5 Ways to Find Free Instruction Manuals for All Your Tools Online

By | March 3, 2022

You don’t know when you need an instruction manual to run the device. Here are some of the best resources available for finding free manuals at any time.

Have you ever looked for an instruction manual for installing or using a device that you didn’t know how to set up or use? With so many technologies in our life, it is quick to keep track of every instruction manual.

Do not worry. The latest manual is available online. All it takes to find manuals online is a bit of preparation beforehand and then use the best available resources to find them.

Preparation To Find Every Instruction Manual

While most people’s first instinct is to go straight to a search engine, it’s not the best option. Instead, it’s best to start your manual search with a few basics. Try to get this information before you start your search:

  • Your Device Name
  • Model number/Model Number of your Device

Now imagine if you had to contact customer support with just a device in hand. You should be able to quickly identify the device to get the information you need. Fortunately, you can find these same identifiers and make it easier to find your manual for free online.

Most electronic products hide this information from plain sight. However, it is available if you need to access it easily. To avoid possible mistakes, try taking photos of the product information you find.

How to Find Your Product Information

This important information is in an inconspicuous place such as the back, bottom, or inside of an item. For smaller items, turning the product upside down usually indicates what you need. If you’re working on a larger item, consider which spot is the quickest to check.

Most manufacturers don’t expect you to quickly pull out your washer, dryer, or refrigerator to find the identifying information. So check the inner door as your first stop. For some items, checking individual components can also help by allowing you to track parts.

If you’ve ever tried to identify an item by its brand name and image alone, you know how annoying that can be. So gather information beforehand and don’t bother yourself.

The Top Places To Find Free Online Instruction Manuals

Once you know the name and model number, there are several places to look for free instruction manuals online.

In all cases, be sure to enter the information you have with care. These are all great resources, but typos in small characters or numbers can ruin your results.


While Google may be your first instinct, you’ll find more success with model names and numbers.

If you enter both correctly, you will usually get official results. However, sometimes you can find third-party sites that don’t allow you to easily access or download manuals.

To work around this, try filtering your search results using the hint hint site: [situs web produsen] [nama perangkat]. As a side note, make sure you don’t add any spaces between the site, the colon, and the website address. This advanced Google search operator will only search certain websites for the keywords you use.

To illustrate this, take a commonly searched item. If you’re looking for an older but still popular item like the Samsung Galaxy phone, you can head over to the site: samsung.com instruction manual.

Internet Archive Manual Library

With Archive.org, you sacrifice some of the precision of Google.com for tons of old online manuals. If you have some spare time, this is the best way to find lost manuals again. It also has multiple filters to trim more than 500,000 results.

If you can’t find the model number, filtering by year lets you trim to the most appropriate margins. Whenever you get to the manual you want, you can flip through the full text, view its contents on a different view, and (sometimes) have it read aloud to you. For all manuals, you can download them in various formats for free.

Manuals Online

As with the Internet Archive Manual Library, Manuals Online’s biggest appeal is the categories. The site divides more than 700,000 manuals into twenty main categories which are then broken down into their device types. If you know what brand you are looking for, you can also customize your manual search.

If you prefer to use your model number, just type it in the search bar. If there’s a suitable manual, you’ll see it suggested before you’ve even finished typing. Just click on the suggested result.

Then once you find the manual, you can preview it on the site, open it as a PDF, or print it with the press of a button. If you don’t find your manual there, you can also make a request through the site’s support system.


ManualsLib offers an impressive collection of over four million free manuals converted to pdf. While other sites focus on the category, ManualsLib tries to guide you towards your preferred manual by brand or search results.

Once you find your manual, ManualsLib tries to upload most of the other manual sites. While it offers standard options (read online, download, or print), ManualsLib also allows you to save a library of manuals and bookmark specific pages once you’ve created an account. If you also want to keep a manual library near you, you can download the ManualsLib app.

Download: ManualsLib for Android (Free, in-app purchases)


If you haven’t found your manual, SafeManuals offers over 800,000 manuals to view. You can browse manufacturers, search, or view the most popular brands. After that, you can quickly flip through the pages and download the manual as a PDF.

The site itself is more basic, but does provide some unique incentives such as trying to explain why you should read certain manuals.

Digital Instruction Manuals: Find Even Old Instruction Manuals Online

When looking for instruction manuals online, these free resources can save you a lot of trouble. Having the instruction manual as a PDF not only gives you a way to save it, but you can also take advantage of the increased search capabilities.