6 Best Apps for Book Writing on iPhone

By | April 1, 2022

Make your book writing task easier with this app for your iPhone and iPad.

Book writing used to be a very difficult business to run, often more about who you know than what you know.

Well, it’s still hard, but not that hard. Making it even easier are book writing apps, which can help you plan your story or have a place to write and get guidance on your content.


Scrivener is a very comprehensive application that aims to help as many writers as possible. With a UI (user interface) that makes dragging and dropping friendly and simple, Scrivener allows you to work through individual sections of your book and even switch around where chapters are placed.

You can place comments, footnotes, links, and highlights on selected text, insert images, view your word and character count, and import PDF and media files. This app uses Dropbox to make transferring scripts fast and easy between different devices.

You can export to various formats, even export to a ZIP compressed folder. It also allows you to take screenshots from previous versions so you can cross-compare after making changes; which is especially useful if you’re struggling to finish a certain chapter and have a lot of ideas on how it’s going to go.


LivingWriter is a pretty simple app with a fun and sleek UI. This allows you to write your story and take notes to help with your story. While in a story project, you can write Story Notes, Story Elements, Chapter Goals, Story Goals, and much more. The app makes exporting to PDF and Word quick and simple, meaning you can add a story on the go if you think of an idea, then export it to Word to continue on another device when you return home.

This app even allows you to add Cover Image to the story, which is a nice touch that helps with the story’s distinct aesthetic. Compared to the other writing apps on the list, LivingWriter can be seen as a slightly simplistic app, but its strength lies in how easy it is to create your goals for stories. The formatting options are comprehensive enough to give you everything you need when writing a book on your phone.

Story Planner for Writers

Finding ideas for stories, or even just individual chapters, can be difficult for even the greatest writers. Story Planner for Writers aims to make things easier for you through an intuitive outline feature.

This app has a special section to describe characters and locations. It even allows you to add images to enhance the aesthetic and help you get into the zone. Through the color coding feature, you can separate plot lines to help keep them straight in your head.

Feature Progress Bar helps you make sure you stay productive enough every day, tailored to the results you want. It also offers statistics that help illustrate through data how your story is working.

Writer Assistant (Wassi)

Writer Assistant (Wassi) works in much the same way as Story Planner for Writers, but while it doesn’t have as many features as the latter, it has a free version and has enough features to be useful.

Through the top menu, you can work on various aspects of the project with tabs for Characters, Locations, Stories etc. And, on each tab, whatever you’re working on is broken down into further tabs that can help you fine-tune your location or character.

Writer Assistant allows you to Save and restore backups, and you can also export to PDF, and change the app’s theme to make it look the way you want. This additional feature is useful if you are working on another device and want to plot your story in the app and then transfer it to another device to start writing it.

This app is great for planning your story and understanding various aspects of everything plot, characters, locations and so on. How to break it all down can help get your creative juices flowing and simplify the task of planning your novel if you’re having a hard time getting started.


Ulysses is one of the most popular book writing apps, and for good reason. With a sleek, highly responsive UI and a design based on simplicity, you can create content right away and worry about the details later.

Through Sheets, you can write different stories through the app and can set them to sync via iCloud. Ulysses makes syncing easy to your iPad or Mac, meaning you can use the app on the go to add some ideas or write some of your stories, then continue on a bigger screen when you get back home.

In the text editor, you can add Headings, Dividers, Blockquotes, and more via the hamburger menu. On tab Formatting, you can add Annotations, Videos, Footnotes, and Comments among others.

The most impressive feature of Ulysses is Revision Mode, which provides suggestions on how to improve your text such as spelling, grammar, word redundancy, and typography. This feedback is helpful for writers of all skill levels. Lastly, the app is available in more than 20 languages ​​so it’s very likely that this app will be accessible to you.

Download: Ulysses (Free, subscription available)

Storyist 4

Storyist 4 is also a very popular writing app and for good reason. It combines the principles of other featured apps (book planning vs book writing) in a way that feels natural and simple.

When creating a project, you can work on the actual script and write the story right away, or you can take the time to decipher Characters and Settings. You can also add Images. Novel templates make it easy to get started, especially if you run into writer’s block or feel overwhelmed. Although template Characters and Settings a bit simpler than Story Planner for Writers and Assistant Writers, the fact that you can plan or write everything in Storyist makes it a very convenient and helpful tool.

Storyist also offers plenty of formatting and splitting options for your text, but they can be a little hard to find for beginners, as they are displayed in a sub-menu of an already bloated menu. This is something that will lessen your impact as you become more familiar with the software.

Write Correctly

Any app that helps you write a book is worth a look, and these six features will help you with the actual planning and writing process. While the onus is still on you to create killer stories, this app will help you in the process and help make you a better writer.