5 Unique & Outstanding Cafe Room Design Ideas, Cekidot!

By | March 8, 2022

Cafe-style room design – Having a room with several facilities such as a bathroom and a complete set of musical instruments, seems to be a common thing. So, would you like me to offer you a new idea about an unusual and very unique room design? Do you want it? ️

Incidentally this article will review the theme of a room that is different from the usual design.

What’s that?

This room design is suitable for young people who like to hang out and are usually familiar with the cafe atmosphere. Especially for young people in big cities. Usually they consist of students and students. Now for those of you who are interested in this cafe-style design idea, let’s see the full review below.

So what is the cafe-style room design like?

Here are some examples of the designs:

1. Cake Design with Colorful Paints

The hallmark of a sweet cake has a colorful design. This is often expressed in the form of cafe paint colors that provide various types of cakes. The colorful design is a symbol that the cake has a sweet taste. See an example below.

5 Unique & Outstanding Cafe Room Design Ideas, Cekidot!

These design ideas can be used in private rooms. The colorful concept will add joy to the bedroom, especially for the bedrooms of children and teenagers. The colorful paint colors in the room design will give you enthusiasm when you open your eyes and will go through the day.

2. Cafe-style sofa

Adding a cafe-style sofa in the bedroom is a unique cafe-style room design idea. The reason is that there are many types of sofas that are often found in other rooms in the house. For example, living room, family room, and entryway. The sofa in the room is usually a long sofa. See the illustration below.

5 Unique & Outstanding Cafe Room Design Ideas, Cekidot!

This time it’s different, cafe-style sofas are made specifically for use in some luxurious cafe designs. This type of sofa is also shorter than a home sofa, and is equipped with a round or square table like in a coffee shop. These design ideas can be added to complement the spacious room in the bedroom.

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3. Cafe Style Wall Pictures

Having a cafe-style image design in the bedroom is one of the unique cafe-style room design ideas. You can put a photo of your idol artist. Or it could be replaced with a personal photo, or a photo of your family. Thus, the appearance of the room becomes more unique and attractive, and the design is more classic. See an example illustration below.

5 Unique & Outstanding Cafe Room Design Ideas, Cekidot!

The use of cafe-style images uses a special frame, where the image blends with the frame. So that it looks classic, but still gives an elegant impression. Using these picture ideas for the bedroom can make the room more attractive.

4. Cafe-style luxury lampshade

Having a bedroom with a luxurious design requires some supporting equipment for a luxurious one to provide room harmonization that provides luxury. Therefore, the use of this cafe’s luxurious lampshade can be used as an alternative choice.

This cafe-style bedroom design does not have to focus on the use of some typical cafe furniture. Often found the use of lamps that are large but provide soft lighting in the cafe. Therefore, using it as lighting in the room is the right idea. See an illustration of the cafe lamp in the photo below.

5 Unique & Outstanding Cafe Room Design Ideas, Cekidot!

Using a mini bar rack in the room can add to the beauty of the room. The shelf can be used to store cosmetics or a collection of drinks. The use of these shelves can be used as a cafe-style room design idea. Adding the mini bar rack, makes a cafe-style design.

See the illustration below.

5 Unique & Outstanding Cafe Room Design Ideas, Cekidot!

Shelves are often found in the kitchen. This time, to present a typical cafe feel, providing a cafe-style shelf in the room is a very unique and interesting idea. The reason is that the use of cafe-style shelves has a different design from other types of shelves in general.

Having a room with a cafe design is certainly not a common thing, but it doesn’t hurt to try it to be different from the others. The bedroom will be unique with a cafe-style room design, where this design can usually be found in a room other than the bedroom.