6 Best Android Apps For Music Production

By | April 15, 2022

Today, music production is not limited to expensive production studios. It is now completely possible to compose complete songs using only your smartphone or tablet.

Android has a variety of apps that can help you achieve your dream of becoming a music producer. This allows you to produce quickly and gives you many options to hone your production skills.

We’ve rounded up and highlighted some of the apps you should install if you’re serious about becoming a music producer.

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio is a DAW (digital audio workstation). This means that you have a full software-based music studio at your fingertips, great news if you want to produce music on the go or have limited funds. It’s also useful if you don’t have room for a rack filled with hardware.

FL Studio is a powerful application. It comes loaded with instruments, effects, music loops and samples. This way, you can start making music right away, regardless of your style. After launching the app, you will be presented with a blank canvas on which you can “draw” your music. Once done, it can be saved as high quality audio files like WAV and FLAC.

As mentioned, the app comes with several instruments to get you moving in the right direction. Once you’ve mastered the app’s preloaded instrument packages, purchase further modules to take your production to the next level. You’ll sound like Avicii before you know it!

Ninja Jam

If you’re looking for something a little simpler (and maybe a little more fun) than a full DAW, then Ninja Jamm should be right up your alley. This app has been developed by Coldcut, the founder of the globally renowned record label Ninja Tune and a master of the “cut-and-paste” music production sampling technique.

As the name suggests, this app is designed for “bottlenecks.” It lets you learn the easy production process with music loops and samples from world famous artists. You can then move on to creating your own in a full DAW. With Ninja Jamm you can gain an understanding of how loops work in combination with each other.

Since it’s native to smart devices, you can also use various gestures to manipulate sound. Shaking or tilting your device, for example, adds different effects to the sound, giving you a number of options to customize your jam.

The app has a paid version that unlocks a number of additional loops and samples, as well as a “Share +” app option. It allows you to record and save your music as lossless audio, and you can even upload to SoundCloud.

Download: Ninja Jam (Free, premium version available)


So you’ve created the perfect song collection and you feel the world needs to hear it. But how are you going to make this happen? In this case, Bandcamp is your friend. Bandcamp is an online music marketplace that allows artists to upload their music directly to the site. Along with artwork and liner notes, it gives you a comprehensive digital release without having to deal with publishers and distributors.

You can release music as a free Bandcamp stream, add a “pay as you like” option to your track, or give the track a set price. It’s a great way to monetize your music and Bandcamp only takes a small percentage of each sale, so you don’t have to worry about receiving micropayments to simply stream your music through alternatives like Spotify or YouTube. All of your releases are fully shareable via social media, and tracks can be embedded using the handy sharing widget.

Another advantage of Bandcamp is the weekly charts they release for different genres. No matter what your style is, if your music is good enough to choose from, then you have the potential to see it shared with all Bandcamp users. In turn, you may see an increase in sales. Bandcamp is becoming an increasingly popular platform and treats the artists who use the service fairly and with respect.


If you’re thinking about learning a string instrument, want to improve your singing, or would rather play the piano, then you can’t go wrong with Yousician. This app is great, because it covers everything from the basics of beginners to professional-level musicians.

Acting as a digital music tutor, Yousician has a large library of tutorials, songs and exercises that make learning music fun. One really cool feature of the app is the feedback element. This app will listen to you play and will give you constructive criticism where you need to improve. Then you can go and work your hard-to-reach barre chords or top octaves.

The advantage of self-taught an instrument is that you can do it your own way. Yousician is perfect for this learning method because you can pick up your guitar, for example, when you have 30 minutes to spare, and quickly get busy adding new tricks to your playlist.

Download: Yousician (Free, premium version available)

Ultimate Guitar: Chords and Tabs

One specifically for the axe holders out there, Ultimate Guitar is (as you’d expect) a resource for guitar and bass players. I use this app non-stop when teaching myself to play the guitar and find it very useful for learning the songs I want to learn. Once you get the basic chord shape, you’re happy to learn some actual songs.

The most impressive feature of Ultimate Guitar: Chords and Tabs is the huge collection of songs available in their library. Not only that, but it’s a community-driven app, which means that other guitarists and bass players will upload chords or tabs, which are then rated for accuracy and quality by other users.

The Pro version of the app offers many additional features, including playing along with backing tracks, a guitar tuner, and interactive tabs to let you learn while the app plays notes at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

Roland ZenBeats

If you’re a producer, then you’ve likely heard of Roland’s famous line of drums and hardware. What you may not have heard of, though, is their Zenbeats app. Zenbeats allows you to compose music using a variety of sounds that are famous for their basslines and synthesizer drums.

The app is available through three payment tiers, each offering a greater level of functionality as you progress through price points. The basic free version has everything you need to get started making music. Features include unlimited audio tracks, nine instruments, multiple effects to manipulate sound. You can even share your songs!

Roland Zenbeats has a nice and clean user interface, which is easy to navigate and easy to operate. This app is essential if you want to make electronic music with authentic sound; one that comes straight from one of the most recognizable names in the industry.

Best Apps For Music Production on Android

Android has a wide variety of music production apps on offer – these are just a few. If you’re planning to start production, you’ll probably need some headphones so you can listen to the output of your chosen app and adjust it if needed; see our guide to Best Wired Headphones to keep your productions sounding crisp and tight.