5 Windows 10 Hidden Features

By | April 1, 2022
5 Windows 10 Hidden Features

5 Hidden Features in Windows 10 –
Things that Windows 10 users rarely do – In this article or tip based on my own experience, for those of you who already know, you can skip this article. Because I think there must be someone out there who doesn’t even know at all.

This time I will share some hidden features of Windows 10 that might be a solution for your daily needs. Tips what it is!. Let’s discuss it below.

Some hidden features in Windows 10

Windows Features 1: Virtual Desktop

This first Windows 10 feature allows you Windows 10 users, to create multiple desktops on one Windows screen. This is very helpful when you open multiple screens on the desktop. You no longer need to divide small screens, with this feature you can open from multiple screens with one focused or full view. Very interesting isn’t it!

To be able to use these Windows features, you actually just press Windows + tabs, however, you need to go to the settings on the laptop. The method:

  1. Open settings with button Windows + I
  2. choose System then select tab Multitasking
    Virtual desktop

  3. Then you can adjust it to what you want.

I myself prefer the icons of all applications to be displayed open but on a very large screen size.

Mastering Shortcuts

Virtual desktop shortcuts

To make it easier for you to use this feature, it’s a good idea to remember Shortcuts. Here are the shortcuts that you must master.

Windows 2 Features: God Mode

For those of you who are lazy if you have to type one by one to find settings, or like to forget what the name of the setting is!. Now this Windows feature will be very useful. So all those settings in one shortcut folder only. Starting from the hard disk or SSD partition, changing fonts, adding devices, mouse settings and others. The point is that you can access all of these settings from one shortcut folder.

How to make God Mode

  1. Right click on Desktop + New + Shortcuts
  2. Copy and paste the code below. Then click Next
    code god mode

  3. %windir%explorer.exe shell:::{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
    name god mode
  4. Name it GOD MODE, or you can customize it. Then click Finish

Windows 3 Features: Font setting

Besides being able to see what fonts are already installed, the Windows Font Setting feature can also directly preview the font. For example, you can see the image below.

font settings

You can select one of the fonts as a preview.


This method in my opinion is more convenient and faster than you have to type in the application, then try to preview the application as well.

Windows 4 Features: Metric

This Windows feature is related to Microsoft applications, especially PowerPoint, so when you open PowerPoint, the size is usually in inches, so how do you convert it to centimeters?


  1. you open search menu keep typing region
  2. Click Additional date, time & regional settings
  3. Then click Change date, time, or number formats
    Additional settings

  4. Click Additional settings

  5. On choice Measurement settings you are a fox from US to matrix
  6. Click Apply Keep going OK, then Apply and OK

If you open powerpoint again, then what was Inches has changed to Centimeters.

Windows 5 Features: Steps Recording

This last Windows feature is a Windows default that is useful for recording our every behavior on the screen when you activate it. So whatever you do when you press the Start Recorder button, it will be automatically recorded step by step with this steps recorder. Then you can add comments, what’s even better, which part is clicked is immediately marked. So you don’t need to cut one by one.

steps recording

After you finish recording, the format will be in a zip format, so you extract it first and then you can edit what has been recorded. The size is relatively small and a maximum of 25 steps.

Maybe that’s all I can give about 5 hidden features of Windows 10. Hopefully I can find something new and hopefully useful. Thank you.