5 Small Kitchen and Dining Room Designs (Unique plus Interesting)

By | April 7, 2022

If you want to see the design style of the room, then I have written about it in this article;

For them, the small and minimalist style room has its own aesthetic value. Looks simple but elegant. So they like to design every part of the room in their house with a small and simple minimalist style. Examples such as the bedroom, living room, including the kitchen and dining room. Everything is designed in a simple and simple style.

Usually those who like the design style of this tiny kitchen and dining room are young millennials (especially from women).

For them, the small room design looks cool and shaky. (Note: ‘kyut’ is a kind of expression about something cute, funny or adorable)

That’s why millennials who want to own a house usually tend to like minimalist home designs. This minimalist house is synonymous with a room that does not have too many decorations and simple ornaments. The kitchen and dining area are the parts that have these simple ornaments.

So, if you are a millennial who likes the design style of a small kitchen and dining room, then you can redesign the innate architectural style of the minimalist house according to your own taste. Here I give some examples of small kitchen and dining room design styles, hopefully they will suit your taste. Come on!

1. Tosca

A small Tosca-themed kitchen is very charming when displayed in a minimalist home. Especially minimalist homes inhabited by young couples and singles. The dining room which is not far from the kitchen will greatly save steps when bringing hot food.

The atmosphere given by the color of Tosca is certainly an attraction for residents of the house and guests who come. The turquoise color which gives a calm and comfortable impression to the kitchen can be a place of recreation for the eyes when waiting for food in the dining room area.

See an example of an illustration of the room below.

5 Small Kitchen and Dining Room Designs (Unique plus Interesting)

2. Minimalism

Making the design of a small kitchen and dining room into one in one area is an advantage of the minimalist design concept. The white color as the wall color coupled with light brown wood textured furniture makes this concept quite attractive to young people. Mainly, this design is very suitable for kitchens for minimalist homes in urban areas.

See an example below.

5 Small Kitchen and Dining Room Designs (Unique plus Interesting

It’s just that a design like this must follow the overall design concept of the house. If not, there will be a distortion of the concept in each part of the house. To avoid this from happening, there is a point in contacting an architectural and home interior consultant.

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3. Dark Blue

The dark blue color is believed to give a cool and cool impression to the room. When this color is applied to the kitchen room, it will be very suitable because it can reduce the impression of heat generated from the heat of the stove in the kitchen. In addition, for a house with an area that is not so large, making one kitchen and dining room is the right choice.

See the illustration below.

5 Small Kitchen and Dining Room Designs (Unique plus Interesting)

This is because it can save the area of ​​​​the room that is used when the kitchen is connected directly to the dining room. This method is usually used for kitchens located in apartments and flats. Due to the lack of space, there is no harm in trying to combine a simple dining room and kitchen.

4. Art Deco

The art deco concept is rarely used for minimalist homes. But for millennial homeowners who like to explore, there’s nothing wrong with trying this concept. Choosing an art deco style can give a classic and regal impression that is difficult to find in other design styles.

See an example of the room below.

5 Small Kitchen and Dining Room Designs (Unique plus Interesting)

The emphasis on art deco design is the adoption of a classic building style in the dining room and kitchen that blends together. One way that can be done is by adding a classic style column to highlight the desired impression. In addition, also use marble (or marble-patterned ceramics) for the table top to complete the look.

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5. Vintage

The vintage and ancient impression presented in this concept lies in the kitchen floor and the simple arrangement of the dining table. Especially the furniture in the kitchen uses ancient objects such as a slightly weathered wooden table without varnishing. Then the folding iron chair painted in green felt very old-fashioned.

See an example illustration below.

5 Small Kitchen and Dining Room Designs (Unique plus Interesting)

So, here are 5 small kitchen and dining room design inspirations that you can emulate. It is also necessary to ask a home design consultant what kind of dining room and kitchen design is suitable for a small place.

Good luck and be creative. See you again in the next interesting article.