6 Apps To Find Great Podcast Recommendations To Listen

By | March 19, 2022

There are over 700,000 active podcasts today. If you want to discover great new podcasts and you enjoy listening to them, check out these recommendation engines and blogs.

There are some great podcast apps for beginners or addicts, but other than the apps, podcasts themselves aren’t as advertised as movies or TV shows. Even books get more publicity. So it’s hard for most people to find a fun new series.

For now, to find podcast recommendations, you have to rely on word of mouth. Aside from social media, here are some helpful blogs, search engines, and social recommendation tools that talk about the best podcasts you should listen to.

Podyssey (Android, iOS): Recommended Twitter Likes for Podcasts

Podyssey is a social recommendation engine for podcasts. Sign up for an account, add what you’re already listening to, and dive into a world of similar choices and recommendations. It’s mainly about finding people with similar tastes.

Setup is an important step, even if it seems tedious. You’ll need to export your current podcast player playlist and then import it into Podyssey. But do this and you’ll likely get better recommendations for shows and people to follow.

This app shows you a customized news feed based on your event. Users can “echo” what they’re listening to, which is the equivalent of a retweet. Once you start following people with similar interests, you’ll discover what they’re listening to. Users can also create playlists to recommend to others, which is a good way to discover lots of new shows when you’re starting out.

Like any other socially based app, Podyssey is just as useful as you make it. Be active and connect with fellow podcast lovers, and you don’t need another source.

Podcast Review (Web): Episode and Series Reviews by LA Review of Books

The Los Angeles Review of Books started an exclusive website for podcast reviews and interviews with hosts. Unlike social recommendation engines, this goes much more in-depth and is possible after listening to a full series or a few episodes.

Reviews and interviews are in text form, not in audio format. It sounds weird to review podcasts in text, but it works. In fact, you might just save time this way. This gives you the ability to read multiple reviews more quickly, and when you find something interesting, you can read all the details you want.

Websites leave a lot to be desired in terms of design. It’s not easy for “most popular articles” or collections like that to find podcast recommendations. Periodically, the site publishes a list or collection that will give you many choices. But instead, it’s all about reviewing one podcast at a time. But hey, at least you’ll know for sure if it’s to your taste or not.

Listen Notes (Web): Search Subtitles on Podcasts, Find New Shows

Listen Notes is one of the most useful tools for anyone interested in podcasts. First, it is an amazing search engine. That’s right, you can type in a keyword and Listen Notes will search through the podcast transcription to find where it says it. It’s amazing how well the search function works, traversing a large number of free and paid podcasts.

When you find something you like, you can add it to the Listen Later playlist, which is a bit like a read-it-later list. You can import this playlist into any podcast player app. Because so many people use Listen Notes, it has a “Real-Time Listen” feature to see which podcasts people are actually listening to right now.

Similarly, you’ll find a Best-Of section divided by country, with categories like true crime, history, news, comedy, TV & movies, etc. The Hot section has trending podcasts, while the Curated section finds online articles and news listings from leading sources. And finally, there’s Explorer, where you can enter any podcast for similar podcast recommendations.

Riptide (Web): Find Podcasts Based on Short Clips

Movies have trailers. Books have quotes. Podcasts have Riptide. Listen to a short clip of the show to see if you’d like to hear more about it. It’s like watching the best jokes from a stand-up comedian before figuring out if you want to see their entire series.

The clip feed is entirely user-generated and can be filtered by genre. You’ll find the name of the podcast, the name of the episode, and the length of the clip. If you like what you hear, you can listen to the full episode or add it to your playlist (as long as you’re logged in). This is a really cool way to discover new podcasts, as well as share your favorites.

You must register to create your own clips. Then look for the podcast name or episode name. Play in the browser, and set the start and end times of the clip. Share for the world.

If what you want is lists and pools of podcasts to listen to, look no further than Discover Pods. You will find everything you want, and even things you didn’t know you wanted.

This website is full of articles, interviews, and other information for discovering new podcasts. But more than anything, check out the Podcast Reviews section. That’s where you’ll find the top 10 essential listicles and the top 50 that tell you what to listen to.

You’ll get the best of the year, the best genres like true crime, and even a list of the best episodes of popular podcasts like WTF With Marc Maron or This American Life. If you’re new to the world of podcasts, you can’t go wrong with this.

There are no Oscars or Grammys for podcasts yet, but The People’s Choice Podcast Awards may come closest. There are 20 categories with 10 nominations each. The 2019 winners have been announced, with The Fantasy Footballers earning the coveted People’s Choice Award.

This list only mentions the name of the nominee and a informasi to the podcast homepage. Unfortunately, there’s no clear description available for you to read beforehand, but the categories make it pretty self explanatory.

At the end of the page, you can check the list of all past winners up to 2005, so that new events can be discovered.

What is the Best Podcast App

You’ve found a great podcast with this article. But you need a good podcast to listen to it. We’ve rounded up the best podcast apps and tools to help you choose the best one for you.