5 Ways to Clean Opaque Glass to Shine Again

By | April 22, 2022

How to clean frosted glass – Everyone must have items made of glass. Starting from household furniture such as mirrors, glass nako, glass doors and windows.

There are also glass items that serve as accessories to beautify the house. Examples such as aquaruim, decorative lights, glass shelves / display cases, etc. Until goods that function to drive as well as prestige (prestige). This item has a part made of glass. Do you know what item it is? Yup! You are right! The answer is a private car.

When all the above items are still in new condition, the glass must still look ‘cling’ (clear). However, the condition of the glass will gradually change after a long time the glass is used. Usually the clear glass surface will slowly turn dull and opaque.

The above of course will reduce the beauty of goods made of glass. In addition to disturbing the aesthetic value, its function can also be disrupted due to the opaque glass. For example if this happens to the mirror. If the surface of the mirror is blurry and dull, of course the image will look less clear.

5 Ways to Clean Opaque Glass to Shine Again
Blurred Glass Illustration.

One reason is because the glass is rarely cleaned. Even if it is cleaned, cleaning it is not optimal and uneven. As a result there are still remnants of dust that are still attached to the surface of the glass. Now that’s what causes the glass surface to still look blurry and dull (even though it’s been cleaned).

Oh yes, it could also be the cause of the glass so it looks blurry because the wiping technique is not right. This usually happens if you wipe the glass with a nylon cloth. This type of fabric is not able to absorb water well.

Maybe some of you are asking: “How come?”

So when you wipe the glass, the water that is used to clean the dirt stains doesn’t ‘lift’ completely. As a result, it makes the glass look blurry. The reason is because there are still dirt particles attached to the remaining water on the surface of the glass.

So what kind of fabric should you use?

The answer; Use a cloth made of 100% cotton. Cotton is known to have good absorbency. This is because the main ingredient of cotton fabric is cotton (kapok). As we all know, kapok has excellent absorbing characteristics.

Maybe some of you are asking: “If you don’t have a cotton cloth, is there an alternative way to clean the frosted glass?”

Take it easy,,,,,,

Here are some other ways to clean the frosted glass (so that it shines again):

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1. Using Paper

5 Ways to Clean Opaque Glass to Shine Again
Illustration. Photo by : Gaet.co.id

One way to clean frosted glass is to replace the cloth with paper. The use of paper such as writing paper, tissue, or newspaper can absorb stains on the glass. As a result, the glass will look clean and shiny.

Its use is also very easy. Simply spray some water on a glass, such as a window or mirror, then wipe it off with a sheet of pre-crumpled newspaper. Apply a little pressure when rubbing the newspaper on the glass surface, so that the dust can also be lifted.

2. Using Alcohol

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, alcohol has begun to be recognized by the wider community as a raw material for hand sanitizers. Its function is to kill germs and viruses. So it is not surprising that alcohol is considered effective in cleaning other objects, such as glass, from dirt and germs that cause blur.

How to clean frosted glass using alcohol is very simple. Pour the alcohol on a cloth or cotton swab, then immediately rub it over the frosted glass surface.

5 Ways to Clean Opaque Glass to Shine Again
Illustration. Photo by : Informa.co.id

Another way is to store the alcohol in a spray bottle. That way just sprayed alcohol, then wiped clean.

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3. Utilize Face Tonic

Women are definitely familiar with this cosmetic cleaning dust and make up on the face. But who would have thought, apart from being a facial tonic, it can also clean dust and dirt on the glass and make it shiny again. No need to buy a new one, the expired face tonic can also be used.

5 Ways to Clean Opaque Glass to Shine Again
Illustration. Photo by : Idea.grid.id

The trick, pour the face tonic on a clean cloth that will be used to clean the glass. Then, scrub until all the dust and dirt is removed. Make sure the fabric used has good absorbency.

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4. Using Vinegar

Vinegar is a common kitchen ingredient. However, not many know that vinegar is effective for cleaning the surface of objects such as glass and mirrors. The smell is a bit pungent, but it goes away after a while, so don’t worry.

5 Ways to Clean Opaque Glass to Shine Again
Illustration. Photo by : Rukita.co

To make vinegar glass cleaner, first provide a spray bottle, vinegar, and water. Next, pour the vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Shake a little so that the two ingredients are mixed. After that spray on the glass surface and wipe using a glass cleaner.

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5. Clean with Toothpaste

The last way to clean the frosted glass to make it shiny again is to use toothpaste. Toothpaste is also able to remove thin scratches on the glass.

5 Ways to Clean Opaque Glass to Shine Again
Illustration. Photo by : Otomotif.kompas.com

The trick, stay smeared on the surface of the glass. Let stand a few minutes until the toothpaste dries. After that, clean it using a slightly damp cloth or sponge.

Those were some ways to clean the frosted glass. Trying either way is fine, as long as you don’t do it in hot weather. Hot weather allows the cleaning fluid that has stuck to the glass to dry before wiping. As a result, the liquid will leave spots on the glass.

Hopefully the above information can be useful for all of you.

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