6 Best Quality Cheap Wired Earbuds

By | December 18, 2021

Bluetooth headphones are becoming increasingly popular and affordable, but wired earbuds do have some advantages. There are no connectivity issues, nor do they run out of battery. Importantly, they are also usually cheaper.

As long as you have a device with a 3.5mm headphone jack (or an additional adapter), wired earbuds are still a great, cost-effective option. Here are some of the best cheap wired earbuds available today.


The KZ ZSN are some of the best-sounding affordable earbuds. Their audio reproduction is so good, you might even be able to use them instead of your studio monitor in a pinch. The company has released a lot of headphones in the past, but these devices strike the right balance between performance and price.

This pair has a bassy sound profile and can be loud enough to drown out the ambient noise around you. They are also very comfortable, because they are shaped in a way that fits snugly against your ear. The outside has a metal frame while the inside is made of green, purple, or black colored plastic, which gives them a unique look.

Unlike most earbuds in this price range, this one has a detachable cable. If your wire ever breaks or breaks, you can easily buy a replacement cable and get it replaced in less than a minute. You can also purchase a separate Bluetooth-enabled cable that turns your pair into wireless earbuds.

Sony MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass

Like other headphones in Sony’s Extra Bass lineup, the MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass earbuds are tuned for above-average bass reproduction. The earbuds have full range sound, making them suitable for most types of music and spoken word.

They have a Y-shaped flat cable to reduce tangling as well. Like other Sony products, the earbuds are durable and built to last. The Sony MDR-XB50AP also has a built-in microphone and smartphone control buttons that you can use to pause, play, and skip your songs.

In addition to the earbuds themselves, you get four additional pairs of tips in different sizes and a small soft pouch that you can use to carry everything. Keep in mind, though, that these are not waterproof or splash-proof. If this is an important factor to you, someone else on this list may be a better choice.

Monster iSport Strive

One of the main considerations when looking at a range of in-ear headphones is whether they fit your ears comfortably. The Monster iSport Strive are some of the best wired earbuds available today. The earbuds are designed for an active lifestyle, with outer rubber grips designed to fit snugly in your ear.

While most earbuds fit inside your ear, the iSport Strive sits over your ear canal. This makes them more comfortable during long listening sessions and for those who don’t enjoy the in-ear design. These earbuds are also sweat-resistant, making them ideal for training sessions.

Thanks to the earpiece construction, the earbuds can provide sound isolation as well. The cord is flat rather than coiled to prevent tangling. Despite this unusual design, the earbuds come with a remote control and a three-button microphone. It allows you to control music playback, as well as accept or reject calls.

Symphonized NRG 3.0

If you’re looking for an inexpensive pair of earbuds with decent noise isolation, the Symphonized NRG 3.0 is a great choice. They are well built and offer good noise reduction. The casing on the outside of each bud is made of wood, which gives them a warmer sound than most of the other options in this price range.

They are available in six styles that define the wood grain and color, wire color, and accent color on the back of each earbud. Along with an in-line microphone, this pair has built-in buttons that allow you to control music apps and adjust your phone’s volume in a pinch.

The NRG 3.0 comes with a hard shell case that completes the look of the earphones. They also come with six pairs of earbuds in various sizes and styles, so you don’t have to worry about missing one or both of the attached tips.

Skullcandy Ink’d Mic’d 2.0

Skullcandy is one of the most established and respected headphone brands around. Its products are some of the best value earbuds you can find, and the Skullcandy Ink’d Mic 2.0 2.0 is no exception. The first thing you’ll notice is that these earphones are very cheap, even compared to other entries on this list.

Given the price, you shouldn’t buy this expecting high-quality audio. That said, this set contains Skullcandy’s Supreme Sound technology, enabling exceptional sound reproduction. This same technology delivers a firm Bass Striking experience, giving your audio a powerful low-end.

The Ink’d Mic’d 2.0 comes with an in-line microphone and one-button remote. The earbuds are available in 10 different colors, so you’re sure to find something to suit your style. The cable is flat, also minimizing the amount of time you spend removing your headphones.

Panasonic ErgoFit

The Panasonic ErgoFit Buds are probably the most popular wired headphones on Amazon, with over 50,000 reviews. There’s a good reason why. They offer decent sound reproduction, build quality, and comfort, while also being one of the cheapest options available.

The name ErgoFit comes from the way Panasonic designed the buds, which make them comfortable to wear in your ears for extended periods of time. While they don’t offer the best sound reproduction, they are fine for listening to some tunes at the office or watching videos on YouTube.

The base model comes without a mic, but the ErgoFit with Mic costs just a few extra dollars. Both are available in more than a dozen colors. If you need a few extra pairs of earbuds around the house to spare, this is a great option. They are also a good choice for younger children.

The Best Wired Earbuds For You

Wired earbuds are still an affordable option for listening on the go. Bluetooth headphones offer a cable-free experience, but you have to consider battery life and connectivity.

Even if you opt for wireless headphones as your everyday device, wired earbuds are also a great option. That said, if you’re committed to a cable-free existence, then you should check out a few Affordable Wireless Earbuds As a replacement.