5 Search Engines To Find More Than What Google Shows

By | March 19, 2022

Google is synonymous with web browsing, but did you know there are a lot of things that Google doesn’t show you? Here are some alternative search engines to search the internet in a way that Google won’t.

There’s nothing wrong with Google Search when it comes to finding web pages. But Google can’t search inside your computer and cloud account to find files. Google also limits itself to the language you have set.

Try one of these search engines.

Command E (Windows, macOS): Quick Quick Search for Local Files and Online Apps

Command E can finally replace Everything and Spotlight as the fastest way to find any file on your computer. Available for Windows and macOS, this universal search bar is lightning fast and connects to frequently used cloud services.

Currently, Command E is connected to accounts on Google Suite, Github, Slack, Salesforce, Jira, Zendesk, Notion, Hubspot, Asana, Figma, Evernote, Dropbox, Trello, and other popular online productivity suites. Once you’ve authorized access, give it a few minutes to index, then launch the console by pressing Command + E or Ctrl + E.

The console allows instant universal browsing across all accounts. Type a few characters and you’ll start to see the results, changing rapidly as you type. It’s super fast, and a treat for keyboard warriors. All indexes of your data files are stored in an encrypted database on your computer, to address privacy concerns. Try it, you will fall in love.

For a download informasi to the Command E app for Windows and macOS, you’ll need to register on their website, which triggers an automatic download.

Million Short (Web): Find Less Popular Results

Do your Google search results look too similar every time, as if the same website keeps popping up? Search engines prioritize large and popular sites. While it often gives good results, it also hides chance gem discoveries in the deep recesses of the internet. Million Short wants to help you find these missed websites.

Million Short’s idea is to search by eliminating the top sites. When you search for any keyword, you have the option to remove the top 100, 1000, 10,000, 100K or one million websites from the results. This will show you results that you won’t easily find on Google or any other big search engine.

Million Short provides further filters to show only or completely remove e-commerce and live chat sites. You can also filter results by date and location. This is a great way to find unique search results that no one else will find, which is especially useful when you’re looking for an assignment or trying to make an impression with trivial things.

Hopely (Web): Help Charity By Searching the Web

Hope has a mission to help the world use the activity we all do every day: searching the internet. The idea is very simple. Every search you perform generates advertising revenue for Hopely. The organization will keep half of that revenue, and donate the other half to charity. Can you imagine Google or Microsoft Bing promising that?

On the main page, you can choose which charitable organization you want to support. Its main organizations are Bread for the World, Doctors Without Borders, and the World Wildlife Fund. You can choose all three, or just the one you want to donate to.

Search results are not too different from what you get on Google or other pages. You can even sort results by images, videos, news, and maps. Hopefully there aren’t any additional filters, like date, video duration, site type, image resolution, and other options that you get on Google.

However, for a basic plain search engine, Hopely does a pretty good job of considering switching to that engine and helping the world. This is great Google search alternative that feeds real people rather than big corporations. On the rare occasions where Hopely doesn’t provide what you want, you can always just Google it.

Sourceful (Web): Search and Find Google Docs, Sheets, Public Slides

Google Docs gives you the option of turning any Doc, Sheet, or Slide into a publicly viewable file on the internet. Sourceful finds these files and indexes them to create a public document library, which anyone can search.

You can narrow your search by document, spreadsheet, or slideshow, and then sort the results by Hot, Best, or New. There are several popular search results already available for browsing. For example, click “coronavirus” to find publicly available files about it, such as trackers and statistics, toolkits and checklists, advice and presentations, and more.

Sourced users can also narrow down the description of each file, and add tags to make searching easier. You can also comment on the results to start a discussion.

If you have an interesting file to share, either your own or someone else’s, add it to Sourceful.

2Lingual (Web): Search In Two Languages ​​Simultaneously

The world speaks more languages ​​than English alone, and so does the internet. But when you search for English keywords on Google, you don’t see pages in Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hindi and several other languages. 2Lingual is here to fix it, by searching in two languages ​​at the same time.

Powered by Google, you can choose from a variety of languages ​​from Arabic to Vietnamese. The results appear side by side in two panes, allowing you to see the difference between the results in plain English and how much subject they are.

In most cases, you will also need to know how to read a second language. But if you’re searching for something regional, you can turn on “automatic query translation” and try to parse the results. You’ll probably get better local insight that way.

Protect Your Privacy While Searching

Google and Bing are the world’s leading search engines, but both are notorious for their little value in your privacy. They track all of your searches, use them to feed ads, and you can never control where your data ends up.

There are several other search options that protect their users. DuckDuckGo is the most well-known name among them, with lots of integrations across platforms. But you might also want to check some of the best search engines privacy-focused one if you’re ready to ditch Google for good.