6 Best Android File Conversion Apps

By | December 25, 2021

While working with files on your phone, you may come across file formats that you cannot use. Or maybe you need to quickly convert a document to send to a colleague. Why turn on your computer when you can convert files directly on your Android phone

Here are the best apps to convert files on Android so you’ll never get stuck with the wrong format again.

PDF Converter

PDF Converter is a simple application that can convert many file extensions to PDF. Compatible formats include PNG, XPS, and BMP. You don’t have to wait long, because apps switch quickly.

Neatly, it also works the other way around. So if you have a PDF document that you want to convert to an image, you can easily do so with this app.

Apart from importing from your phone’s local storage, PDF Converter can fetch files from your cloud accounts like Google Drive and Dropbox. In addition, you can scan new documents through the camera.

During the process, the PDF converter allows you to perform several actions such as cropping and rotating the document. You can choose the output quality and page size as well. The PDF converter offers about 30 types of conversions, but only 20 of them are free. The rest you have to pay.

If you want to do the same on your computer, here are the best tools for converting and editing PDFs.

Download: PDF Converter (Free, premium version available)

File Converter

File Converter is a master of all trades, as it can convert almost any file extension. Whether it’s an archive, audio or ebook file, File Converter has you covered.

But there is a catch. The app does not perform this conversion locally; instead of uploading data and processing it on its own server. Once done, the app downloads the results to your phone.

You can send up to 100MB files or even enter a URL from which the app will automatically fetch input. Plus, you have the option to take a new picture or record a video.

Take a look at the Convert-Online web app if you don’t want to install it on your phone. Surprisingly, it is completely free and has no restrictions on extensions.

Download: File Converter (Free)

Fast PDF Converter

Fast PDF Converter is a one-stop shop for all your document needs. You can perform various PDF conversions to and from formats such as Word and PPT. Apart from that, the app has a lot of tools that you might find useful.

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You can compress PDF files to save space, read documents, edit them, and merge or split multiple PDFs. There is a feature to unlock or secure PDF files as well. As the name suggests, this app offers much better performance and produces results faster than others.

However, you need an internet connection for it to work. It’s free, as long as you don’t mind the in-app ads.

Download: Fast PDF Converter (Free, premium version available)

Media Converter Pro

Media Converter Pro is, as you might expect, specifically for media files. It can handle formats like MP3, MP4, AAC, FLAC, and the like. The app locally converts those extensions without any hassle, and comes with a modern design that’s easy to navigate.

You’ll appreciate its ability to fetch more than one file and execute the requested action at the same time. You can choose the right quality and even ask the app to trim audio silence.

Media Converter Pro is free and open source. Despite what its Play Store page says, it doesn’t come with ads either.

Download: Media Converter Pro (Free)

File Commander

File Commander is a comprehensive file manager that allows you to handle your files however you like. In addition to various management utilities, File Commander also has a converter add-on. It is capable of converting about 100 formats in categories such as media, documents, and archives.

Applications can detect input extensions themselves and suggest available outputs based on these. All you need to do is select the file and tap on the Convert File option present in the overflow menu at the top right corner. This is a paid feature, but File Commander has a free trial that lasts a week.

File Commander comes with a number of other features. You can directly share files with your PC via hotspot, sync cloud storage, encrypt sensitive data, and restore deleted data from the Recycle Bin.

Download: File Commander (Free, premium version available)

Batch Image Converter

Batch Image Converter is designed to convert a group of images into various formats, including WEBP, GIF, PNG, and PDF.

The application can process multiple images at once and convert them into, for example, a single PDF document. You can fine-tune the quality; in terms of PDF conversion, this app lets you generate multiple files or a single file.

Everything is offline, so you don’t need an internet connection. Batch Image Converter comes with in-app ads, but you can get rid of them for a fee.

Download: Batch Image Converter (Free, premium version available)

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