6 Best Cheap Smartwatches for Fitness and Notifications

By | December 30, 2021

A smartwatch is a great way to start your fitness journey. Once you start tracking how much you walk and run, you will be motivated to keep exercising.

Since you can also make calls and reply to notifications right from your wrist, the temptation to spend a few minutes aimlessly scrolling through your phone can also subside.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive smartwatch that also doubles as a fitness tracker and displays notifications, check out our suggestions below.

Amazfit Bip

The Amazfit Bip is a feature-rich watch. In a small body that weighs just 31 grams, it packs a heart rate sensor, compass, barometer, GPS, and a 1.28-inch Gorilla Glass display. The Bip’s design is intentionally unisex, making it a great choice for all genders.

Using the color touchscreen, you can track your steps and workouts, get alerts for calls, and view notifications. The bundled GPS and heart rate sensor make it the perfect companion for outdoor workouts too. Data from the watch is synced to your phone via the Mi Fit smartphone app.

Although it includes many smartwatch features, such as a color display, the Amazfit Bip has a battery life of up to 45 days on standby. It is available in four colors; Onyx Black, Cinnabar Red, Kodako Green, and White Cloud.

TicWatch E
The TicWatch E is one of the few inexpensive smartwatches that supports Google’s Wear OS. This watch comes with a watch face and apps that are all compatible with Wear OS as well. Android users will be happy to see the integration with Google Assistant. The Ticwatch E also supports taking calls and responding to messages from your wrist.

When you receive a message, you can reply to it using your voice. The TicWatch E has built-in support for counting steps and tracking workouts. While the watch runs on Wear OS, there is also support for the Google Play Store. This means you have full access to all Wear OS compatible fitness apps.

What’s more, the watch comes with built-in GPS, an optical heart rate monitor, and has and supports Google Play Music. This means you can run with just a TicWatch and a pair of Bluetooth headphones. It will even last up to 48 hours on a single charge. It comes in two colors; Ice and Shadow.

Fitbit Versa Lite
Fitbit smartwatches combine their fitness tracking prowess with the Fitbit OS smartwatch operating system. The Versa Lite is an entry-level smartwatch designed for users who are just starting their fitness journey and want a lightweight and stylish smartwatch for fitness tracking and notifications.

The Fitbit Versa Lite is an excellent and cheaper rear edition of the Fitbit Versa. To lower costs, there’s no pool tracking, onboard music storage, altimeter, or NFC. However, all the key Fitbit features like step counting, exercise tracking, and sleep monitoring are all here.
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The Fitbit Versa Lite is water resistant up to 50 meters, and will last up to four days on a single charge. You also get notification mirrors for calls, alerts, and messages. Android users can send quick replies from Versa Lite as well. This watch is available in four colors; White, Purple, Mulberry and Navy Blue.

MyKronoz ZeRound2
MyKronox’s ZeRound 2 is an elegant smartwatch designed in Switzerland. The watch is equipped with a 1.22-inch circular color touchscreen. It has a microphone and speakers, so Android users can even make and receive phone calls from the watch.

That microphone also allows the ZeRound2 to support Google Assistant and Siri as well. ZeRound2 features fitness tracking, sleep tracking, and notification mirroring for Android and iOS. The software is customizable too, with a large collection of watches to keep things fresh.

BingoFit Smart Watch
The BingoFit smartwatch is an affordable and stylish device. It has a round physical watch face with a 1.3-inch color screen. Instead of a touchscreen, it has a touch sensitive area at the bottom of the screen. Tap once to switch between menus and tap and hold to make selections.

If you’re interested in tracking your steps, exercise and sleep cycle, BingoFit has you covered. Connect via Bluetooth to your smartwatch, and you’ll be able to see notifications and get call alerts on your wrist. The watch also features heart rate and oxygen monitoring. It comes in three colors; black, gray and purple.

Verpro Smart Watch
DoSmarter’s Verpro is one of the most affordable smartwatches with fitness tracking features. Along with the usual step counting and sleep cycle tracking, it also features blood pressure monitoring, heart rate tracking and blood oxygen level monitoring. While the results are not necessarily considered medically accurate, you will get a reasonable estimate of your overall health.

This watch is lightweight, and has a square screen. This means that in the end it looks like a hybrid between the Fitbit Versa Lite and the Apple Watch, two popular and stylish devices. Verpro will also show call alerts and notifications on your wrist. There is notification support for calls, emails, SMS, and various popular apps as well.

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