • This app lets you adjust many PDF parameters such as PDF quality, document metadata, PDF standard (PDF/A, PDF/X), file resolution, color, and monochrome compression settings, and more.
  • Create profiles with different settings. For each profile, you can choose an export format, self-sign documents, or combine multiple files into one PDF.
  • Add or add additional attachments to close. For confidential documents, you can flag and limit editing capabilities with 256-bit encryption.
  • Open your converted file in Creator. The interface has a built-in file explorer, which makes editing much simpler.


PDFCreator is a popular print to PDF tool developed by pdfforge. Out of the box, you can create documents in a variety of formats such as PDF/A (1b, 2b, 3b), PDF/X, Images (JPEG, PNG, multipage TIFF), and text files.

To convert a file, open it with the application of your choice, and select PDFCreator. Or, just right click on any document and select Convert with PDFCreator.

In the free version, the EXE installer works fine for personal use. Professional PDFCreator allows you to download a separate MSI installer. You can use this package in Active Directory to create a shared printer for the entire network.

Feature HotFolder automate the entire PDF creation process. Any printable files you add to this folder will be automatically converted to PDF or another supported format of your choice.

Main feature:

  • It comes with a set of predefined profiles Default, high compression, high quality, or multi-page graphic file. You can define the settings for the output file and the quick action you want to take.
  • Automates the creation process without any interaction using pre-selected profiles. Activate Autosave mode and set it with parameters such as filename template, document location, and encryption settings.
  • Use tokens to add variable content for some settings such as filename, target folder, or email content. For example, DateTime, DropBoxLink, JobID, Keyword and many more.
  • Set quick actions to instantly modify documents. For example, open a folder, open with a specific visitor, send via email, FTP, or Dropbox.
  • The workflow editor lets you configure custom orders for your unique needs.
Download: PDFCreator (Free, Professional Version: $17)

BullZip PDF Printer

The Bullzip PDF printer is a balanced and easy-to-use PDF printer that supports Windows XP up to 10 and Windows Server 2003 through 2016.

During installation, it offers optional downloads for Ghostscript Lite (required), Power PDF tool, and Xpdf. The options are visible in separate tabs.

In tab General, you can select your preferred output format (PDF, BMP, EPS, PNG, PS), file location, and customize the default profile. In Documents, you can set document metadata, PDF quality, compatibility, and compression settings.

Standard and professional version offers you various stamps and backgrounds for PDFs, MSI packages for deployments, multiple sets of options, automates workflow processes via its API, and much more.

Main feature:

  • Stamp your document with a text watermark and adjust its properties. You can also use macros to create dynamic text watermarks.
  • Print on existing PDF as stamp or background with max 300 dpi.
  • Gives you access to Microsoft.NET, COM Automation API, and COM OCX API for developers to print PDF programmatically.

With so many print to PDF tools out there, it becomes difficult to choose the right application. If you’re just looking for a simple tool, use the built-in Microsoft Print for PDF along with PDFCreator or PDF24. And if you want more, try the affordable PDFCreator or CutePDF.