5 Simple & Unique Bedroom Ceiling Models from Plywood

By | April 11, 2022

Currently, there are quite a number of bedroom ceiling models from plywood which have become the choice of certain circles. Maybe this is quite surprising for some people. Because in general, people prefer this type of ceiling from GRC and PVC materials which are already popular in the community.

In general, this is the reality that most people have in mind. So it seems as if it is impressive that the ceiling made of plywood is cheap, not of good quality or less prestigious.

Actually, the assumption above is not completely wrong, but it can’t be said to be 100% correct either.

Why isn’t that assumption completely wrong?

Because it is natural if there is an “underestimate” assumption on the plywood ceiling. Because this type of ceiling is the most widely used for simple buildings.

For example, for kiosk ceilings, boarding houses, or other semi-permanent buildings.

Meanwhile, buildings that are fairly permanent, especially luxury homes in Indonesia, rarely use a ceiling made of plywood. As a result of this, eventually over time a stigma arose that the plywood ceiling was synonymous with cheap and not of high quality.

Then why the assumption is not 100% true?

Due to the fact that there is a ceiling made of quality plywood. Even the ceiling of this quality plywood material is widely used by people who are abroad.

So basically all types of ceilings are the same,,,, there are high quality, medium, and cheap, regardless of the type of ceiling. However, we cannot deny that plywood ceilings are not very popular in Indonesia. In our country, ceilings made of Polyvinyl Chloride are more popular than ceilings made of wood. Many people prefer GRC ceiling, PVC, Kalsiboard, etc

But of the many people, there must be a handful of people who have unique tastes and are anti-mainstream. Namely people who prefer ceilings made from natural wood.

Well, if you are part of that person, and want to know a cool, simple and unique plywood ceiling model, let’s look at the review of 5 bedroom ceiling models from plywood below.


1. Bristol Bedroom

5 Simple & Unique Bedroom Ceiling Models from Plywood
Illustration. Photo by : Macys.com

In this Bristol Bedroom model, there is wood on one side of the top roof where the mattress rests. The addition of this wood gives the additional beauty of the plywood as the ceiling used. Moreover, designs like this are still rare to find. This unique thing can give a different beauty from other rooms.

The color combination of the plywood with the accessories that adorn it is very unified. There are no colors that contrast with the wood, so it looks attractive. The use of wood on this side is actually in addition to art, it can be used as a plywood support so that it can survive in an appropriate position.

2. Cove Crown Molding Compliments Plank Ceiling

5 Simple & Unique Bedroom Ceiling Models from Plywood
Illustration. Photo by : Oregonlive.com
5 Simple & Unique Bedroom Ceiling Models from Plywood
Illustration. Photo by : Udecor.com

Seen in this plywood model is shaped like an arrangement of wooden planks that are parallel and neatly arranged. The white color to cover the original color of this plywood looks very impressive and gives an elegant aura to this room. The beauty of the shape on the ceiling given can give a positive aura to those who see it.

This kind of plywood design is still rarely found for homes in general. This is because it costs a lot of money to create a bedroom ceiling model from this very charming plywood. Only large houses on average have this type of ceiling style to decorate their rooms with plywood.

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3. New Master Bedroom

5 Simple & Unique Bedroom Ceiling Models from Plywood
Illustration. Photo by : Gaineycustomhomes.com
5 Simple & Unique Bedroom Ceiling Models from Plywood
Illustration. Photo by : Blog.jennasuedesign.com

In this New Master Bedroom model, it gives a plain white color to the room ceiling made of plywood. Uniquely in this design, the edges of the plywood are given a plaster cast with a matching color. This makes the room look more attractive to enjoy. Rooms with interiors like this seem so minimalist.

Especially at this time being a modern minimalist home design model. This makes this type of ceiling very suitable for use in homes with modern decorations. Interestingly, the simplicity shown makes the roof in the room look so elegant and pleasing to the eye.

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4. Portfolio

5 Simple & Unique Bedroom Ceiling Models from Plywood
Illustration. Photo by : Stucadoorsbedrijfdevaan.nl

The shape on the ceiling of the plywood for this bedroom is plain or without the addition of other elements. The color given to this plywood is bright white. Then on the edges at each corner, additional plywood is given to form one rung.

The ceiling model for a bedroom like this is very cool, especially the white nuances that make the bedroom look stunning. Although the material used to decorate the ceiling with plywood.

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5. Best Rustic Crown Molding

5 Simple & Unique Bedroom Ceiling Models from Plywood
Illustration. Photo by : Roomdsign.com

The lower part of the ceiling is covered by plywood which is given additional wooden beams to beautify the ceiling. Interestingly, these wooden beams are arranged in every corner of the room. This makes the room seem so attractive.

Ceiling decoration on the roof of the room very rarely uses a combination of plywood and wood. This is an added value that can give an aesthetic impression on the bedroom ceiling, making it more comfortable.

That’s the explanation of 5 bedroom ceiling models from plywood. Now you can see for yourself that the plywood ceiling is no less interesting than other ceiling models. Even though the material looks simple, if it is packaged with a beautiful design, it will still make your home room look attractive.

Hopefully useful and see you again in the next interesting article.